Divine Naples Daily started new show program – LEARN ALL ABOUT SWFL FROM LOCALS!

This episode will bring you closer to one of the non-profit organizations that operates in Naples FL for over 30 years. these numbers speaks for themselves 2,704 volunteers, 513,249 hot meals served …..

Rich and Matt alway have entertaining way how to share information and get you motivated!

Want to be on our podcast? send us an email podcast@divinenaples.com

We invite all Divine listeners to enjoy and share with others as well.  Get a glance how you can contribute to the biggest local portal and be part of our local community in SWFL. Simply, Join and Be Divine!

PLEASE share with all your friends. Don’t hesitate to join the Divine team at Divinenaples.com/join or send your message, story, and ideas to share@divinenaples.com

We hope you will enjoy todays show with creative music tones from Julie and Bruce at Terra Guitarra in Naples, Florida. Follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook for updates and daily live videos.


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