Naples, Florida area had always been a hot target for prime real estate hunters. We’ve touched on this subject quite a bit in our previous articles but we’d like to tell you a little bit more about it. This time its about the actual communities that offer housing to those who wish to purchase. With that said, it’s important to note that you have to be financially ready if you plan to move over here since the prices of the houses here may not be the ones who are working on a budget. However, the perks are almost endless with beautiful beaches, glamorous stores, romantic restaurants and of course, a solid bunch of cheerful, if not resilient locals. Plus, if the Gallup Healthways Index is to go by, a very happy and healthy population.

In this article, we’d dive a bit more into what to expect when moving to the Naples area.

Gated Communities

Naples has some of the more expensive homes in the US and many of them are inside gated communities. The walls offer a bit of protection from the outside world and everyone who gets in gets filtered through the gate. This means that only residents and approved guests can get in so this contributes to the peace of mind of everyone. But it can’t be all fresh as a daisy because having a gate means having to wait in long lines before curfew ends and the membership costs extra.


We’ve written extensively about the golf courses in the Naples area but we have to mention the two types of golf club memberships that you may find yourself in should you decide to play golf here. There is the bundled golf membership and the equity golf membership. Bundled golf means you get to be in a golf club as a part of the package of being in your residential community whereas an equity golf membership means that you get to pay extra for you to be in a golf club. The latter, of course means more fees and prices range from $10,000 to a whopping $200,00 not to mention cart fees and annual dues. This also means that you have the option not to be in the club whereas in the bundled, you get to be in the club automatically. You may also sell the equity membership which can fetch a good profit.

Beaches and Resorts

Being so close to the Gulf of Mexico, living in Naples means your home could have a nice view of the beach, depending on where you choose to live. There are communities that boast “resort-style living” alongside the fact that they already have gorgeous golf course which you can be a member of. These communities are lined with palm trees and there are pools for residents where you can get yourself a tan, fitness centers, multipurpose courts and so much more. These communities make sure their residents have something fun to do inside the walls of their place so the people can easily build a sense of belonging and trust.

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