Best Things to Do in Marco Island

Marco Island is the biggest of Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands. There are a lot of clean beaches, attractions and things to do on Marco Island while holding its own particular identity as a [...]

Best Things to Do in Everglades City

One of Florida’s most underestimated attractions is the Everglades National Park, known as the River of Grass. It is a pristine region for enjoyment, offering things to do in the Everglades [...]

Naples a Wedding Destination

Once you’ve decided on the most essential choice of your life—who to wed, your next most imperative choice is the place to have your wedding. As should be obvious, it’s difficult to [...]

Boiled Peanuts a Long Time Favorite

Boiled peanuts have been a long time favorite in southern Florida, so much so that it’s become a tradition. You’d find these aromatic legumes being peddled in the street corners thru mini trucks, [...]

Your Naples Florida Bucketlist

Southwest Florida, especially the Naples, Florida area is such a lovely place to spend your summer vacation in. It has world renowned beaches, excellent hotels, fresh food and amazing [...]

Picnic by the Beach

To truly enjoy a picnic with your romantic partner, you would have to make certain preparations. Whether it’s a budding romance or a plan to reignite some old spark, a picnic or better yet a [...]

The Naples Winter Wine Festival

The Naples Winter Wine Festival is a 1-day or sometimes a 2-day occasion that grandstands items like makers and cultivators of different sorts of wines, the wine aficionados and devotees can [...]