Happy Bday Florida ! Do you know what happened  March 3rd 1845 ? Lets celebrate and point out how special Florida really is! Rich and  Matt want to invite you in all special places that are close enough from Naples fl to make day trip out of it. If you visiting from anywhere around the world you may want to educate yourself where you can go and what you can experience.

Get ready this show is VERY funny!

We invite all Divine listeners to enjoy and share with others as well.  Get a glance how you can contribute to the biggest local portal and be part of our local community in SWFL. Simply, Join and Be Divine!

PLEASE share with all your friends. Don’t hesitate to join the Divine team at Divinenaples.com/join or send your message, story, and ideas to share@divinenaples.com

We hope you will enjoy todays show with creative music tones from Julie and Bruce at Terra Guitarra in Naples, Florida. Follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook for updates and daily live videos.


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