Rich and Matt made another entertaining podcast show for you right from studio in headquarters right in Downtown Naples. This Thursday July 19th 2018 they talk life in Naples Fl in general spiced with humor as usual and brought event that will make you laughing harder

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HELLO ALL divine people my name is rich and my name is Matt, we are your host of divine Naples, daily podcast. If you’re looking for your next vacation destination place to retire relocating or simply wondering how is life in the happiest and healthiest city in America than you have found the right podcast. This ball cost is brought to you by divine Naples dot com. The biggest localize portal where he can find anything you want or need to know about Naples and south Florida. ARA, divine Naples, dot com is a collection of sixteen websites translated in eighteen languages. Were each site makes your life much easier pleasant in simplifies your local searches because all the content is positive and locally guarantee, woah, woah, let this is not how you do it. Let me show you how you doing okay. Diva in Naples is collection of sixteen website translated in eighteen line, which is for each side makes your life much more easy to pleasant and simplifies your local searches because all of the content is positive and locally. Guaranteed I officers any information center is located right in heart of downtown. So if you’re looking for perfect beach, access, best restaurant, happy our Knicks of an electrician attorney or dentist Dr. No secrets because we showed them all in the case of your planning infrastructure to Naples, Florida, divine Naples, dot com here for you as well. We have the best tourist guide and very first virtual visitors. Senate recreated billed by us. Locals are only two wars. You need to remember divine Naples, where we’re, whoa, dude. I always wanted to know how to do that. He’s just need to grow up in due time. My friends you’ve learned from demonstra. Please keep in mind. All we do it. Divine Naples is created by locals, and we are here to serve you and Bill genuine community and now and joy to show. Our bag. This is the one sixty nine divined what happened. Looking just start, do I label daily? Our port gust is back not episode from this, Mike, your host rich from this, Mike, your host, Matt, very fluffy. Today, I tell you Buffy. Well, I’m in the mood always didn’t move. I’m flow. Yeah, you’re fluffy little little.
02:30 – 05:39
Got my angel wings little plush beer for kids. Yeah, yeah. Just sitting here, like all it astral projection. All of these things on me. We’ll be all right. We’re having a good time just life and you know what? It’s gonna be really cool because today we have a really up -solutely awesome of about laughing and you wanna stay up today and because we will tell you where to go to get some extra fun and law, and I always try to be about that. I have. I usually can make people laugh. Not cry. Yeah, maybe make you cry time, but him laughing until like, oh, I can’t say I get. I get people slapping so hard. They got tears in their eyes. That happens to me yesterday with so awesome to yesterday’s broadcast was awesome. But anyway, cast, say broadcasts with messed up thing here. History or make something up yesterday my face my face. Base instead book and some other things which we cannot really say more coming in the future. Yeah, he can really say stuff that you make up. It’s July nineteenth, two thousand eighteen a lot of under full day. It’s Thursday morning. It’s already cooking out there. Oven to of and to the beach to do life on insta-. Have you watch me what they don’t? You go to the beach, but no. Course I don’t. No, but I did live. Did you watch it? Yeah. Yeah. What did I say in fourth minute? Thirty seconds. Uh-huh. Do you watch. Like. Actually, you know that stupid Viva you’re always having to take a look at my phone because everybody or anybody that’s been listening, those technological idiot. Sometimes I push those buttons and hit whatever, and it doesn’t even work and I’m not lying to you whatever. I did see that you did go out loud. Bingos your size could be really hard for. You make me sound like some kind of neon the end of thal watts down fifth, fifth, Fifth Avenue aiding show me the index finger measure, ‘less double fine. Crazy. Yeah. So I mean, imagine you need to buy television to be able to operate screen with touch screen. He cannot have like four inch screen Vaughn. Well, you put your finger on just get Scovell screen off the screen. Boy, whether these people are gonna think I’m Mike. I just said some the NFL walking down this. You know, it’d be nice dress the part to be nice to see you bent over and going to four. Yeah. Just like walk Ling. We are here drinking coffee, dune, our thing doing our thing to speak in a coffee. Xiaowen speak in the coffee. Yes, because lados be coffee offi.
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Well, let’s and today’s podcast is brought to you by divine spa. Divine spas sets itself apart with state of the art interior finishes, comfortable memory, foam beds with micro pledge sheets. They provide a unique menu of luxurious affordable, spa massages, and facial treatments done. Only with organic products made from line. Listen folks. Divine spa has been rated as the best ball Naples and has become a very popular destination for our local loyal customers as well as celebrities. So go and book your appointment online today at my divine spa dot com or simply call one eight, four, four wine spa, and there you have it anyway. I just wanna encourage you to check out divine spot. Number one rated spa in Naples, and I’m telling you. You, you will be pampered. I’d simply that pampered. You’re going to be walking out there like I just said floating on the cloud, that’s, I mean that’s still affecting you as you go. Well, yeah, it is. Yeah, that’s good. That’s good. I’m gonna have them with another one. Always get him those perks. I hardly know then somebody comes here with coupon or something system should try our services. Never. I mean, I always put them their office and you
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are one giving them. Do you want? Do you want? I breathe life. No. Life and the rewards. I know why because then they give you the pay through you get the hell outta. And everybody can work because they can take their headphones now. That’s true because otherwise they are. I’m I’m getting the getting the feeling that you’re trying to tell me to pipe now a little bit. Sometime in some events is good nut now. Okay. No, this is this is your time. This is my time. Don’t forget it on the captain shine as much as he can because you know, this is what to do. I’m leaving in a few few hours. Yeah, I’m like it’s like a time clock. Yeah, here’s how it goes in the morning. Emad comes here and I look at his crocs and the bottom of the crocs. You know, like this thing you walking on the shoe, Baden, soul, whatever the car has the Baden nickel chassis chassis. SEO chessy Jesse from his crocs a completely Arete like medal, right? Yeah, he walks off AST, but then when he’s leaving is just is just so soulread. The smog is coming from our floor got things. Looks like. Rubber? Yeah, I wanna push up there. The by gain is located on Abel’s best rated spot. Check out. Attributive is at the same time. They beaten just an ounce as in the hall of fame of troubadours if nobody knows what that is Google it. There’s this the thing to Google it. Yeah. Did you hear about it? Yeah, hall of fame. Google. Did you Google? Yeah. Be very good thing. So try, it will if you never did, I have. Did I know. Pushing me there you trying to tell me that I’m like always on my phone or something. No, just would like to say, don’t trust those two strangers. Yup. Right to the source? Yeah. And if there’s not a local business that would like to sponsor us a, preferably somebody would ascend. What’s to smart survey they can go
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to do. I need dot com. Get hold of sandwiches in old the mail on. Yeah, no mayo or mustard today. This morning I was checking out the news. I’m gonna give them plug in here, but they were saying dogs may be related to mental health. I hope I’ll be eat any. That’s a foregone conclusion because I’ve eaten more hot dogs in can imagine. You can you okay. Yeah, sure. Or else might say, you’re you’re walking evidence of their study. I, I think cking evidence study and we can call clearly fake news fake news. That’s okay. So let’s go a lot of that going around digress. And let me just remind you if you are listening for time, divine Naples, dot com. Bigger and localized. Oh.
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Ooh, I’m rubbing off on. Biggers and largest localized a local. Did it wrong again n. largest localized portal made way locals. That’s right locals. Yeah, that’s just so hard sometime- you know and and mentioned its trademark, did I know there’s little are up there is it is I saw. But anyway, be are so happy to have it because he took us to an how years to fight for the little are proud of it. We are, yes, and they’ll tell our listeners, we’ll do what are we do? Well, what we do, we educate people about Naples and what’s going on south west Florida all the way from Fort Myers, even pointed border all the way out to the blades. But anyway, and. Don’t forget about Moccoli. They got hit hard in and we love you. We’re going to be love. Everybody support. Imach Lee to you, love everybody. We’re all about building community and local business. That’s what we’re doing and how many websites we have the f. seventeen websites and the translate in how many eighteen language or you go. Because how many people visit the Naples area point shoe million a year. Right, right. Okay. Anything else? Well, I’m just saying that we’re sitting here next year. Did you genius? Thank you. Let me take over takeover. Oh my God. This is gonna be cooking today. So if you guys hitting the beach, don’t forget sunscreen and water all recommended. I’ve been undigested was little Vevey and indie, but wavy. Yeah, baby or the waves or. Okay. Vevey. Awesome. Yeah, I know I’m creating stuff. Yeah, I used to be in the in the navy. Yeah. You used to do that too. On your young and I wasn’t a cap now. You kept it. It’s right. So if you go just to make sure you know think about how to hide under umbrella and get some freshman’s and I’ve been in the pine reach exit or a beach entrance, I would say, and I tell you a lot of people there. Yeah, pineridge. Seagate’s. Yeah. So a lot of people there enjoyed the sunset. It was really nice and sitting Knicks highrise almost make you feel like you’re Miami because a lot of highlights next to of Venetian village. So it was nice. Yeah. Yeah. So that is that is, you know, we wanna remind you if you coming to town, please checkout upside. We have virtual visitors center also have things to do Naple seeds delivery. We have beach Daly, very, that’s right from our office because our office is in downtown Naples. That’s right info center for avid. Yeah, the traffic is light is you know something’s going on, but I think the Europeans dizzy, you’re gonna be coming in less, you know, less packed replace because I had friends flying down here and he said there was off empty. Really? Yeah, I think because the World Cup and they just World Cup this things going on. But it’s, you know. Everything. Cyclical. Yeah, you know what I’m saying in business. The reason why we should just motivate a little bit more. Our local people, local people, and also that’s the whole idea we’ve said and pass prior prior, excuse me prior podcasts that we wanna break the paradigm of this season thing in in c. Maples thrive year round. So if you never been on Naples printers for example, or or not a bowl, which is doubled acre and that is beautiful. Oreta pure Florida been we met her today. Oh, we, we’ve met her several that was a different encounter. And if you never been there, you may just want to jump on and enjoy the sunset right that they also, you know, offered a discount on thickets.
14:21 – 15:07
There’s plenty of restaurants for happy hours, v have up sites perfect website for it. If you go to Naples dot com and scroll little bit than even find the, there’s a, there’s a banner. It’s happy hour. So you click on Fifty-nine restaurant or at least in oughta ones waiting for them to list themselves. So hopefully, you know, they come come on board. I’m on board with us because we wanna create one of make it easy for people to find everything. Find a happy hour because it’s difficult to find everything. Hi, dear to build this Nichols. Yeah. And some restaurants actually offers up to fifty percent off of food. Yeah, you know, some of the drink discounted. I’ve been in America doing live and Makoto also overs hippie hours.
15:07 – 18:48
There’s few restaurants nixed theater, even Vajna bar was offering. So you know, there’s a lot of happy hour’s going on right now. It seems like this is the thing. Groupon hopefully is over you guys. I hope you don’t use. It just doesn’t really hope to businesses. The happy hour thing is is what you wanna do those, you know, have a lot of good rates right now. Sure. And dog through some of them and see what you can do. Yeah. So if you if you on the articles or somewhere, you know, you wanna come over for vk. That’s where we get a lot of traffic right now. Yeah, summertime, yeah. A lot of from fully loaded l. and Miami. They come over and they come be whole book on onto. Did I say they’re did? Yes. All right. Gary on a seriously. Do you know they come here? Yeah. Do you ask talk to people all the time, but anyway, my God, I feel sorry for them. And so if you just come to do a family, if you have completely different beaches and sand number one rated the city of what healthy healthiest and happiest? Yes. City in the United States? Yeah, VR happiest people here. We are probably not the healthiest because for my knees or for yourself. Well, I can take you apart. That’d be no wasn’t working. I got you. Yeah. Do we need to work on? We’ll drink late certain things, and let’s coffee. Yeah. Yeah, that’s that might be because fifteen cups for you doesn’t gonna team cops that I can stop that by not showing up in the morning. You drink that coffee like the hungriest SUV under old gas guzzler, but. Yeah. And the same time you moving sometime into office? Not outside. I see moving outside, you go fast, but the in the office, you moving sometime like pony express, very slow. Well, the message gets delivered. Danny. Anyway, divine Naples is the biggest local portal in Naples, Florida. So check us out. We have a lot to offer. And if you have any ideas or Goldman’s or any messages for us, you can send them to our team very famous Email v said it many times share as divine Naples. If you wanna send me complain about math, you can send it to me, reach divine, Naples, come and have you dealt might you know how good I am because he doesn’t know, send him emails. Well, Matt Devine. Any of those complaints will come across my desk in, they’ll be file thirteen. I don’t know what that is. Trash can. The files that are. Interesting, interesting. Any to creed, everything’s educational here. It is. I’m learning every single day, but in in learning process, I’m I have a lot of fun and we have perfect event for you guys because there’s never enough offers it. Nope. And hopefully we brought some of that tea. But here we go, what’s going on divine people and we have this weekend is off the hook, comedy club. You should be working there. I know. I know. I don’t think so. I’d be I’d go broke, but anyway might be one one show pony anyway. We have I bag and that’s going to be this weekend Friday and Saturday and Sunday night, and just encourage you to go to the off the hook, comedy dot com website and check it out for all the details.
18:48 – 23:14
But I think you wanna share a little bit about. And tell us about the the guy was there used to be. We do. You know, he’s a Canadian comedian and he’s done the circuit. It’s really awesome. And just that’s another shot out because we do have a lot of people from other countries that come here and he’s done the whole gamut when we’ve talked about late night shows and he’s been on Conan and and he was on the last comic standing. And so anyway, you know, just going to be and you could probably you know, sometimes I just here’s a recommendation or some educational aspect if you’re not really familiar with a particular, you know comic or semi that we recommend can always hit up YouTube or whatever. Push on c. whatever you know he’s done and and maybe you know his style of humor, whatever. And if it jives the clicks, you know then go see, yeah, I think it’s our from twenty two dollars. So very affordable and comedy club of the hook up to one hundred seventy five because you’re going to explain some of the great things voice coming. Yeah. There’s other food and stuff too. The they offer food and packages, and there’s food kitchen. You guys can enjoy. You know, the the nice evening if you just like feeling blue or and this is not the v of yours, your spirit up with some laughter away. What I just he’s laughing at me because I have a tendency to just dictate a lot using my hands even in this studio, looking up into the sky right now, but do you even my hands? No, the the stuffy. Euler up lifting like now now now on the chest. Yeah, that’s what it looked like. Anyway, all the hook here, but we digress. So let me just say all of the comedy was opening two thousand five. I remember day opened Marco island and it was very small comedy club, but the very known and what you’re is that two thousand five. Yeah, that’s when Wilma came screaming through and they, you know, they’ve been known for comedy and just gonna Mark Weil and this long drive. So I think it was very smart move for them to come to Naples and and pick up that location on under booby-trapped. It’s awesome and airport. So if you guys over the public, is there they’re right air in the corner behind a mobile Gus station. I hope still mobile because they changing all the time and it’s really nice building and really nice inferior and and just just it’s really nice go up and they over two times they’ve been in existence, they actually introduce, you know, the the comedy to Naples with some of the really big stars. And just for interesting factors that that of the comedy club was the very, very first clump that booked, Tom green. And if somebody. The very first time Tom green got in this club talking was, and that’s not a Canadian. What was the Naples? And then also featured people like jackass, Steve o dude. Jim check Getty mentioned going into show on, see him there. We also my goes up Steve. Yeah, that’s just Ed would be off the hook, right? It would be so so you know, not a people like paulie shore, Carlos Mencia. Chris Catan my favorite. Gabriel Inglesias crowded. Eddie Griffin and ended dick and actually No. I was. Months ago to and Tony Hong and just many others like Louis out under sun and Tom Arnold Jackie Manson, some reading Chong, bro. That’s from chieftain Chong. Yeah, I don’t know. I dunno guys probably know better share with you after the after this show, bro. Yeah, cracking up. Well, then you know, this is the only comedy club that’d be have it’s awesome. I’ll you know, orgy to definitely check them out. The phone number is two, three, nine, three eight nine seeks
23:14 – 24:19
nine zero one. You can find him on all social media, and also you can go to upside off double f. the hook, double o comedy dot com. There you go. So I gained out form of the hook, comedy dot com. And that’s I implement, if you will, that you will get to and they look at future. Cents coming future events. Let me just check that out because I’m on the website right now and I can tell you because he cannot, you know, they have nice menu of the food and Stras and tail cook those and everything. So next week there is Christopher Titus coming. And then also we have free dancing with Manhattan. I don’t know what that means it was. It’d be interesting and then after we have Esther cool, very good. They. So somebody coming Mitch fato, right? Go to the website, check it out, check it out and you’ll learn what you can experience.
24:19 – 25:32
You can have plenty lawf- if you didn’t bring the smile on your dial today, then you need to go to to. That’s it. Pump it up and notch. And if you did then go and let us know if better. Yeah, that’s right. Because they say, you know, laughter is the medicine to Seoul. I. I think after working with you behind the mic for almost a year, I’m living. Have you ever have you know? Five. I love that. I love you to do I get you rolling everyday. I love you brother, right? When he comes one once you come into door, things change, bam. That’s it enough said, and I would like to wrap it up. This reminds you please super local businesses. We are here to build a community because it’s very important for our economy and and we have our economies here. He can tell you economists, and pharmacists now actually do have a background in economics. But anyway, we want to support our community. We want to support local businesses. When we do business, the business locally, it keeps revenue in our in our area from southwest sorta were talking about in Naples. So the dollars we keep in our area helped to build our community and just helps everybody.
25:32 – 27:07
That’s that plain and simple. I mean, simply canonic terms. You can go through numbers or whatever. So that’s what we’re all about here, divine mailing community and and the local economy because that’s what helps thrive. And it’s going to continue to help this place be one of the healthiest and happiest places on the planet. But I want to remind you, I mean, you have neighbors. You have friends, they have neighbors, you know, it’s just it’s just never ending cycle. And the city’s so small yesterday I was sitting with the one of our future contributor, the getting a photographer and wonderful person very talented and didn’t start talking over two hours. We just came across so many people be know as a mutually. And you know, just you cannot avoid to live into city. Late is half of the people residents just disappear for six months, and all space is just for half of the people living here. And then you have to meet each other somewhere and somehow you come across people, you know there in business that that guy does commissioning and these ladies baking cookies. Use them, don’t don’t even think twice going to corporations. If you know friends or family or somebody neighbor, whatever is doing business because you know, it’s, it’s it’s different than we call the businesses, which is the purpose of this Gaza Monday to Friday, call the businesses, give them space to introduce themselves, and they can do that by registering on divine Abel’s dot com for slash daily dodgeball costs. And we absolutely what absolutely free of charge obsolete free of charge.
27:07 – 28:04
Calling them, giving them space, on-the-spot costs to introduce themselves. And then if we do that need to pick up from there, you just need to go and visit those businesses. Let them know you heard about about their service on divine Naples. Both guys did just cheered them out there and you definitely gonna receive better service and battalion, and we’d love. That’s right goes, that’s the reason why they Cup in the morning. Sometimes six o’clock in the morning and doodad like our friends and rising by and some auto. Wants. We have had business world all of business on the call. You know, Manny. He hugs his customers because he’s happy day coming business. You know, there’s so many people, they just do differently with the heart, and we are so happy to have DeMarco community, so don’t forget you support local businesses, beloved them all view, love you for doing it. But also there’s one thing we ever ask you for this offer thing we do is free of charge, but we’re
28:04 – 30:40
going to ask you for one thing, just share divine Naples dot com. With somebody every day, whoever it is, whoever cross your path, please do that. Have him follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and sign up for the podcast and use litter. Yeah, because VR coming with magazine, we’ll be doing magazine online. Only sue saved the trees. So v have some left and have some lifts have some left and and you can read some of the really interesting article. Who’d never been written about Naples, and you know, of course, we will introduce some of the local businesses that are that we will, and I wanna remind you the music listening behind our vulnerable voices and behind the best looking face in radio. Is there Ocoee Tara Julian, Bruce. Thank you very, we. We love you. If you’re traveling right now, please stay save and be looking for what you have you back in Naples, they game because they touring all around the United States. If you love their music, you can go to our website Yvonne, Abel’s dot com. Click on contact. You’ll see contributors click on the contributors and you’ll find them right there. There’s whole profile about them and we can also buy their CDs. So Judy, Bruce, thank you. Thank you for the theme song, which always we start our gossiping and it makes us happy. Thanks a lot guys. Yeah, have under full day. Thank you very much for listening. If you love what you heard, we would like to ask you can rate us on on the podcast and if you’re listening on soundcloud, thank you very much. You have phone yard of inner, and if you are on iphone, even better v. like even more because your item. So please subscribe. There’s about, yeah. Yeah, plus it doesn’t gonna hurt you next on you see your friend, the grub their phone and just look for divine apples and subscribe for the podcast on their phone. Dave will be great for forever because we will change their life guard. There you go win one way or the other. There’s no. There’s only inning. It’s right. So thank you very much. This episode of one hundred sixty nine can’t believe you did this seventy March and four were. Yeah, we are not stopping we are moving forward. Yeah, and we we already to tape not a podcast tomorrow, so thank you very much comeback to hear it. And with that, I think that’s Rupp. That’s a wrap from this side of the Mike, your favorite voice, rich. And from this side of the Mike, your favorite face on podcast, Matt. Show.

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