Naples, Florida has close to 100 beautifully designed yet challenging golf courses basked in sunshine that never fails to show up all year round and a spectacular natural allure, Florida’s Paradise Coast is a premier golfing destination. Merely choosing which courses to play in is already a difficult choice so much more the players you’ll be competing against if you’re a pro golfer because, yes, annual championship golf tournaments are being held here annually too.

So, we went around town to see the best spots to tee up. And trust us when we say that we’ve seen some pretty amazing places that you can play in.

Stock yourself with a set of nice golf balls and kick up some adrenaline as you tee it up in a golf and country club located in a resort boulevard in Naples, Florida. This place features 38 holes and, listen to this, a championship golf course that’s open to the public. A course that’s not entirely for private golf clubs is not common in the golf courses around here so you better check it out.

Next, we visited the Tiburon Golf Club a golf course that was designed by the legendary golf course designer Greg Norman. The course is a private club. You can join them and have access to all their clubs exquisite amenities. The golf course maximizes the natural beauty of the land with blue sparkling lakes and smooth contours of green which is typical in a Norman design, and that makes this one all the more interesting to see, not to mention play in.

The third one we’d like to talk about has a natural sub-tropical vibe to it. Not only that it has tall and majestic oaks and pines to boot. The overall vibe is truly satisfying. This particular course has a long standing history, since it has been constructed way back in the 1920’s.

The last one we have in store is a sprawling course the Hammock Bay Golf Club on Marco Island. The course serves as a sanctuary, not only for golfers but for birds as well. Ospreys, Bald Eagles and the occasional alligator can be found here. The pristine wetlands in and around this golf course can provides swooning vistas so breathtaking that might make you forget you’re actually playing golf. The generous slopes and the fairways, the bunkers and the encroaching wetlands are a sure treat for first timers.

Golfing is truly amazing here in the Paradise Coast. It’s pretty common to hear negative things about converting lands into golf courses, how they destroy the natural beauty of the land and all. But seeing how these courses were kept as much green and the natural environment as possible, it would make it easy for people to say otherwise and give praises to the stunning charm of these courses instead. So, come and see what the Paradise Coast has in store, golf here is never the same as anywhere else in the world and people have time and again agreed to this simple fact.

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