Paddling in your kayak amongst a rich wildlife and vibrant sceneries are always something to be treasured while in Southwest Florida. This is especially true in the Everglades, particularly in the Turner River. This river is a track of just 8 miles from the Everglades City but it promises an adventure that would take you deep into the heart of nature, making you feel like as if you are completely severed from civilization. The pond apples, great cypress trees and maples all intertwine to give you that feeling of oneness with nature and perhaps of the Universe itself. The trail goes on from branch to branch that covers you overhead until it brings you out into the open sawgrass marsh.

One interesting thing about the Turner River is that it offers an alternative route to those who do not wish to take the Tamiami Trail to get to Everglades City. The Tamiami Trail can be hectic with lots of people and vehicles passing through during some hours of the day, but if you have a kayak with you and you don’t mind bringing it to Everglades City, then the Turner River might just be for you. This will be a 5 to 6 hour trip from the city but take this as taking the longer but more scenic route.

It’s common to see wood storks fly about the sawgrass and over the palm trees while paddling carefully through the sometimes tricky Turner River kayak trail. There are simpler yet pleasurable things like these throughout the trail but with its proximity to the city, the trail would be understandably popular. This means that the trail may get congested in some days. This is especially true in the winter months and Christmas where the parking lot that leads to the kayak trail alone already is jam-packed. It is always best to plan your trip carefully before deciding to head on down the trail if you want to avoid the crowd rush.

Bringing your own kayak is something that we recommend doing but you can always rent a kayak if you don’t have one in the several licensed establishments within Everglades National Park or in Big Cypress National Wildlife Refuge. The only downside to renting is that you don’t get to pick a schedule on when to take the kayak out in the water because getting the kayak depends on the availability of it. But if this is something that does not bother you, then there shouldn’t be any problem.

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