#438 Rich had a 5 sec shock because of numbers. Matt has something wrong with him because he gave up on German Cake and German whipped cream. Story from Iron Curtin right at the start includes Mom getting rid of Rich for 25 cents. Iron Curtain TV shuts down at midnight because they were feeding chickens through the screen. Speed of  Hurricane Lee is down 1 MPH. Our City closed one eye on over 200 citations and law breakers. Rich is expecting toilet paper rolled lower when they pull the plug on him. 95 restaurants are sizzling. 420 puffers are out of control because they are puffing too much and you can smell it far away  –  Episode #438 – September 8th.  2023 

Rich invited ladies for German Cake since he lost his partner in German Cake pondering. Learn how grandma, chickens, cake and big belly is connected. Matt is getting drug tested and his addiction is suga in all forms. His favorite is white powder. Matt is a weather man and he loves it because whatever he says he is always right and never questioned. New restaurants are opening like mushrooms after rain except city government is spraying all the mushrooms with new ordinances and requirements. Flag half down for Buffet and Matt is expecting a big party for Rich and Matt when the last day is decided. !00 year building may be saved BUT get your wallet ready because the city will raise taxes. 420 Puffers, palmetto berries, tourist bus with fire ball, startrack, krakonos, rumcajs, hurvinek, envelopes, pardon, and pharmacist will make your brain clear from 420 brainfog. Share all the recipes with people around the world

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