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Terra Guitarra is “One of the top nuevo-flamenco groups in the world” -ZMR, with a #1 and three top 5 internationally charting albums and multiple “Album of the Year” nominations. Patchouli is a folk festival headliner, Public Radio favorite and award winning songwriting duo with extraordinary vocal chemistry, that “inspires the Human Spirit” -Chicago Tribune.

Amazingly, these two groups are the same two people, the dynamic duo of Julie Patchouli and Bruce Hecksel and that’s not all folks. They are multi-disciplinary, multi instrumentalists. An extraordinary bond is immediately apparent as two guitars merge into one acoustic wall of sound and their innovative, percussive flat-picking and hybrid fingerstyle techniques leave even astute listeners wondering where the drummer is. “How you get two guitars to sound like a 10-piece band is amazing!”-RJ Lannen. But there’s still more… Bruce is also an acclaimed visual artist and painter with an original trademark style they invented together. Terra Guitarra means “the landscape of guitar” and that is exactly what they created, over 100 different vibrant paintings of landscapes composed of guitar shapes.

But that’s just the beginning, after 20 years of touring and art exhibitions they dreamed to combine their music and paintings. So, in the winter of 2016 they began animating the paintings to make them truly come alive thus, their production “The Landscape of Guitar” was born. The paintings were created to the music and because the composer and the painter are one in the same the animation fits the performance in an unparalleled way. In vivid HD guitar birds soar over guitar canyons and thru guitar woods, guitar dragonflies buzz in guitar gardens, guitar mermaids swim in guitar oceans and more. This is a singular opportunity to hear what the artists are hearing and see what they are imagining.

From their chart topping version of the classic “Malaguena” to the gorgeous vocal harmonies of “Sounds of Silence”, The Landscape of Guitar is a truly unique and inspiring production embodying the words of Patchouliʼs song “Anything is Possible.” Described as “The harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel, guitars of the Gipsy Kings, and
the colors of Van Gogh”, this production is aimed at creating joy and bliss for people of all ages, everywhere.

Patchouli & Terra Guitarra have performed over 4,000 shows, toured a million miles on the road supporting 20 CD releases, won songwriting awards, industry awards, performed on TV, film and are played on Radio programs around the world. www.landscapeofguitar.com for EPK and more information