Manatee Park

Manatees are such adorable sea creatures. They are some of the main wildlife attractions in southwest Florida. Good thing you can catch these cute blobbers in the Manatee Park. This non-captivity [...]

Max Hasse Community Park

Gardens are beautiful, they enchant the soul. Beautiful as they are they can even be better with the presence of butterflies. This, and more, is what you’ll find in Max Hasse Community Park. [...]

Pelican Bay Community Park

A game of tennis is popular in residential communities like Naples. This is why the Pelican Bay Community Park gains so much traction. Adults who want to find a little bit of rest and relaxation [...]

Veterans Community Park

If you’re looking for a park that’s bustling with fun and people, then the Veterans Community Park is for you. This is one of the busiest parks in the entire Lee County with children playing and [...]