G is for Golf

Facts: Naples, Florida is famous for its prestigious golf courses. Golfing is so popular in Naples, the city has been dubbed “The Golf Capital of the World”. Important world championship matches [...]

Naples is a Golfers Paradise

Naples, Florida has close to 100 beautifully designed yet challenging golf courses basked in sunshine that never fails to show up all year round and a spectacular natural allure, Florida’s [...]

Golf All Year Round in Naples, FL

The Paradise Coast of Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades, in Southwest Florida is a Mecca for golf enthusiasts. Even though many of the golf courses are private clubs, many welcome [...]

Fantastic Activities in Naples

The city of Naples, Florida has venues where people from all places who visit or reside in the state can enjoy and relax. To mention some, bike lanes are available for cycling activities that [...]

Playing With The Right Ball

Most sports involve balls – basketball has their own, soccer too. Whether they are round and rubber that can bounce on a field or court, or perhaps the kind of long-shaped ball used in football, [...]