Naples, Florida is known for its bright and sunny climate and refreshing outdoor activities. From something as active as Swamp Buggy Racing or Jet Skiing to something more relaxing like lying around the beach or strolling the nature trails and parks, Naples, Florida has something for you. But what if it’s around June to September when it rains the most on the region? You might think that your perfect summer getaway would be ruined when this happens, but this is where you’re wrong. Today, we’ll present a few ideas on how to find things to do in Naples on a rainy day.

Art Galleries

Spend your trip on a rainy day in Naples, Florida by visiting one of its museums and galleries. Naples, Florida has been voted as the number one small art town in the US at one point and there are many paintings made by both local and international artists that are exhibited in the various museums and galleries all year round. There are also a couple of public theatres which showcase promising talent in well-loved and even newly written plays and other performances.


Another great way to spend your trip on a rainy day in Naples, Florida is by trying some more food. Al fresco dining may not be an option since it is raining cold outside, but you will get the best ambiance and the warmest of service from chefs and waiters who are always ready to give you the most delectable food choices that were brought in just the morning of that very day from local farmers and fishermen. Sea shells, lobsters and various deep sea water fishes garnished with the crispiest of vegetables are sure to make a rainy day in Naples, Florida delightful.


Naples, Florida has numerous museums that detail the rich history of the region. There are many public funded places that tell you how much this little corner of America grew from an untamed wild land full of treacherous jungle and dangerous outlaws to the bustling commercial center that it is now. See the trains and cars that were popular during the 20’s and 50’s and the train coaches that were used back in the day. There’s even a small museum that details the horrors of Nazi Germany to serve as a reminder of the errors of racial discrimination. If you’d like to get in touch with your inner history buff and find and educational and fun way  to spend your trip on a rainy day in Naples, Florida, try the museums.

Spa Treatments

If you ask us, the perfect way to spend a rainy day in Naples, Florida is by visiting the many local spas in the city. One spa we can highly recommend for you guys to try is diVINE Spa in 4th Ave. South. The place gives you a relaxing mood the moment you step in to their lobby and will amplify this sensation once you get to try their massages and signature fragrances and oils, applied to you by highly-trained and friendly massage therapists. Now, your trip on a rainy day in Naples, Florida is complete.

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