Naples, Florida is a place where you can pamper yourself in luxury and style, perfect for you and your girlfriends. Shops, boutiques, hotels, restaurants and spas know who to treat royalty right with their products and services. These businesses make sure that every girl who visits Naples is considered a princess. All the upscale shops, restaurants boutiques, places where the arts and culture are celebrated and the relaxing spas all give you the comforts that Queen Cleopatra herself would envy. We know that you girls have been working hard and it’s just right to say that you deserve every bit of pleasure you get while in Naples, Florida.

And so we’ll look at the snazziest places for successful and hard-working girls like you can go to while in the Paradise coast.

Take Advantage of the Amenities

Naples, Florida is known to have upscale hotels that are known worldwide for the quality of their services. And there’s also local ones who have been in business for as long as Naples was around just like Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. Speaking of which, there is also a staggering number of golf courses in the area which you can use. There are public ones that are mostly packed and there are exclusive clubs as well. No matter which of the two you choose, you need not to worry too much about getting in because since you’re a lady, they will surely put you first.

Use Even More Amenities

There are gyms where you can keep in shape so you can rock that awesome bikini, cocktail parties to  where they serve the best mixed drinks and where you’ll get the chance to meet the local fauna (if you catch our meaning), yoga classes both indoors and in front of the beach for that mind, body and soul connection and there are pools where you can lounge around in style and shoot your next Instagram worthy photos.  There’s champagne, appetizers, picka-pickas and fruit whenever you’re the guest of hotels. There’s much free stuff and food that normally won’t be available for male guests.

Fifth Avenue South

This is where all the magic happens that’s outside of your hotel room. The Mediterranean-style motif, the shops, the lined palm trees, the restaurants, the museum and galleries in and around it, just all the life and culture that mix together to send out that vibe of pure sophistication. The beach is nearby too, so you can always go there to get those tan lines you’ve always wanted while reclining under an umbrella and sipping your fruit cocktail. And in the evenings, you can go around the plaza to have dinner or participate in one of the outdoor concerts which feature musicians playing live on a regular.

A Relaxing Day At the Spa

Treat yourself with the best massages, oils and aromatherapy because you definitely deserve it. Swing by diVINE Spa at 865 4th Ave S, Naples and be welcomed by a nice and cozy lobby and then have your tired and tense muscles be soothed by our best massage therapists. They also offer facials and scented oils for the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience you’ll ever get from a spa.

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