Sanibel and Captiva Islands has a private-owned hotel resort that features the best fishing, shelling, arts and entertainment and sports experience such as tennis, golf and pickleball. The place also features lots of family dining areas and restaurants. People come here to have great weekends and spend a little extra cash for some nice top-notch mini-vacation. The great thing about being a local in Florida is that vacation is literally just a 30-40 minute drive away from where you live or where you’re working from.

This majestic island can be found along the Gulf of Mexico, just a few minutes from Fort Myers. Sanibel Island is famous for is lovely sunsets that strike a sense of awe to everybody and its luxurious resorts. If you happen by Sanibel, you’ll find that the most popular thing on this stylish island is shelling. The shores have over 250 types of shells that make this activity worthwhile. There is just so much to do on this tiny island that is Sanibel – fine accommodations, fishing, boating, and just plain chilling around and of course, seafood, seafood and more seafood. A day trip in Sanibel and Captiva promises to bring you closer to nature like never before.

Whether you are looking for a family trip, a romantic escapade with your partner or a vacation to get away from your desk, Sanibel Island & Captiva Island, Florida is the choice for your ultimate summer vacation. The island’s hotels and resorts offer great deals for their clients, has local restaurants, local shopping and things to do that would really immerse you in the island life. Aside from all that, Captiva and Sanibel Island offers the best beaches, fishing, nature tours, shelling, bird watching and photography, tennis, golf, arts and culture, bike rentals, fabulous restaurants that serve the freshest seafood and so much more. The Islands provide 250 kinds of shells ready for picking, 230 types of birds ready to be shot (by your camera!), 50 types of fish waiting for the right bait, 25 miles of bike lanes waiting to be traversed, 15 miles of marvelous beaches for you to lounge around in and 0 stop lights.

The accolades that the islands received confirm the sheer beauty of the island. According to USA Today, Sanibel Island is 1 of the “Top 10 Best Florida Beach Towns” and was ranked a #1 top tourist destination by Frommer’s Travel Guide. So, come and visit Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

The Sanibel and Captiva Islands are already great in of themselves but there is much more to southwestern Florida that you need to explore and enjoy. Come and visit the Divine Naples website and check out the articles section to get an intimate account of all the beautiful things the region has to offer. And for all the latest happenings, places and events to go to, check out our Tourist Guide section. And for those who are on the move, listen to our podcast Divine Naples Daily, where Rich and Matt share to you the best that southwest Florida has to offer for just fifteen minutes daily.

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