Naples, Florida has been visited by people for a very long time. For some visitors, these visits span generations into their own families. There is something about the quiet hometown, grassroots, mom, and pop feel in the town that never loses its charm no matter many years come to pass. Even as the decades roll by and the once slow and sleazy town has grown into a trading hotspot with millions of tourists coming in every year, there are still many parts in the area that still has that chill and historical vibe that finds its way to every person’s heart.

In the downtown area, you can find top-tier boutiques, restaurants, malls, and other interesting stuff. There are also huge events that happen annually such as live musical concerts, Christmas themed specials and car shows for hardcore enthusiasts, just to name a few. This also means that this place is a very family-friendly place and you can always take your kids here at any time of the year. And with that note, let’s look at a few places both tourists and locals visit frequently in Naples, Florida with their kids.

Naples Zoo

Kids and kids at heart love animals. Animals great and small bring a very real sense of awe to people who just watch them do their own thing, lounging around, taking a dip in the water and eating their fill.  The Naples Zoo has been around for decades and had been a source of learning and enjoyment for many families. There are giraffes, bears, tortoises, anteaters, leopards and more. Their highlight is the Primate Expedition Cruise where guests get to ride a boat to tour a mangrove forest to get up-close and personal with the monkeys in the site.

Naples Pier

This is one of the more iconic spots you can visit while here in Naples, Florida. There is not much infrastructure around, most of what you’d see is just sand and trees that stretch out for miles. But it’s the 1000 foot long walkway bridge that stretches out into the sea is where your kids will surely be dragging you in to. This is a nice way, to get closer to the ocean and at the end of it, is a small pavilion where you can see dolphins, sea turtles and seabirds all waiting to be captured in your camera.

Golisano’s Children Museum

This is a museum as well as an indoor interactive play/learning place for children. There are lots of displays and exhibit pieces that tell a lot about the natural beauty of the Southwestern Florida region and how we all have a responsibility, kids and grown-ups alike to take care of these natural resources. Inside the museum, there are puzzles and mini-labyrinths as well as a giant banyan tree model that kids can play around in and explore. There are many fun activities that happen regularly in the museum and all the kids will be guided why well-trained staff who will keep the children engaged.

These are just three of the many other places you can visit. Check out the Divine Naples website to find out more!


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