Matt went on Rich over and over but Rich does not bubble anymore over things. Matt can be heard 2 miles away and he scares all pets. We are going in the right direction so get ready for Divine Naples after last 3 years of testing from God we are finally getting his stamp of approval. Rich gave a lesson for life that was triggered by a T-shirt, but if you hear it you may get inspired. Local School district FAILED US DURING A STATE OF EMERGENCY. We need to rethink about the leadership because officials didn’t put kid’s lives as a priority and made them to come to school on hurricane day! Rich never listens to government instruction and that’s why he is still alive. People don’t thrash teachers! They did a great job as they do everyday. Fatty Matty was dating himself and he could not count! He also had a brain fart for 5 min. Blue shirt, red shoes and we are building a human flag. Rich does not want to do much together with Matt because he can’t hold a hammer properly. The only thing he can handle great is a spoon. The only storm surge you get is from Matt and Rich yappers


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