9 Miles of Magic in the Imperial River

Kayaking adventures just simply won’t end in Southwestern Florida. While the Everglades and the Ten Thousand Islands provide a much needed challenge for those who have been kayaking for quite [...]

K is for Kayak

Facts: Kayaking is for those who’d like to take it slow on the water. No noisy roars of a boat engine, just you and the sounds of nature. There are many opportunities for kayaking especially in [...]

Kayak Fishing

It sure is getting popular nowadays, and more and more anglers across the country are picking up on the trend and going kayak fishing. Manufacturers are building more and more kayaks specifically [...]

Gaea Guides Kayak Nature Tours

(239) 694-5513 Kayak clinics, plus bird, manatee, full-moon, sunset and bat kayak tours. Paddles all waterways of Southwest Florida. All guides are certified Florida Master Naturalists. gaeaguides.com