The Naples, Florida area is a place blessed with the wonders of nature. With it’s white sand beaches that give the best of sunsets, to the prairies and wetlands of the Everglades, to the many surprises of Marco Island, the locals and tourists enjoy a feast of bounties that can only come from a well-preserved natural environment. There is also a rich history to be found, from the pioneers and settlers down to the prehistoric when Sabercat tigers roamed the vast open fields. All of these and much more are captured on audio for your enjoyment in the Divine Naples Stories.

Over the past years, we have written articles extensively detailing the interesting sights and sounds around southwest Florida. We have told about exciting events and festivals, places to go, sights to see and things to savor with your soul, basically. And we continue to write more in an effort to bring the beauty of Naples, Florida to as many people as possible as well as let local residents discover facets of their hometown in ways they might not have seen before. We are proud to tell you that these written articles are now translated into audio recordings and are voiced by our amazing voice talents to give to you the best of what Naples, Florida has to offer straight to your ears.

In Divine Naples Stories you can hear about the shops, the championship golf events, the zoos and the wildlife sanctuaries, the museums and galleries, the stylish downtown area, the best beach spots and, of course, about the people who make this all happen, the same people who work day and night, paying attention to every detail, doing their work with love, just so we can have something to enjoy in our next winter excursion to the many islands with secrets that are waiting to be discovered down here.

The beauty is boundless within the Paradise Coast and you will certainly read and hear from us in the months to come. We will make sure to give you updated content so you’ll be in the know of the latest happenings in and around southwest Florida. All the public parks and establishments plus the private ones, you’ll get to hear all about them here in Divine Naples Stories. Trust us when we say to you that it’s like having your personal tour guide or a friend who’s a local been in the area for a while.

Listen to Divine Naples Show while you’re preparing for work in the morning or while you’re in the car. You can also hook up your favorite music gadget and listen to this while you’re out jogging if not in the gym. And while you’re at it, make sure to listen to Divine Naples Daily as well. It’s a 10 to 15 minute podcast where our main men Rich and Matt give to you news about the latest buzz that’s happeining around Collier County and even in other parts nearby. Make these two your daily dose of vitamin Info and you are sure to have a great time in Naples, Florida.

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