What is Divine Naples?

Divine Naples aims to be the largest search hub for everyone who wishes to know about anything going on in Naples, Florida. We have a specialized team of information experts who are dedicated to bringing you only the best the city of Naples has to offer. Whether you’re looking for your next beach vacation destination, where you can enjoy the warm sands and the glorious sunsets, or if you want to know the latest happenings, parties and events, or just want to make use of services offered in town, Divine Naples is the go-to portal for you. We use research materials and information sources which are guaranteed to be purely local and make sure to filter everything to bring the best of all that is genuinely from Naples.

We do this because we know the importance of the local market and the tourism industry in Naples. This region greatly depends on the efforts of individuals that live in the city, from the busy downtown area down to the coasts; their vigor is the very lifeblood of the city, and it is our duty to share the passion of every farmer, fisherman, stall owner, and skilled worker doing their everyday best to serve you, our readers, in the most convenient and effective manner online. Our tools are user-friendly and all the information you need will be given to you quickly and everything is accessible at your fingertips.

We’ve spent countless hours pulling up data, interviewing, collaborating hand-in-hand with local people on the ground to provide to you the latest products as well as information about the businesses and services that truly make Naples a thriving community. In the People of Divine Naples section, we feature locals from different walks of life, and their inspiring stories while we go up-close and personal with heart-warming interviews along with pictures that capture the very essence of what it’s like to live in this wonderful city.

This, in turn, will bolster the local economy and stimulate the creation of more jobs which will result in the accommodation of more customers and will eventually propel the city of Naples into the very center of tourism, major trade, and commerce in the state of Florida. All this, while at the same time, being highly supportive of small local businesses. Our Hire-A-Pro section hopes to connect our users to the best skilled workers and craftsmen, as well as other service companies, to the people and visitors of Naples. In this way, we can direct you to the best services with the prices you are most comfortable with.

We are still a long way before this goal is realized and there’s still much that needs to be done; but in time, Divine Naples will be the biggest and most intuitive localized portal where everyone (local businesses, tourists and customers alike) get together to become a massive network of trade and information that will benefit the entire city and beyond.

Business directory

  • This is a list of every single local business in Naples, big or small. Each named business has a basic description of what they are all about. Owners may contact us if they wish to add more details or pictures to their listing.

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Tourist guide

  • Are you planning to go sight-seeing, but not sure where to go? The Tourist Guide section gives visitors a detailed list on the most popular spots and the trendiest activities happening in and around the City of Naples.

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Golf (GolfPal)

  • Naples is host to more than a 90 world-class golf courses and is considered “The Golf Capital of the World”. This section uncovers the city’s enormous golf industry and the best places to play this wonderful sport.

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  • Be in the know about what’s happening around Naples. This section contains valuable information about art festivals, theatre plays, outdoor events, music events, and happy hours in Naples and the surrounding area. Event organizers can publish here for free.

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  • Went to the weekend marketplace, but forgot to buy something? Do you want to send products or goods to someone, but can’t leave the house? No worries. The Marketplace aims to build an online emporium where local vendors from Naples can sell their goods online and virtually have potential customers from all over the world buy these goods using just a click of a button.

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Pin Board

  • This is where visitors and locals band together to post pictures for the entire internet to see and enjoy. Share your hiking trails, kayak and fishing trips, sumptuous meals, and sunsets here so everyone can appreciate good memories of your trip to Naples, Florida.

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Local Community (Social Site)

  • Hang out together! Go ahead and create boards and rooms to talk about anything under the sun! This site is designed for you and your friends to express passion for what you “love” in order to create genuine Naples community.

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  • This is our monthly online magazine. It contains interesting articles and news about the beautiful city of Naples.  To make this highly accessible to everyone we publish it online for now, but printed copies should be found at your nearest newsstands in the future.

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Hire a Pro (ORgetPRO)

  • This unique software is specifically designed for Divine Naples. Using the Business Directory, people can post hiring requests for any type of service that can be found around the city of Naples. We will instantly connect you to multiple options allowing users to choose the right contractor or worker for the best price. All at the click of a button.

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Best of Naples

  • Here you will find the top 10 best businesses around Naples City. The businesses are exclusively local, grouped into several categories, and were selected under the most rigid of standards. Through this we seek to give customers and clients the experiences they deserve while at the same time encourage local businesses to improve their already great products and services.

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  • Place your ads, gigs, parties, events and other announcements for free. Open to all businesses and individuals of Naples Florida.

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Real Estate

  • This is also a unique feature where Divine Naples endorses the best villages, residential areas, and subdivisions. We would like to make it clear that this is not a place where you can buy houses or rent spaces. Instead, this is an avenue where you can search for schools, parks, sports facilities, and other amenities which are close to residential areas and thus may help you find a place to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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People of Divine Naples

  • Pictures of the local color. This section features the city’s most precious natural resource – her people. Get a glimpse of the hard-working and passionate people of Naples, while taking a peek at their daily lives, and see how they contribute to society with pride for their beloved city.

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Support the Local Economy

  • The main vision of Divine Naples is to stimulate the local economy. One of our tasks is to publish every existing business and service, on divinenaples.com, in order to attract as many customers as possible!  This will, in turn, create jobs, and when there are jobs, the economy thrives. Everyone wins.

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