#435 – Someone is stealing pens in our office. Matt does not use envelopes and Rich used to use them behind curtain to bring them to government workers. Bear with no teeth is under bed staining carpet green and red like a Christmas. Matt is expanding his family and he puts them in Naples ZOO for good reason. One of them is a grandmother.   Episode #435 – September 5th.  2023 

Discounts were in Envelopes and then they made them electronic. Matt is glad they found a place for his family because he calls them “crazy bas7arts” true reason is he wants to focus on eating salads and being healthy like a horse. Fire ball came down pretty fast and no one knows. Kids Friendly restaurants are announced and Matt is very familiar with all of them because he eats smaller portions so he can take two kids meals. Sizzle dining will be starting and power company restored power to almost all people after hurricane. 10 cities from least to most expensive to survive day by day. Important things to know is that Frida is in the Botanical Garden, be late for something, keep your kids clean when you flip flop, cheese pizza from Greece and Romans, telephone Tuesday, Act Dumb. Matt”s Motto is “I know NOTHING”

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