Children are such treasures, especially for the parents who have their children in kindergarten. This is a very important time in their lives because this is the time where children are learning about the world, and my, are they learning and picking up everything fast. Kindergarten age is the beginning of the child’s formative years and it is crucial that they experience the world first-hand with their parents. It so happened that Naples, Florida has a myriad of sights, sounds, and activities that can enrich the mind of your child. Naples offers the best of nature whether its in the beaches or deep in a camping area in a preserve or safe in the confines of the city. Everywhere you go, there is always someplace where your child can learn and have fun at the same time.


Children have a sense of wonder about the world since they are still discovering things for the first time. If you are a parent, you would know the feeling of seeing your child go through this amazing process, it’s almost as if you are rediscovering the world through their eyes. A small thing with weird shapes and colors that can be found in the sand in the seashore can evoke a sense of awe in the eyes of a child. Good thing you can walk on the beaches of Naples and gather any shell you can find and take them home with you to make a nice souvenir with it.

Children’s Museum

One important aspect of raising kindergarten kids is by sharpening their minds. This is what the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples is all about. The museum has hands-on exhibits and interactive play/learning areas that lets your kids know more about the natural resources and a bit of history of Naples, Florida. There’s also a section where they can act out grown-up professions like being an architect, veterinarian, policeman, fireman, etc, in a very fun and immersive way. They have a huge artificial banyan tree which kids can explore as well as an indoor “circus town” which has lots of props and displays.


Go down further south to the Everglades! It is a huge protected area where sub-tropical flora and fauna can be found. Most of the lands are either owned publicly or privately. Many of the spaces are open to all, especially to children. There are gardens that feature flamingoes, parrots, cockatoos and many more. The Everglades Sanctuary boasts of a long boardwalk that takes you deep into the jungle and you may even see alligators from a safe distance. You can even go kayaking in the shallows and perhaps be lucky enough to see a manatee.


If you are one of our frequent readers, you’d know we always save the best for last. And this is why we got dolphin viewing for you. Nothing is more rewarding than to see a dolphin playing around its natural habitat together with other dolphins. You can catch these playfully smart mammals at the tip end of the boardwalk in Naples Pier. Take your child there to take pictures. Your kid will be so amazed by the dolphins, her reaction would be totally priceless.

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