Divine Naples Saturday Show will introduce one personal story from Naples Florida. We will bring you deep interview where we talk about business, life, experiences and friendships that happens in our community of Divine Naples. Rich has the way how to ask questions so our guest will keep you entertained, smiling and learning something new about Naples Florida. His radio background will hardly keep someone in studio quiet so enjoy todays show with guest Brion Wynn and Wynn’s family story you where you will learn about how family values are carried ON for almost century in Naples Fl.  Please Enjoy and SHARE with everyone…….. We would appreciate if you would rate our podcast on I tunes or Soundcloud and don’t forget subscribe 🙂

This podcast show is published every Saturday together with background Music from Julie and Bruce from Terra Guitarra – If you know someone with interesting business/life story related to Naples Florida Please  send us your comments, requests or ideas to share@divinenaples.com

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