Palms a Favorite of Nature

Palm trees are constantly connected with the sun, white shorelines, excursion, and relaxation. In Florida, you look all over and you will see delightful palm trees. They are utilized as a part of [...]

Fruits of the Palm Tree

Palm trees have been a source of nourishment for different people across different nations and cultures across time. There are 2,500 species of palm trees and many of these species bear something [...]

Beach Access Vanderbilt Beach Road

Vanderbilt Beach is an extremely well known beach destination in the region. You’ll hear a bunch of various dialects and languages spoken as you stroll along the shoreline with people [...]

10 Birds You Can See in Naples, FL

American White Pelican It is among the heaviest flying fowls of the world, the American White Pelican moves to Florida’s mild shores, looking for respite from brutal northern winters. These [...]

LGBT Pride Festivities in Naples, FL

Thousands of people celebrated the first ever LGBTQ Pride Parade in Naples, Florida. The celebration was about creating a fun and inclusive event that does not discriminate against gender [...]

The Mysterious Florida Skunk Ape

We’ve been through this for a long time and still this question hasn’t died: Is the Bigfoot real? It doesn’t matter what you call it, Yeti, Sasquatch, Gargantuan whatever, you know the story: [...]

Cape Romano

Cape Romano is a cape island and a little secret hideaway destination for boaters on the Gulf Coast south of Ft. Myers, just south of Marco Island and northwest of the Ten Thousand Islands in [...]

Visit The Bird Garden in Naples, FL

Parrots are intelligent, extremely colorful, and very pleasant to look at, highly social and complex beings with a life span of up to 50 to 80 years. They always bring joy to people who see them, [...]