Southwest Florida’s warm weather is what attracted people to this place and the first of them being the ones that turned this nice little corner of the US into what it is today, a center of culture and enjoyment where progress goes hand-in-hand with the protection of the natural resources. Today, people here continue to make this place a very inviting spot for people to visit, especially during the summer. During summertime in Naples, festivals and celebrations that emphasize the natural bounties and the love of people and social cohesion can be found left and right from the beginning of the season to its end. Music, fine dining, the exposition of fine arts, the love for sports and action can all be experienced in the under the clear blue sky of the Paradise Coast.

Let’s look at some of the best parties and hippest festivals that happen on Naples, Florida annually.

SummerJazz on the Gulf

Naples, Florida is quite well known in the country for it’s love for the art scene. There are several museums, galleries and performance theaters that make a testament to this. However,  The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club has a little something that we can say that is one the highest forms of art you can find here in Naples and that’s through their SummerJazz on the Gulf. In this event, Jazz artists gather and soothe their guests with the best jazz tunes this side of the coast, all with an amazing sunset as their backdrop.

Naples Restaurant Week

Naples, Florida is known for its top gourmet meals prepared by experienced and renowned chefs. With most of their ingredients sourced locally from farmer’s and fishermen , it’s know wonder why their dishes taste so good and fresh. The restauranteurs are always delighted to let the people know how amazing their dishes are so they gather together and conduct the semi-annual Sizzle SWFL Restaurant Week. Spanning 14 days, participating restaurants serve their best cuisine for affordable prices.

Evening on Fifth

What’s better than open air live concerts like the SummerJazz on the Gulf? More open air live concerts! The Evening on Fifth happens on the fanciest part of town, the Fifth Avenue South. Every second Thursday of the month, locals and tourists alike see what’s up down this historic road and every month they are not disappointed as restaurants, botiques, art galleries, restaurants and designer shops all open their doors for all who wish to get a taste of the sweet life in Naples, Florida.

Rhythm on the River

Now, Naples doesn’t get all the musical fun. Head up to Fort Myers to witness the Rhythm on the River, an event which turns the Edison Coconut grove into a place of music, dancing and beauty. There will be drinks and refreshments all around and plenty of live gigs. Equally lively are the guests that show up and sometimes they are visited by celebrties.

Sunset Celebration at the Time Square

This is another happening you’d like to check out while in Fort Myers. You see, the thing is, the sunset in Southwest Florida is so stunning and so beautiful it deserves its own celebration. So, every Friday and Saturday at 6 – 10pm, food vendors, musicians playing live music and lots of spectators flock the seashore to catch the most breath-taking sunset in the world.

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