One of the many great pleasures of being in southwest Florida, particularly in the city of Naples, is being very close to nature. The region is blessed with lush vegetation which serves as nourishment for the inhabitants of the place, both man and beast. The bountiful treasures of southwest Florida can only be attributed to the citizens’ innate love for Mother Nature. And this love can be best seen in Naples Botanical Garden. Trees and flowers from different parts of the globe are arranged aesthetically and are well cared for. Pavillions and man-made ponds complement the serene ambiance that every piece of flora this garden gives.

This attention to detail and beauty culminates at the end of the year in the annual Lights in the Garden. Every year, during the winter holiday season, Naples Botanical Garden presents a show of lights to razzle and dazzle every visitor. The event starts off in the early evening and the guests are treated to a festival of lights which boasts of many colors and arrangements all over the garden. Purple, yellow, green and red will certainly make anyone’s jaw drop. For 17 nights, all the splendid decoration in the garden go absolutely well with the Yuletide season.

To run an event this long requires and even longer preparation. Planning starts during the summer where the organizers from the garden plan out the theme and do the drafts and concepts that may or may not be implemented several months from then. They then start putting up all the decorations after Thanksgiving. It’s a huge undertaking that requires tremendous amount of work. The organizers see to it that they do not disappoint the 1,500 visitors that show up almost every year. From the christmas lights, to the audio system, plant ornaments, the horticulture processes involved down to the safety precautions, all are being given utmost attention.

The result would be more than two weeks of nonstop cheer and amazement as the lights twinkle and then change color. The lights seem to accentuate the beauty of the trees and plants despite the darkness of the night. There would also be live bands, carolers, mascots games and other entertainment that will keep the place lively.

One of the main attractions of the event is at the main pavilion entrance itself. Visitors will find that it will be decorated with flashy animated laser lights that will put on quite the show. Another is the projection of auroras across the lake by the Florida Garden which is a must-see for many. But the one that stands out the most would be the huggable tree found inside the garden. This tree has motion-sensor lights which responds to whomever goes near and hugs the tree. The kids seem to love this attraction and if the kids love it, so will the parents.

If you want to spend your holiday surrounded by vibrant colors and shining lights, go to Naples Botanical Garden and experience Night Lights in the Garden. The Night Lights in the Garden usually begins mid-December and ends early January. If you decide to take a visit, we suggest for you to book your tickets early.

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