Matt finally grew up when he was 58 so now he is interested in a belly dancing program and on the weekends he will do lizard exercises. He also now knows how to make a trumpet rusty from the inside out, so he may be crashing all parades. Learn where the best ice cream is in Naples. For now just know it is in Matts freezer that opens after midnight. Rich celebrates his national day alone. Matt did not qualify because he takes Mexican showers. Lastly, we learned the hard way that Blood suckers are all over Naples so learn how to protect yourself. This show is all over the place but we promise it always makes more sense by the time you get to the end.

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Hello all divine people, Saturday, Saturday, July 22nd, 2023, episode 394 is in works for you. Are you listening? Thank you very much. Behind this mic, Rich. And from this mic, Matt. I’m so grateful we are here. Saturday, beautiful day is outside, 98 degree. Let me just give you some kind of stats what’s happening outside of this building, right? And it feels like 104. And again, I think there are liars, liars, liars. It feels like 204. Yeah, liars, liars, pants on fire. That’s correct. So this is the time when we should just either just stay indoor, have some nice cocktail sangria, maybe water. Sangria is good. Yes, sangria. Yeah, just start early. Yeah. You know, because you ice yours or? Absolutely. Sangria has to be iced with nice pieces of fruit in it. Fruits, everything. And we have absolutely fantastic sangria here. It’s from Spain. So we’re gonna be doing this in happy hour when we reopen in evenings again. Oh, that’s gonna be awesome. Yeah. So we’re gonna do sangria, Spanish music, you know, you’re gonna come do some belly dancing. You create the atmosphere. Yeah, you create the atmosphere. That’s what we’re all about anyway here. I’m gonna put this little, you know, it looks like a, like a cell of coins. They put it in out of your belly. So when you, you’re gonna make no noise when you’re gonna be dancing. Oh, really? Yeah. You’ve never seen it? No, I’ve never seen that. Go to Virginia. They have belly dancers there. Yeah, you told me that the other day. I think we mentioned something about that. You’re gonna get belly quarters in their belly? They don’t put quarters. You have to put dollar bills. Server dollar bills. Yeah. Well, let me tell you something. It’s another Saturday weekend here. We have a lot of things we want to share with you. First of all, let’s start with our menu because we brought and we’ve been working on it. We’re still writing a lot of interesting things and sentences that will describe some of our meals. Matt is the wordsmith, if you will. Yeah, I mean, that’s what you want to call me. Yeah, I mean, I can call you some other things because you also have your ship captain and you’re also pharmacist. So it depends what head you head on. That’s right. I wonder what wordsmith, what kind of head the wordsmith has. I don’t know. Maybe the closest thing would be to get one of those professor hats or whatever, something like that. Right. But I don’t quite qualify. That’d be more something for a genius. Do you know any geniuses? No, genius doesn’t have a hat. No? Genius has like the hair of like Einstein everywhere. And, you know, genius is connected with the universe. He’s getting the signals from there. Oh. The pineal gland, pineal gland, whatever they call it, has to be connected directly. Getting all that energy and stuff? Yeah, you’re just having ideas, you know, and then you’re pulling your hair out and something doesn’t work out. Do they ever rest, geniuses? Never. Really? No. I mean, your mind just keeps going. You’re just taking up. I’ll show you the other day. You just, you want me to show you again? With one eye. Yeah, you just close your one eye for three seconds and then you’re taking up. And that’s enough to sustain your life? Absolutely. I’ve been living like that for a very long time. I think personally it makes you grumpy. You think so? I’ve seen it once in a while. No, you’re never grumpy. Well, if you press the button. You’re a realist. If I push the button, they don’t. That depends what button you push on me. I like pushing buttons. Yes, you do. So, this wordsmith right here, he brought a nice description of every meal that we have. And every meal has story. And we like to share each, you know, each story, one story a day with every show that we do. So today I picked croissant story, which the name of the croissant, name of the meal is Lac and Brie Casse Croissant. You know what that is? Well, I know the cheese part of it. What is it? Brie. Lac’s? That would be a lot of salmon. Salmon and Brie cheese croissant. So let me just, if you probably don’t remember what we did, because it’s three years now, but let me start describing that particular meal. Disclaimer, if you read past this sentence, you gave us permission to make you a little smarter. We guess you read the disclaimer and agree to our terms. This place has the world’s longest road tunnel and the world’s most remote island. It owns hell, a small village. This country also introduced salmon, sushi to Japan. The income and wealth of the citizen in the public records for all the sea is in this Scandinavian country.



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Norvians love their fish. Fresh hot croissant smoked pink salmon, tomato, organic mixed greens topped with melted creamy Brie cheese. Oh, that sounds so good. Why did you write it that way? You didn’t know you’re gonna, you knew you’re not gonna read that, you know, I’m gonna be reading it. Right, but I think it’s great. It was just lovely watching you struggle for a man that could speak six different languages, but you also, you know, your English is great, but I mean, maybe I should have worked it a little bit better. Yeah, it’s like a exercise on the tank. So this sandwich is from Norwegian. I should have, I should have, before I read next time, I should do this lizard exercises. You know what it is? A lizard exercise. It was a tongue twister. That’s what, I mean, you know, I don’t go to gym. I don’t have time for that. You know what I’m saying? We have plenty of time on the gym here. Sometimes we walk a lot around the businesses and stuff. So I don’t go to gym, but you know, I like the lizard exercises. Yeah. I mean, they’re, they’re good. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what we need. Yeah. Lips are always flapping. Your lips are flapping. Well, um, you know, this is a good sandwich to have in our establishment. If you like salmon, smoked salmon and brie cheese, just make it really luxurious. The melted brie. Oh, on a croissant. So I want to have one of those. Can you stop this thing and just go make me one? Of course. Why would I continue doing anything else? I don’t just make you croissant right now. I don’t see moving up out of your seat. No, I, you know, we’re doing this right now. So I would like to invite you to divine Naples and wine bar to this, uh, after this explanation of this wonderful meal, we have plenty to choose from. And if you’re sitting on a beach, please remember beach S O S dot com is the website where you find all items and more that we deliver to the beach in our 45 minutes. And we don’t charge for delivery. That’s the thing we do for our people because we love our residents and we love our tourists and our community. So we established a service in downtown Naples. Naples, uh, is, um, nice, but a lot of things are missing and beach delivery was one of them. So we did that. It’s really awesome. Isn’t it? And you’ll get to see that nice fire truck with the big red cup on it. And, uh, one of our people that will deliver, uh, the food will see the beach because we don’t see it. No work all the time. Yeah. You want you work all the time. I like it. I like to be moving, moving, moving, moving. There’s a song. So that, uh, would be one thing. Then, uh, I tell you what, um, there’s a lot of things they can do in Naples. And I want to remind our parents because this Saturday, they probably gonna spend a lot of time with the kids that, uh, they may not think of it. So we want to inspire them with some of activities for kids or with kids. Yeah. So let’s, uh, just touch some of the ideas. One of them, uh, you can, and you should do is, uh, do some wild life watching. There’s so many places you can go to if it’s national parks or, you know, uh, places that you can see Everglades, but make sure you have a, uh, bug spray and you have the right clothing because even now, and I will talk about it, uh, right now, because, uh, I will forget that there’s a, there’s a really interesting thing. You’re sitting in a park, you don’t see nothing, but you’re getting bitten all over your feet and hands and neck and everything else. And it’s called no seams. Yeah. The no seams, boy, they, they are just ferocious. I’ll tell you what, there was an article in the newspaper about how annoying, uh, bloodsucking no seams are invading, uh, you know, Naples right now in South Florida and supposed to be, uh, had to do a lot of, uh, a lot to do with the, with the hurricane, which is head. And I don’t know exactly what that would be, but the science is behind. Yeah. But I tell you what, it’s so annoying, especially when you go with the, uh, in a park with kids and then he’s scratching it for two, three weeks. Yeah. Yeah. So, uh, anywhere you go these days, you can be basically attacked by these bloodsuckers. Yeah. The best thing to do if you’re going to go with kids, uh, in a park is get essential oils, either in a spray or lotion, or, uh, just put them directly on, uh, um, on your skin, uh, mint, lemon, or you could, you could love this. That’s the best. If you don’t want to use any of the replants, uh, sprays, because there’s some of them has chemicals. Yeah. You don’t want to put chemicals on your body. So essential oils is probably one of the best.



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And, uh, if you are going to be smelling like a lemon or mint, maybe attract more than just the destructive, you know, uh, flies. Yeah. That eucalyptus smell is very distinct. Hey, you know, uh, an interesting fact about the eucalyptus tree and where it came from, right? I believe Australia and New Zealand, but do you know on the West Coast in with California the eucalyptus tree, the missionaries from the Catholic church use those as a road signs from them to have, uh, markers in different locations to be able to get from one mission to the next. They’re a wild tree, but it’s a very distinct smell. I’m wondering why those no seams would, wouldn’t be attracted to that. I’ll tell you why. Cause I don’t like the smell. Well, you don’t like the, you know, well I, you know, there’s a lot of things, you know, that are not attracted to a lot of things. Yeah. And I don’t, I can’t think about it. I think about everything. No, I don’t try to, but I was just making a point. You brought up eucalyptus. I would probably go more with the lemon. I’d rather, you know, smell like a lemon. Is that a problem with you? No, you cannot be. And what did you say the other smells were? You cannot be around somebody who, uh, play a trumpet or saxophone. You know that? Why? Uh, when I, when I was in army, uh, you know, um, a long time ago, my mother told me that, uh, her neighbor, uh, when she was young was, uh, not really nice to her. So in a way for her to get her, get back to him, uh, when, uh, and he was playing on trumpet in the, in this village orchestra, the village village orchestra. So when they had this, uh, you know, events, especially in winter and this village orchestra was performing and my mother was maybe 12, 10, 12. And because he was always yelling on her, don’t do this, don’t do that. She didn’t like him. So, uh, in a way to get back at him, she always brought lemon with her, uh, to watch this orchestra. And when he started playing, she, uh, she was just took the lemon and she started licking in front of, uh, licking the lemon. Yeah. So, so, uh, uh, he couldn’t play the trumpet because immediately when you see and try it, when you see somebody licking lemon, then you’re build up so much saliva that you cannot play trumpet because like he was salivating to be, I want some of that. And his mouth is going, there’s so much liquid cause you have to have it dry. Yeah. So when you watch me, if you have, you’ll be licking lemon right now, you watch me, your mouth will start building up saliva. And when I was the army, uh, I have friend and they are this normally people know that I have friend. He was, uh, they didn’t know you had friends. Yeah, no. Well, yeah, nobody knows that. And he was playing in army, uh, orchestra, trumpet and saxophone. And in one way we were standing, you know, and watching them and stuff. And, uh, training and I always took the lemon and did that to him. Oh my gosh. The things your mother taught you. Yeah. I mean, you just use the priceless, priceless things, uh, whole life. So I guess I hope this will spread the wall with lemon right now. We got a shortage of lemons. So either that, or we could go to every single parade and just start walking down the street with lemons, licking them. And now nobody’s going to be able to perform at least at least those that playing the trumpet or the saxophone and big later, the recycling centers are going to be full of rusty. All right, let’s focus on the, what you do with kids visit lot of the park, a beach, a slot to do. There’s also volleyball courts. You can play bocce ball. You can play, um, what do you call it? The corn holes because of a lot of my park is pretty big enough for it. You know, it’s nice. There’s some shady aura. So if you guys looking to do something with kids and it’s a doable, get them to a lot of my park. And if you need the drinks, cold drinks, ice cream or something, a beach SOS, I would just want to plug it in there. Did they have horseshoes out there? A lot of them are horseshoes. You bring your own. Yeah. Okay. Grab some ice cream in Naples. There’s plenty ice cream stores. Yes. That is this refreshing, refreshing things. I love ice cream. And you know, if you want your kid jumping up to, on a bed up to 12 o ‘clock at night, ice cream is perfect thing for them. You know, you just give them ice cream and they will entertain you in your house. You tell them go to sleep and they probably until midnight will be jumping because the sugar level. Yeah. You want to do that early, not the late night. I’ve had a bad habit lately for the last couple of nights. I’ve been taking a court ice cream home and eating it in bed right before I go to bed. What kind of ice cream? Well, I kind of liked the M &M one.



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Uh, there’s a little one that comes in a little court and it’s full of little baby M &M’s and chocolate. Oh yeah. Why don’t wait until the M &M’s grow up? What are you talking about? You said they’re babies. They’re little M &M’s. I should say mini M &M’s. I’m sorry. It’s like you put the seeds in the flower pot. You wait until it grows. Right. It’s the mini M &M’s. They don’t grow up. They don’t grow up. Okay. So there are places in downtown, Kelvin’s, Cold Stone Creamery, Gelato Company. On a third street, there’s a restaurant called Barbatella. All the ice cream is made there. And I mean, truly, honestly, the best value and the taste for me is there. Barbatella, they have a gelato and different flavors. The hazelnut. Oh my God. You can die for it. Oh, I love hazelnut. I love, do they make it with chocolate? Cause I love chocolate hazelnut. Yeah. They have so many, I would say they’re plenty different flavors. Oh, I’m going. And they make it right there. They have the machine. How come you didn’t share this secret with me? Well, you didn’t ask. You didn’t ask. If you ask, I’ll tell you. You know, I just walk around here every day asking, Hey, maybe Rich will let me know where to get ice cream. Well, that’s it. If you want, you can go to zoo. Matt can tell you. He was there a couple of times. So he knows something about zoo. Not in a cage. He talks about monkeys all the time. And he also said the new tiger doesn’t like him. And he always looks at his back picture. He said he want to bite me in my back. Yeah. Tell us about zoo. What do you know? Beautiful. I love the zoo. How many animals they have? I don’t know how many animals, but it’s a really nice zoo. And I hear that they’re actually doing some additions. They’re going to be bringing on some in some orangutans. Really? Yeah. Some of your cousins. And then they’re going to do, I believe it’s called the rain forest and they’re going to bring in. I don’t even know what the name of this animal is, but say they it’s the biggest rodent in the world and it comes from somewhere in South America. So there’s going to be some new attractions. And so you’ll want to go out there once it’s finished and they’re doing a new visiting center and a new gift shop. And most people might not even know. They have actually a zoo hospital there now. It’s in the back. I tell you what, it improved tremendously on outside. They can see it, new parking lots, nice shaded areas. And I’ll bail you out. They have over 700 animals, including lions, monkeys, giraffes, bears, and other things. They’re the natural trails, petting zoo. And there’s also train rides through the zoo and there’s monkey island. You go on the boat and they go over to see monkeys. Admission is $23 for adults, $15 for children, and $3 to $12 is free. I think you’re off on your numbers though, because you’re not counting the no -see -ums. That’s correct, but nobody knows what the number is. But then if you can’t see them, you wouldn’t be able to count them. Yeah. So Naples train museum is not a place that you can hide yourself with kids and show them how Naples used to be when trains were coming close to Fifth Avenue. And that’s right here close to downtown. The admission is $8 and that also includes the ride and the mini train. It’s happening twice in a week. I think it’s Tuesday and Friday. So just bring your kids. They can have fun there and they can learn a lot from this museum about all train wagons and they can see depot mini train built inside. Naples Pier, that’s kind of off limits right now. For one particular reason. Yeah, we have to wait and have a nice dessert. You go to Divine Naples Coffee and Wine Bar and you can pick the dessert, which could be croissant, which is freshly baked here, or one of the many imported German cakes and desserts. We keep them in our cooler. I love German cakes. So you can have a German cake with chocolate, with cherries on it, or some cheesecake from Germany, which is a vanilla, for example, vanilla beans and some other things. That sounds good. Visit Springtime Farm and Adventure Park. And I tell you honestly, I would never been there. It’s dry from Naples. This animal farm is close to Fort Myers and it’s excellent nature activity for kids that they can go there for day trip. And it’s like a petting zoo. You can see the llamas, goats and all kind of different animals right there with birds and everything else.



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So you can have fun with kids and they can actually touch some of the animals. And that would be an idea of what you can do. Of course, there’s natural parks and you can go for kayaking and bicycle rides and many different places that you can take your kids. And if they are small and they just want to slide and jump up and down, there’s different parks all around Naples. City does a really good job. Yeah, with all the jungle gyms and slides and sand and all that. Now they actually improved Flashman’s Park. It’s brand new slides and all kind of ropes and whatever activities with artificial grass and water features so you can get your kids sprayed and completely wet there. So there’s plenty to do with kids, but I think one of the activities I would say for me on Saturday or Sunday, which I’ve never done, would be just laying in a hammock. Yeah. Did you know that today is National Hammock Day? You told me. I’m thinking about it since you told me. You never take naps or rests or whatever, but it was created thousands of years ago. Do you know that? In Latin America. Really? Yeah, in this hemisphere. While you’re talking, I’m going to start researching because it’s really interesting. Yeah. The reason being is that it lifted them up off the ground to be out of the dirt and the different types of creatures. I mean, when you think of Latin America and Central America, it’s pretty much all jungle. So you’re going to have all kinds of critters going. And then it made its way to Europe in the 1700s or 17th century, I believe. And you know what one of the uses that they put that hammock to? Tell me. It was their naval ships. And the reason being, it was kind of comfortable. Number one and two, maximize space. It was very efficient in space so that they were able to have more places for people to be able to sleep in the ships, in the naval ships. When I was in the army, I always have to make up my bed in three seconds. Well, there’s a difference. So you just unhook it and throw it somewhere? Well, there’s a difference between being in the Navy and in the army. One is in land and the other is usually at sea. No kidding. Yeah. But the hammock could be used at both because when you’re on land, you’re going to usually tie it between two trees. What I was trying to say is you were punished if you didn’t have your bed straight and all these things right way done. Sometimes they took a silverware knife for dining and they measured how much. So that was the measurement. So hammock having was probably very easy to clean up. You just unhook that and throw it in the corner. And for me, it would have been kind of easy too, because usually I have snacks and those types of things in my bed and all those crumbs. I could have just rolled them in. No, just upside down, turn it, shake it out and let it go. All done. That’s the least easy clean up. I just found out some really interesting facts about hammock. So 42 feet is the size of largest hammock in the world. You know what it is? Yeah. North Carolina. How many people can fit in the 42 feet hammock? I have no idea. 10 ,000 feet is the length of the rope used to the largest hammock in the world. North Carolina. 10 ,000 feet. 10 ,000 feet. So what do they, I mean, where’s the hammock? I have to look. It’s probably over the, you know, over the, maybe like a mountain or something. Maybe a mountain ridge, maybe a gorge. Yeah. The, the hammock is 8 ,000 pounds. Can you imagine? Like you need a forklift or something. The height at which hammock in Utah hang over the great canyon is 492 feet. Wow. So there’s a hammock. Off the ground. Yeah. There’s a hammock over the green canyon. Would you like sleep there? No, I wouldn’t even, I don’t, I wouldn’t even get close to the edge cause I don’t like heights. And you know how much it costs to put it up there? No. $50 ,000. Wow. That’s crazy. And the most expensive hammock in the world is $35 ,000 hammock. Right. I mean, is it at least 10 ,000 feet? I won’t, but just saying, would you ever think about, you know, about hammock being, having this statistics? No. Isn’t it interesting? I’ve only been in a hammock maybe a handful of times. Yeah. And I want to tell you, if you buy a hammock, you probably save 500 and more plastic bags because that’s what they used for recycling. So if they making hammock, it’s a, you know, the Walmart bags, 500.



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So that’s, that’s a good thing. Wow. Right. Will have anything else? No. Cause I have one which you should celebrate, but you don’t celebrate. I mean, kind of the, yeah. Well, I’m kind of disappointed that you didn’t pick up on it. So, I mean, that’s my type of day. Yeah. What is it? World brain day. Oh, world brain day. That’s for genius days. Yeah. Well, I don’t fit in that category. No, that’s exactly right. So that’s, there we go. That’s exactly what they say. I have another was world cowboy day. Oh yeah. Cowboys. They became pretty much famous after the civil war. And then you had, uh, you know, uh, out west, but here was an interesting fact at one time that was believed that they had more Cowboys in California than they did in Texas. Wow. And, uh, that was because most people don’t know that at one time, California produced about, uh, one fourth of the world’s food. And they turned California was actually a desert really much of it. And they turned the Valley into one of the greatest growing sources. So there was a lot of Cowboys out there. They actually had a lot of dairies and cattle in the foothills. And so, uh, there you have it. And then, um, also just, you know, some things you can do a national cowboy day to figure, I would really like to go to rodeo. A rodeo, I think would be fun sometime. You know what a rodeo is? You have those in, in your, they have them here in four Myers. Do they really, did you know that? I did not know. You know that, uh, uh, Bob cup, Bob cup, uh, ranch. Oh yeah. You know, yeah. What about the cock range? Yeah. It’s next to it. Oh, is it really? Yeah. That’s interesting. You should go and check it out. Maybe I will, but I’d probably like to do that sometime during the season when it’s a little cooler. But you’re going to have to bring the cowboy hat because they don’t let you in. And also the cowboy boots. Oh, I don’t think I’m going to wear those. They won’t let me in with my Crocs. No, no Crocs for safety reasons. Oh, really? Yeah. Well, because the horses, if they smell your feet, they get wild. Oh, do they? Yeah. But that would happen even if you, you know, the smell goes through it. I smell good. Don’t worry about it. Maybe I could just bring some lemons with me. Squeeze them over myself. I don’t know. Uh, something, uh, do something because, uh, sometime we have, uh, definitely questions. About how I smell. No, yeah. But you were using the perfume, the girl’s perfume. It’s called the Axe, man. And not girl’s perfume. I used to use that Axe. Axe? Yeah. You know what it’s called? Mexican shower. Yeah, I know. Hey, it was quick. Sometimes you just, you know, I bathe every day, but sometimes you’re out there in this heat, whatever. And you just want to, you know, spray that thing. Yeah. I don’t, I don’t just spray a little. I know. I lay it on thick. So you don’t need repellent. No. That’s why you don’t have no box bites. I got plenty of those no seams on my, my legs, but anyway, well, well, I don’t anymore. Cause I’ve gotten a little more wise after the first years when I was living here. And I let those things attack and do what you said. The next thing you know, the day or two later, you’re scratching and I scratch and scratch and I scratch and they’re finally going away. But I’ve learned that, uh, to, to know when I’m being attacked by the no seams and just leave them alone for a couple of days, it’ll go away. Don’t start scratching. You know what I’m using on them? What? I use that Chinese, uh, uh, Chinese little cream. Yeah. The ball. The tiger. Tiger ball. Yeah. I just put it on and it burns hell out of them. Does it really? Well, you cannot touch anything else. That’s actually a wonderful product. Yeah, it is. It’s a very good healing agent. I just put it everywhere where that thing is and then it burns and I cannot touch anything. Have you ever tried putting it on your mouth? Some things that come out of that thing are burning. It wouldn’t be bad for you because if I put it in my mouth, it’s going to be like Kung Fu fighter fighter. Yeah. I’ll be able to respond to that. No, I wouldn’t be. I’ll be like in my mouth is going to turn into Ninja mouth. Yeah. Little Ninja. Yeah. Your M &Ms is going to be the story that you even mess with. Yeah. They’re mini M &Ms. Okay. You corrected me. We’re good with that. I just want to remind everybody that divine Naples podcast is here to invite anyone who’s got any interesting story or has a business that they want to share with our audience. And they want to tell people why they do what they do and you know, where they got the passions ideas and maybe some secret recipes that we want to all know about. You know, if there’s anyone that has that and they may not even know, and you know, they have it, just let us know DMS on social media. Always look for divine Naples or send us email at info at divine Naples .com. And that just, uh, we want to know your story, your business, what you do, why you do it, your passion, uh, in, in, in, if it isn’t you, maybe, you know, somebody, uh, and just steer them our way.



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Yeah. Give us the information and we’ll get back to you. Let us build a community here. Yeah. Help us. That’s what it’s all about. Yeah. So with that Saturday, we got things to do. Yeah. Yeah. We got to put the Chinese cream on my feet because the nose seems nice. And the feet now we went from the mouth to the feet. And I think Matt’s going to have to stop on his way home for more mini M &Ms. Mini M &M ice cream. You know what? I think I need to take a break from that or else I’ll be transformed into my old self. And that’s not going to happen. Why we don’t bring the pharmacist so he can tell you what’s the best for your body. Well, there is something that’s best for your body, mind and soul. And I am the in -house pharmacist. And what do I prescribe? I prescribe vitamin D and what is vitamin D? Well, it’s simply this. Will you go out and tell somebody about divinenapels .com and to subscribe to this podcast? And would you have them like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram? Everybody in the community needs to know about Rich and Matt and their podcast. And we would love you to tell somebody. You just need to open your mouth and tell somebody, anybody about divinenapels .com. Bam. Yeah, that was nice. Bam. But I tell you what, you don’t even have to open your mouth. We could be sitting somewhere where you should be sitting and doing something that you’re doing. We know, right? Well, yeah. Or you could just… You just take the phone which you’re using for listening to us right now and send text message with that link of that episode without of opening the mouth. Because some places when you’re sitting and doing what you’re doing because you’re sitting, you don’t want to open the mouth and breathe that air. Yeah, maybe. I don’t know. Because that’s what I’m just saying. Yeah, well, whatever. There’s all kinds of ways to go ahead and communicate that. I just wanted to explain, you don’t have to open the mouth. Sometimes you don’t want to open the mouth. Yeah. Well, in my case, that’s kind of almost an impossible thing. Your mouth is open. Yeah, it’s like a lawnmower. Yeah, just like a hover and a drum. But I’m trying to learn. Yeah, well, it is too late. I don’t think I can tame this. I just asked you this before we started. When did you finally grow up? When I was… Well, I don’t know. I’m going on a certain age and I still act 12. And you said I finally grew up when I was 58. From this mic, this wrap of episode 394 on July 22nd, this is Rich. And this is Matt. Thanks for watching.







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