If you are a health buff or somebody who goes to the gym on the regular to keep your body in shape, you’d know the stress that comes with having to pack for a vacation somewhere, especially if it is in the beach. You could be away for days or maybe weeks and this upsets your regular dieting and work out schedule. You can’t pack your entire gym in your backpack and there will be unexpected eating and drinking left and right.  Vacationing is a time you’re supposed to relax and you can’t do that by constantly worrying about your figure. But worry not because having a vacation should not derail you from pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Having fun, relaxation and keeping in track with your fitness goals can go hand-in-hand. We’ll show you how.

Surprise Your Body with a Challenge

There won’t be always a gym wherever you go (although in Naples, there is) and when there is, that gym may not have the equipment or the amenities that support the program that you’re currently using and certainly will not have the personal trainer who oversees your progress (unless you’ve taken him or her with you along, of course). And so, you will have to improvise.  This could mean that you will have to look around the place you’re in for anything that can make your body move, a physical activity rigid enough that it can substitute the ones you do on your own gym regularly. Now, what the body likes are being surprised by new stimuli. Our bodies are a wonderful thing and when it experiences something new, it works doubly hard to adapt to it.  Good thing, Naples has a chock-full of activities that will keep your body in shape. There are beach yoga classes held on a regular, you can do kayaking, kite-surfing, windsurfing, and fun-runs for both beginners and experienced participants.

You Can Walk

As we all know, something as simple as walking for several minutes a day can do wonders for your body. It burns a lot of calories and it can be a nice way to relax and at the same time lets you familiarize with your surroundings, so you know, you don’t lose your way the next time around. Another advantage to walking is that you can see the beauty of Naples while savoring it. There is a classical/traditional vibe you can get from the old buildings and the Mediterranean-inspired architecture that’s prevalent in downtown Naples and the swanky houses that hug along its hilly coastlines. And if you brought your dog with you, there are dog parks and beaches that are open for you to jog around and interact with other people and dogs. You can even go to the many preserves and sanctuaries in the region that offer trekking courses that would provide a better challenge to your body. There’s no better way of strengthening your legs and lower back than by walking along the streets of Naples while breathing in its fresh, clean air – very rejuvenating.


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