Rolling under the summer sun is a lot of fun. And if you’re in the beaches of Naples, Florida, you’d want to extend this enjoyment to your toddlers and small children as Naples is a very family-friendly city. The sand, the sun, the wind and the salty breeze relaxes your bones and your soul however, the story may just a little bit different when you bring your kids with you. Children may are constantly in need of attention and you have to prepare a lot of things to make sure they are safe and satisfied all of the time you’re in the beach. This may cause unintended stress and may take up the time you should be using to relax.

So, we’ll give you a few tips you can do to lessen the burden of having to take care of the kids while in the beach.

Make a Mini Pool

The beach can be dangerous for small children but, as you know, they will be begging to have a dip in the water. You wouldn’t want your children to be exposed in such a danger wherein you will be actually taking them for a dip into the sea while at the same time, you wouldn’t want them to miss out on the fun either. So, what we can suggest for you to do is to take a large plastic bag that then dig a small spot then place the plastic bag on it then fill it with sea water. This should be a nice and safe make-shift pool for your toddler.

Keep Them Occupied

The beach is a big place with lots of people and potential hazards to children but it can be a fun and safe place if you look after them all the time. But the constant need to check them over can chip away your sanity bit by bit and can take a toll in your summer relaxation time. So, what you can do is give the kids something to do. A tiny bucket and a plastic hand shovel would serve you a long way in making sure they have something to play with. Show them how to build a sand castle and they will be so amazed, they will want to make one of their own – works every time.

Protect Your Phones

Phones today don’t instantly stop functioning when they slip out of your hands and go into the water provided you lift it out of there quickly. Some can even be used to take pictures and record underwater. However, phones do not mix well with sand. Grains of sand may find their way inside your phone of you leave them on the sand of if they accidentally fell on a sandy surface. The likelihood of you accidentally losing grip of your phone increases when you have your child around, because they can be quite the handful. So, we suggest placing your phones in resealable plastic bags for that needed protection.

Baby Powder Hack

When bringing the kids with you to the beach, you and your babies will get coated with sand all over. This can be a nasty feeling with bits and grains all over your legs and back. How do you remove all this without back and forth into the shower room? The answer is right in your travel bag: the baby powder. If you find yourself or your baby peppered with sand, just rub baby powder all over your body and the sandy parts. The finer texture of the powder will make the sand slide off easier once you wipe them off with a towel, plus you’ll be smelling as good as your baby.

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