Kayaking adventures are truly magical in Naples, Florida and they seem to have no end. Take for instance another thing we got for you; it lies south of Picayune Strand State Forest and a little but further to the south of Tamiami Trail. This kayaking trail has peaceful waters and a diverse set of wildlife as well as manatees. This kayak trip starts off at an exclusive port then heads off to an amazing kayaking experience. There will be local birds all over the place as well as a tour guide who will give you safety instructions as well as a quick 10-15 minute kayaking lesson for all beginners out there.

Trips start in the morning but before each kayaking trip begins, a guide will be speaking with the participants to inform them of the necessary things that the participants will need to know before embarking on this wonderful 2.5 hour tour. Before the briefing begins, the participants will get the chance to buy water, supplies and do any necessary preparations since the trip will be long, especially for the first-timers. And, speaking of first-timers, the guides will also offer a quick kayaking lesson to all who might need them, right before the kayaking session begins.

Fun with the manatees begins as soon as you cast off from the docks in which you will be in your kayak with a partner, since the kayak has a two-seater capacity. Then, for the next half an hour, you will be inside the protection area for the manatees in Fakaunion canal and it will be all fun and giggles with them. You might get a glimpse of some nice houses on the far side of the trail too which is nice. And then, the tour takes a sharp turn and you will be brought inside this amazing tunnel of mangrove trees. The mangrove tunnel is surreal, it’s like you’re being transported to a different realm. The trees are separated from the protection zone so there will be no more manatees within the mangrove tunnel, giving you a sense of mystery within it.

However, what you will see are birds like the Roseate Spoonbill, some otters and alligators. The tunnels run in circular routes which can be quite confusing but that’s alright. After a series of turning and winding inside the tunnel, you will suddenly find yourself back to Fakaunion canal – just in time for lunch.

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