Hurricane Irma dealt a massive blow to the people of Naples, Florida, especially in the local business sector where many businesses are small to medium in scale. One of these businesses is the food and restaurant business. There are a variety of cuisines that are featured here, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and others. It’s like a trip around the world, really. But many of the have closed down because of factors like the huge 2017 hurricane and the stiff competition of over 950 of restaurants plus over 150 of food carts and stalls. Starting out here isn’t so great either, with many of the businesses closing down before their 5-year mark, as 94% of all new businesses anywhere do.

The restaurant industry in Naples, Florida is a tough business to be in. Profits of margin are low and so is the survival rate. Commiting long hours and years of your life plus investing a ton amount of money without any assurance of what to expect seems like a fool’s errand if you ask to some. And they will have good reason to think so, just look at all the restaurants that have closed down permanently in the year of 2017 alone in another article we wrote. However, despite all appeals to reason, some people just have an unstoppable passion for the love of serving people through food and watching them enjoy it. These brave (or foolish) restaurateurs understand that so long as Naples, Florida remains a naturally beautiful place, this small town of 25,000 people will still continue to attract tourists from all over the country and the world.

Even as many restaurants closed their doors, many others took their place and they all over something delectable to the residents and tourists of the area. We may even cover some or all of these restaurants in the future so we can get to know more on what they’re all about. What we do have right now are podcast that we’d like to invite you to listen to about local business owners in Naples, Florida as they share to us their products and services and what’s it like to run a business in the Paradise Coast. If you need other information of the businesses in Naples, Florida, check out our Business Directory page in our website to get in touch with the local businesses and their services. The Business Directory page is an avenue for small business owners who are new to the scene and may have not yet established a solid online presence but would like to let everybody know how reliable their products and services are.

There is indeed potential in this place no matter how many storms wreck the area. All the people need to do is brush all the mess that the storm made, stand up and start anew – as they have done so many times in the past. Industries rise again as sure as the sunsets happen every late afternoon in Naples, Florida. And everyday, these sunsets are beautiful.

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