#439 Matt got a free pass from doctors so he dug in to German cake quickly. Rich thinks he had to pay off all doctors because he knows he is broken beyond the fixing point. Army story will explain what not to do to your wife in the car. Someone closed his wife’s hand in the door of the car so he doesn’t have to go to the theater. Simply news you can use in 10 years. Iron Curtain did not allow teddy bears. –  Episode #439 – September 9th.  2023 

Rich had a nap for 3,5 hrs and that’s all he is allowed in 24hrs because he has to do all the podcast so others can rest in peace and hold their Sabbath. Rich said he would work 28hrs a day than be old and miserable. Matt showed the cake like there is no tomorrow. Hear the list of all the roof top restaurants in Naples and Fort Myers. County commissioners are working hard and you will learn what they actually did. Matt is a teddy bear today but once they will finish his dentures he will become a gummy bear. Big Bird, teddy bear “radar” smell of happiness, share your care, sheep, ram, cartoons, emergency people, schnitzel, eating specialist, when pigs fly, Colonel Sanders was

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