The last 25 years Rich and Matt were always involved with small local businesses and for that reason they hold a special place in their hearts. The passion, hard work and stubbornness is circulating in their blood and both of them clearly understand what it takes to start, run and succeed a family owned business. Divine Naples would like to help everyone that is operating a business because that is the back bone of our community. This episode will explain more, so please share their voices with everyone who works 24/7/365 because those people are the true business operators, not employees.

wo years of thinking, developing, planning and quietly grinding got us to the point that we are READY ! Matt and Rich will introduce our ideas where we invite EVERY passionate person for business, relationship and our city to join us. Listen everyday to Divine Naples Podcast and see how you can participate to be part of our movement.  We have so many special places to share and support ……..

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