Southwest Florida, particularly Naples is a viable place to retire to. It’s streets are clean and peaceful, not to mention stylish, plus it offers a tranquil atmosphere for everyone, both young and old. Speaking of which, you may also start a family here should you have the means for it. The city has schools for both elementary and high school levels and many establishments both private and public strive to be as family-friendly as possible. It is a perfect mix of a laid-back small town feel and a busy developing tourist-centered economy. If you are looking for a new place to move into, you may want to know these 20 things when considering to move here.

It’s a Dog-Friendly City

There are a number of beaches, parks, restaurants and hotels that welcome guests who have dogs. Remember to keep your dogs leashed and to bring the proof of vaccinations for your dog because some hotel staff may want to look at them.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

There are high-end shops that sell jewelry, clothes and furniture. Designer clothes are everywhere. Here, there are many ways to adorn yourself so you become the most beautiful in any party you go.

Later Gator

There are a lot of alligators in the region. They live in the swamps and in the marshes and even on the sides of some roads. Most of them are used to seeing people so they don’t attack unless provoked.

Gather the Golf Buddies

There are almost a hundred golf courses throughout Collier County. Championship matches are held here and many of these are designed by world-class architects.

Big Machines

There are these things called Swamp Buggies in the region. These are huge make-shift roaring bad boys that slice through the rough swamps like hot knife on butter. They even have awesome matches.

Fishing Paradise

The Gulf of Mexico provides a lot of blessings in terms of seafood. Snook, tarpon, redfish, mackerel and more can be found in the warm waters of the gulf. Rent out a charter or bring your own to go for an epic experience.

Good For Your Health

According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, the Naples area has the highest well-being community in the US. This means people have generally better health and feel more satisfied with their lives and thus feel happier compared to most cities in the country.

Prime Real Estate

Naples, Florida boasts of luxurious homes that are up for grabs, retirees, athletes, celebrities and successful professionals have houses here. Most of the houses follow a distinct Mediterranean flavor of architecture so they definitely are pleasing to the eyes.


Naples has a lot of restaurants in town. There are many joints that offer different kinds of cuisine: there’s Japanese, American and Italian just to name a few. Since Italian is there, that means pizza is on the menu and true enough there are lots of pizza parlors in the city of Naples alone.


The white sands and the blue green waters that stretch out as far as your eyes can see all crowned by puffy layers of clouds all instantly tell you that you have found your little corner in the universe. And did we tell you about the sunsets? Absolutely gorgeous and it never gets old, no matter how many years you spend in this place.

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