#431 – Matt came in the studio with an orange head and almost killed Rich.

Dating a Columbian is serious business especially when she is on the east coast. Rich spent sunset with Matt 2 and Matt 1 got jealous. We have an informant from the inside and Matt called him a rat. Watch the turtles when you are walking on the beach. Idalia stole sand and we think we know where she put it.   Episode #431 – September 1st.  2023 


Matt has a rusty head because he put primer on it. Now he is ready for the final coat of paint from Home Depot. We will bring a fresh update about missing sand on the beach and lost turtles. Don’t climb the fence when the sign clearly says don’t climb the fence. We know everything what the guy that knows everything doesn’t know. Tim is technically our colleague but he does not know it. 100 years old building is ordered by our county officials to come down no mercy, no solutions, no help, hammer of elected leaders strikes again. Tipping drivers that deliver food to you is the right think to do. Farmer Mikes, A$$ burner, bring your manners, chicken boy, food bank all of that and as a bonus you will get a list of beach accesses where you will not put your body because they are closed.


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