As we always say, we’re all about building communities here in Naples, Florida. We are composed of an energetic team that’s driven to bring the local economy to greater heights by connecting small to medium scale business owners and other inspiring individuals to as many people as possible, both to tourists and residents alike. This should, hopefully, spark a chain of connections that would bring the region together like never before. Having said this, part of our effort to make this goal possible is by conducting meaningful interviews to people who have experienced the bounties and the richness of Naples, Florida.

 Introducing the Divine Naples Show. In this show, we will invite guests composed of people from different walks of life. These remarkable people will be sharing stories that are full of insight and can be a source of inspiration for many of us.

 The Divine Naples Show will feature people from Naples, Florida who want to express their passion to the world. This passion can range from making interesting artworks to a sports interest to a cause that people can have an impact to people and the world in general and even business owners that create an impact locally through their enterprise. We get to hear stories of how these people started out and how they’re making their way into living in Naples, Florida. Every week we will be hearing stories of struggle, failure and ultimately triumph in the face of adversity, stories of humble beginnings, dreams and aspirations of individuals both young and old who live under the same south Floridan sky.

 The Divine Naples Show hopes to capture the imagination and evoke awe in each listener with each story that they can identify with in some way or another; because we are after all, so different in many ways but strangely alike at the same time. The show highlights this by sharing to everyone the journeys of each guest and this kind of give and take relationship is the sort of stuff that builds bridges and thus creates a sense of community to one and all. Something like this always gets the place moving and is a win-win for one and all. You may even spot some of our future guests if you happen to hang around the many establishments in town. Naples city alone is relatively large, but small enough so people easily recognize each other.

 We are here to bring the stories out of these people and share them all to you. We hope to imbibe the lessons of their stories, both big and small out of each and every listener. Every session will bring to you a unique story in as much as every one of us is diverse in our own ways not just in thought and opinion but in the journeys of our lives as well. The Paradise Coast is full of rich experiences from profound individuals just waiting to be told. If you ask us, it’s the new shop owner down the street, the retiree who loves to spend his days fishing, the kid who’s into jet-skiing and the man who works on the generations-old family business that truly makes Naples Divine.

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