Gather ‘round fellas, we got something awesome to share with you if you’re looking for the best things to do in Naples on your brocation this summer. Visit Naples, Florida to tick the boxes on your summer vacation ideas for men. Pack up your bags for there are a variety of ways to enjoy Naples, Florida no matter what your summer vacation ideas for men are. If you are looking for a more relaxed and chill experience, we got the beaches and the golf courses for you. However, if you are more on the extreme side, water sports and buggy races can be the very thing that would complete your summer vacation ideas for men.

Having said that, let’s look at a few ways where you can spend a great time with the boys to fulfill your summer vacation ideas for men.


Golf is one of the best things to do in Naples, Florida is known for having numerous golf courses, making it the Golf Capital of the World. Major championship events are being held here on an annual basis and the city would be flocked by celebrity golfers and fans whenever an important match is around the corner. Bring the boys for some tee time and join several exclusive golfing clubs that will give you the privilege to use some of the world-class golf courses, some of which were designed by architectural legends to make the most of your summer vacation ideas for men.

Wild Water Ride

One thing that exhilarates any speed junkie out there while on the water is obviously jet skiing. Add this on your bucket list for the summer vacation ideas for men when you head down to Naples, Florida. The water and the excitement pumps up your blood in the right way and give you that awesome rush you’ve been looking for. And oh, did we mention that the world Jet Ski championship regularly happens in the beaches of Naples, Florida? If you want to witness that and complete your summer vacation ideas for men, book that ticket to see it live, firsthand.

Buggy Races

For those who don’t know, Swamp Buggies are basically chopped up truck parts that were reassembled to look like a badass monster that chugs gallons of gas in no time and roars like a true beast as it shoots its way across the swampy landscape of southwestern Florida. If you’re up to get rough then events like this one might just be for you. And since we’re on the subject, try camping out along the many nature parks and preserves in the region and get in touch with your primeval side and max out your summer vacation ideas for men.


Like what we always say here, a vacation in Naples, Florida is never complete without having to visit its famous beaches. And because we’re all buddies here, we’re gonna let you in a little something: we’ve already invited the girls over. So this means, pure white sand, pristine beaches gorgeous sunsets and, of course, equally gorgeous women. It doesn’t get any better than that. What a way to complete your summer vacation ideas for men.

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