There was a place where toilet paper was $85, a gallon of bleach $95, a place where any sandwich with meat was called a CUBAN SANDWICH (thanks to Mr. Garcia), unlimited flow of home baked cookies and treats with story time. Coffee was made fresh and black, people entered skinny and two months later left fat…… We know what you are thinking. This place must be DIVINE. Let Matt and Rich to take you there and feed you with all the leftovers and crumbs.

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Did you know that Divine Naples Coffee and Wine Bar was at one time a Substation for AREA 51 and literary the safest place with the most guns in the city? Episode #393  July. 21th  2023


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Hello all Divine people, more Saturday, Friday, July 21st and it’s 2023, that’s the year, episode 393, here we are, Rich from this mic, and Matt from this mic, and today I would say we are Hans and Franz, they will pump you up, you gotta have a little age under your feet to relax from Saturday Night Live baby, I would like to make that show over here, I think we can do that, I’ll try to see if I can after we get done with this podcast to bring up a few episodes of that, the only thing you need to learn is that Kentucky accent, yeah, well, because I have it, you don’t, I mean Hans and Franz, I think it might be better if we just did a Flintstone act, who would be Fred and who would be Barney, I don’t know much about that, well then there’s more homework I got for you, I’ll get you a few reels of that, that’s what I need, that’s what I’m missing, do you know the cartoon Scooby Doo, no, I don’t watch that, it’s important because we’re going to talk about snacks and they love Scooby snacks, it’s Friday evening and we’re sitting here in our studio, Divine Naples podcast studio, next to Divine Naples coffee and wine bar, on 4th avenue south, and I tell you what, outside is 88, which I think they are lying constantly on those devices when they tell you what the temperature is, it’s unbelievable, it was steaming hot today, yeah, I think it was hot enough to open up clams, without any steam, you don’t need a hammer, no shucking necessary, you are the shucker, you’re teaching everybody to, no that’s shank, you’re the shanker, or the schmucker, they call it, I’m a schmuck, you are capable of making shank out of newspaper, actually I could, well that’s the least of the capabilities, I know I’m safe, I tell you what, there’s a lot of things going on, it’s Friday, it’s kind of a quiet evening, we see some cars parked around, that means people finally get out of their houses, supporting our local businesses, which is fantastic, because I just came across a really beautiful picture on the social media, let me see, right here, where you found a portrait of me, no, but there was a sign outside of one of the businesses, I was reading it, it’s a handwritten sign, yeah it’s nice, chalk, yeah why don’t you read it, chalkboard, let me read it, when you buy from small business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third holiday home, you are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy his team jersey, mama and dad put food on the table, shop, local, I love it, and that is true, and it’s like, it’s handwritten, yeah that is really awesome, where did you find that, on the social media, wow that is really awesome, we need more of that here in Naples, and all throughout Southwest Florida, actually I’d like to see us, see this thing go worldwide, well this is why we are here, this is what we are doing, we are trying to bring community together, we are trying to tell people what is going on in Naples, we are trying to tell and remind people that they should spend money with our local businesses because around 75 cents or between 70 and 80 depends I guess what you buy, stays locally, and one day, and I predicted this 12 years ago, I already said that, we are going back to the circle of the local businesses and support in our own community, because if you want that grass to be green and nice and cut, we are going to have to figure out how to pay for it, we are going to have to figure out who is going to do that, and I don’t think for all governments coming with the landscapers here, it’s going to be paid for and we don’t have to worry about it, no I don’t, do you think any of the Walton family members are going to do it, no they are going to react, yeah, it’s kind of really interesting because you know this whole Fauci virus, you have been here, I have been here, we have been sitting and scratching our heads and when they told us you shut down your business, you know the story right, yeah I know it, you have been here right, figuratively speaking you gave them the finger, no really, let me just tell you exactly what happened, it was compliant, you did it, you were compliant to the law, every time I see, I mean we have a great relationship with our Naples Police Department, and the city, and the mayor, and they treat us with respect, but when I see every single time some police officer coming with the paperwork in his hand, I know something is cooking, so that time somebody parked, it was like, you know what I exactly know, March 15th, that was the day, March 15th, 2020, am I correct, yes, and he came over with the paperwork in his hand, parked the car, and you know a lot of businesses were shutting down already, yeah, and he came over and says hey Rich, I’m here to shut you down, and like 6 months prior that we were pretty much shut down because the whole street was shut down, yeah, I mean from one end to the other during a turn around in the 8th street, yeah, so we couldn’t get any business here and we were just like open for 7 months after grilling from the building department and the story I already said about the permits, and now, month and a half we finally see people coming in, some people, and now somebody came to shut us down, right, so after basically building the year and year being in business and not being in business, so the patience is not there anymore, right, you coming here to hurt the business again, no, that’s just the answer is that, over, and so he said well I’m here to shut you down, and I was like for what, well you know all the businesses need to shut down, you know the pandemic which I can do, that’s just a reward, it’s like boiling, boiling my blood, and he says well you know we cannot be open, I said how come some businesses are, well that’s only essentials, I go what’s essentials, well you sell essentials then you can be open, and I’m just looking at him strange, thinking for a second, what do you mean essential, what’s more essential than coffee, and food, yeah, and he goes, well you know cleaning products, I said okay come with me, so I took him inside and there was nobody here right, because everything was like shutting down, so he said him and me, he stood by the countertop, I went to the kitchen, opened the cabinet in the kitchen, pulled out the used bleach, like a gallon of bleach, it was not full, we already used it right, but nobody knows unless you check, I put the bleach on the countertop in front of him, I went to the restroom, and I slightly used toilet paper, already used, you know not fully, you know, uh, manufactured, sealed toilet paper, already like a hard road, somebody had already pulled it, yeah, so I put it on the countertop, went back behind the countertop, took the sticky notes, yellow sticky notes and put $85 in toilet paper and $95 for the bleach, and I look at him and I said, I saw essential, you want to buy some, ha ha ha ha, that is funny, he says, are you serious, I said yeah, yeah, well you’re just like sitting essential now, you should have told him it’s like, I just turned to the, and pointed at the coffee, I said that’s not essential, this is right, you just told me, and he just, he starts swearing, ha ha, I know it’s not gonna be easy with you, and walk away, see, three days later, everything was shut down except our business, we were open every single day, all the time, the whole night, most of the times, because I was here, and every single of them were sitting here because they had nothing to do, nobody was here, yeah, no tickets to give when everybody’s in their house, and we had such a good time, I put a sticker, you put a sticker, aerial 51, ha ha ha, when they were talking about that, that was the only place that they would sit, nobody but the Naples Police Department, or if a sheriff came in, you know what’s funny, that was brilliant, now you remember, you know, you are the genius, you know what, I would have told him too, I would have said that this is gonna be an endless supply on that toilet roll, because I would have looked at him and said, it’s two ply, but I’m gonna separate them, ha ha ha, and sell them one by one, one sheet by one sheet, two things later, ha ha ha, I mean hold on, just a couple of days after we reached the open, people, you know, just are like insiders here, knew we have coffee, and they were always coming, just sneaking in out of the house, and get a coffee, and one of the gentlemen, I don’t want to name him, you know him, he was running for office, he, you know, he was asking me, what’s going on, what is this and all this, I said, don’t worry, there’s gonna be a shortage of toilet paper, ha ha ha, and he started laughing, and he goes like, yeah right, I said watch, I already know that because I’ve been there before, yeah, and you know, truthlessly, it’s just every single time when there’s something coming really big, they make the shortage toilet paper, panic, people panic, I know, they take the attention of it, that and water, do you remember, shortage of toilet paper, yeah, so that was very essential unit on my, top of my countertop, oh absolutely, but we had such a good time with the police, and you know, they’re sitting here protecting us, it was the safest building in the whole city, and you know what it’s awesome, is people would always bless the officers with different foods or snacks, now I know we had that, but sometimes they’d bring us a, whoever that lady is that used to bring, I get, maybe they got sick of eating 70 chocolate chip cookies, but they brought that whole box over, yeah, I think I went through 12 on the first round, yeah, I just was putting one in my mouth after the other, I tell you what, we had so much food here because people were bringing the food to police department, yeah, and they couldn’t eat it, they couldn’t stay there, so they were bringing it here, so we were very fat, we had everything, yeah, because you know, after a while, you know, we’ve sampled and ate everything on the menus, and just like everybody else in town, you try other things, I mean, we go out and eat, and we help local businesses, we go and eat at other establishments, that’s right, I used to have a show that was mad on the streets, we should bring it back, we’ll try, we’ll I think one of the greatest things is now that we’re being consistent, because we have a little stability, we have a great vision of things that are coming in, I’m not going to get into some of the things that you’re working on, and then we’re just leaving it on the down low, and just believing for some great things that we’re, divinenapels .com is really, or not .com, that will be, but also Divine Naples Coffee and Wine Bar will become place a where community comes together, a place where you can have private parties, a place where families can come together, a place down the road where you can watch games and some other vision and things that I won’t speak about so that you don’t yell at me after this podcast, but I just see a bright future, we need to have a positive attitude, even through what might seem like economical turmoil and stuff, and just inflation and this or that or whatever.



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The bottom line is we got to stick together, and the way we can get through with this is to love our neighbors and to be friends and support our local businesses and just do commerce between one another and keep that 75 or 80, 70, 80 cents to every dollar spent in the local community.



00:12:12 – 00:15:03


And let’s bring everybody up. You know what, just listening to this inspired me in something. I just realized one thing, and that’s I wish everyone can kind of feel the way I feel right now because not just, you know, I like you as a person. I mean you are absolutely a goose bump, great friend, and every time there’s something going on in the world and we’re going through exactly what you just mentioned, hard times, you always been around. When we were building, and I remember you praying for our pyramids, and we’ve been here as a support, and during the time of building, during the COVID, now there was a time I guess I wish I could have been done more, but I appreciate that. No, but also now is the time when we kind of, this is the fourth time we’re restarting, and we are back. You know, I just have to say, I just realized there’s not many people around, and you’re still here, so I’m so grateful for it. And I think too, just when that, you know, everything is in timing or whatever, and we had no idea, only God has control of, you know, hurricanes and what’s going to be thrown at us in terms of pandemics or whatever, you want to call these things. We’re going to have hiccups in life, but we’re so blessed in this community where we live. I mean, the times that I’ve had to go and leave and do things for others and whatever, because that’s basically my nature, Naples has always been in my heart. It’s been in my heart since, you know, 27 years ago or so when I first came here. I never wanted to leave the first time. I had to, circumstances led to that. But like you said, you know, we’ve gone through all this, and it’s like the fourth time starting, but now we’ve learned a little bit. We’ve gotten better at crafting, you know, and giving you a better show, our listeners. And then we have actually the ability and better equipment to get those things up every day. And I’m just excited about it. So if I can just be part of that at the very least, and then just watch this thing, you know, like a seed that’s planted in the ground and just watch it blossom and then grow into a big tree. It’s so nice. And I tell you one thing I need to open up a little bit about, right? So everything in the world happens for a reason. People meet for a reason. If you don’t know the reason, you will find out sometime later. Someday. Yes, if you’re paying attention and you’re open -minded. If not, then you will never know. But I tell you what, when we opened, we really didn’t know what we were doing. No. We had no idea we had bagels and muffins. We would be just another coffee shop on the corner that’s just, you know, that’s just competing with the price of muffin and bagels. Sure. And how much of cream cheese we put on it. Right. We do not have today bagels and we had no bagels for years.



00:15:04 – 00:20:01


I mean, we… Yeah. We found our niche and that’s a croissant. One of the most difficult pastries to bake. One of the most difficult pastries to combine with something. Yeah. You just cannot smack on the cream cheese on the croissant. You have to figure it out. Even mustard doesn’t go on it. Right. We had time to figure out our menu and be so different. I mean, we have oatmeals. Who doesn’t oatmeals? The combinations. The colors. The colors. The taste. I mean, we took our time when we were putting ciabatta sandwiches together. And I remember the time there was another gentleman, he moved out of the state, Nicola. And we were sitting here hours and hours, put all the meats on the plate, put all the mustard. We have 30 different mustards and cheeses and then you go and I tell you what, six times you try this cheese with that meat and that mustard, you know, you just have to flush it with beer. So we had… Yeah, you had a few beers there. But we figured it out. Just the right amount of the ingredients is in every sandwich. We had absolutely fantastic compliment the other day from gentleman who had our sandwich and he didn’t want to have pickle. And I just kind of told him, listen, this is our… That pickle we put on a sandwich makes the sandwich. And he said, well, I’ll just put it on. Then after lunch, he said, you know what, let me tell you. He came and he asked me, I came back and he said, you know what, let me tell you something. What you guys did here is amazing. The pickle is sliced the right thickness. Look at that. That is not even overpowering anything else. Everything is so balanced that I could taste every little, you know, ingredient that is there. And I was thinking about it after he left and you know what, you just like that is just justification of all this hard work, trying to find the combinations of the right ingredients. Yeah, it was a lot of work. And then it just makes you so different. When somebody looks at the sandwich and says, oh no, just a little bit of the cut sandwich. It’s not that. It’s completely different. Our meats are warm. Number one, cheese is melted. There’s the right amount of the greens, which are organic, tomato, which is nice and fresh. It’s ready to go. And pickles and everything together just makes that sandwich completely different. Same thing with everything else we do. Yeah, I was going to say the other thing is just the presentation, just like with the coffees and the silver plate and the beautiful Julius Meinl cups. But also what you did, you know, you played a part in picking out the type of bowls and things that you would have for the presentation because, you know, it’s not just enjoying the taste of the food. It’s the eye appeal. And I know I’ve joked around on podcasts about you and your rabbit food and what are you a granola guy, go hug a tree. When you were showing me in the very beginning, because when we were doing the podcasts, we would talk about food like we’re doing with the sandwiches. You did it with the sandwiches. You’re reading, you know, the sandwiches and the story behind it, but you put such craftsmanship in putting that bowl together. It really looked good. And I’m joking. I eat that. I would eat those bowls any day. In fact, the detail that you put into picking the different cereals and granoles that went into it and the combination was just as fabulous as those sandwiches. And I’ll just tell you now, from time to time, I’d sneak a little, you know, pour a little bit of granola and have a little taste of the cereal with a little bit of almond milk. And so it’s just the whole thing. So I have a surprise for you. That’s a rabbit food. We extended the menu. I love it because… Now we have even more. You know what we did? We have a lot of really, like, exclusive and exotic dry food, like a figs. Yeah. Oh, that type of… Yeah. Like dried cranberries and things? It’s all there, but more like exotic, right? And when you start reading about them, how much nutrition is in them, right? You would be surprised how fulfilling those rabbit foods are. And they are just not full of sugar. They are very nutritious. So I think we need to have you try all of them. I will. I’m going to have you try a little bit later some exotic fruit I got here. But I want to mention, yes, we are the only place in Naples that serves coffee as the way it’s supposed to be served. First of all, we hate to put it in a paper cup for you to go. So that’s one thing for sure. If you come, make sure you prepare. There’s just very limited. And the menu for to go is going to be even more limited because we deciding that people just need to have a conversation. They need to chill, sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee like a human. And get your face out of your devices.



00:20:02 – 00:25:01


So that’s one thing. We have 54 different coffees, over 70 different sandwiches. And all of that we deliver to Beach on beachesos .com. And if you are there on the weekend, this weekend, and you’re listening, you’re probably thinking if kids are hungry and they are screaming for something sweet, dessert, all of that, we have that. BeachSOS .com, that’s what we offer as an extension from our coffee and wine bar here on Ford. We deliver to 33 different entrances on the beach. Yeah, there you go. I just have to put it up there. Yeah, do it. I see you brought something again. I did because today I’m going to, I have one national day today and it’s national junk food day. So here we go, just, we just got done talking about all the healthy foods and things that we offer here. And today is a day to try some junk food. Now I’m not suggesting that the people that have businesses out there would ever junk food, but when I think of junk food, I think of things like nachos and chips and cookies and cakes. I used to have nachos in one restaurant all the time. And I don’t even know when it was the last time I had one. Have you ever had a hostess Twinkie? No. Do you know what a hostess Twinkie is? You don’t know what a hostess Twinkie is? Guess what I’m bringing in this week? I guess hostess Twinkie. You have host. Twinkies. Do you know? It’s like a host? Some people still have boxes of those that are still edible that they’ve had for over 20 years. Oh, okay. So I got an idea. Right. Those hostess Twinkies. It’s going to be very healthy. It’s going to be very healthy food. I said it’s national junk food, but you know, anything now qualifies, but I mean, junk food, you know, what is chips, dips, cookies, candies, ice cream. I have a news for you. What’s that? United States FDA approved 6 ,500 chemicals that we have in the food that are banned in different countries. Technically everything is junk food. Yeah, that’s true. I know. Isn’t that wild? Yeah, I saw that. We are the only country where they serve Pepsi and Coca -Cola with what’s the corn syrup. Yeah. Any other country in the world has real sugar. Real sugar, right? Wow. That’s amazing. I used to, I came here 26 years ago. I had no belly and I collected so much, uh, you know, that sugar that, uh, an extra tire or two. No, that’s it. I used to have ran flat. Not anymore. Not that bad. I’m just joking. I brought something though today. Remember how you used to always talk about how I, you know, would go home and just drop out on my bed and have all my little snacks. It’s junk food. I used to have junk food next to my bed on the desk. Is that what you used to have underneath of the bed? Well, gummies. Remember I had, yeah, I had gummies, skittles, and remember I told you that I would stay in the carpet because of the coloring, the food coloring. I have to find this, uh, the episode, the number of episodes we should have like a list of the references. We need to do that. Episode 316 is about stains on the carpet. These are yesterday. The other day. Open them. I will. But it’s okay. You’re going to try one. And it’s sour gummy bears and here’s how you pronounce it. I had to go to my girl on my phone. Listen up. Listen up. Yeah. Oh. There you go. Now everybody knows it’s German because they’re gold bears. Yeah. Now these, remember I told you, remember I told you the other day we did a show on candies and all that. How many are you allowed to eat? As many as you want. Now this is the fruit I was telling you about. Delicious. Aren’t there? There used to be lots of sulfur. Where did you find them? I found them at the dollar store. I was suspicious. A bucket, a quarter, and they’re sour gummy bears. They taste like they’ve been around for a while. I wonder where they travel. They travel probably from Whole Foods to Walmart, from Walmart to Kmart, from Kmart to whatever. What’s the date on them? They even have their Facebook emblem on there where you can find them on Facebook. Let me see if this has any of that syrup you’re talking about. Why are they so hard to chew? They’re gummy bears. Oh my God. Anyway, that was my day. It was a fun day to choose today. Let me just tell you another day. Why don’t you? I will tell you because it’s not an interesting national day. You know what that is? What? I’m going to have to take you for lunch. Really? Yeah. Why? Because it’s your day. Why? It says here, take a monkey to lunch. National day, take a monkey for lunch.



00:25:02 – 00:30:01


When I used to go out. They said, visit zoo, wear a monkey costume that you don’t have to. You pretty much already have it. Learn about monkeys. Oh my God. It said monkey. I never know. There’s such a thing like take a monkey to lunch. How do you do that? Another day is, which is really interesting, legal drinking age day. Then I have something to say about this, right? It can’t be international because it’s 21 here. In other nations, it’s less than that. It says national day. So that would be legal drinking age day. It’s July 21st, 2023. It’s just really interesting because the United States has the drinking age 21. You can get a learning permit or whatever, like a driver license. You can drive the car, which you’re going to get a weapon technically, which car can create some harm by 16. They trust you with that. They trust you perfectly by driving car and just put yourself out there. At 16 years old, you should know and be responsible for everybody in your car and everybody in the street. Then you go to army by 18. You get weapons and you defend country and kill people. That’s fine. They trust you with that. But while you’re in the army, you cannot have a beer. I really have an issue with this. You should probably change that at least on the bases. They used to. There were times that you could drink beer. Well, it depends on where your base is. If it’s in any other developed country, it’s 18 years old. I remember, 18 years old, you have the age where you’re responsible for yourself. You have to somehow provide for yourself. Your mom or dad is not responsible for you anymore. Here’s 21. So they extended the kids bragging for another three years. I remember when I was almost turning 18. Begging or bragging. Bragging like, you cannot kick me out of the house. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s just like I’m still underage. I was what? I was 17. I finished school. You finished school? Yeah, I did. Believe it or not. And I was capable and able to already make money because the school is structured differently. So when you’re 16, 17, you’re finishing school, you have a trade, you know something, you go to university. You’re functionally literate. You know how to count money. Yeah. No credit card, by the way. And no debt on your education either. So every then man, guy, goes to army by 18. So you know. Yeah. Life changed, right? Life is changing by 18. And so when mom tells you, you know, you’ll be home by whatever, you go like, hey, I got 30 days to my birthday. So enjoy it because 30 days from now, no more, right? So, you know, I think it’s a shock for parents when they still are very concerned about 18 years old. It’s not responsible enough for themselves. And then you disappear for a couple of years in the army. Remember? I came back from army and I was discharged and, you know, I called home. I was like, okay, I’m a discharger. But I changed my mind on my way home. How away from the army discharge to home? I changed my mind. I said, I’m not going to just disappear like that. I’m going back to my friends. So I turn around in the train station and travel back. And we were like, you know, we had like four days of drinking leak to just say goodbye to each other. You spent almost three years in one room with, you know, guys. Yeah. So you kind of officially want to say goodbye. So I came home after I said to my mom that I’m discharging and I should be home three or four days later. You know how she welcomed me in the door? Like, you know, soldier, you know, all this. I was already 18, 22, 23. She smacked my face so hard that I hit my head over the door. And I said, what is this for? And she said, hold on, how she worded it? Until you still have your feet under my table, you’re going to listen to me. Ooh. And, you know, you’re legal to drive, you’re legal to drink, you’re legal to the school. And this is how I was brought up. You know what I’m saying? You still have to respect that. Here, look. I thought you were going to walk in and she was going to put a pacifier back in your mouth. But you just set up diapers until you haven’t grown up yet. She slapped some sense in me is what happened. Just for respect -wise. That’s correct. And I didn’t say, respect your parents. Yeah. And then I didn’t say nothing to her. Then later on I said, maybe six months later, it was hard. It still hurts. You probably were smart not to say anything and get another smack. Because I needed a place to live. That was strategic.



00:30:02 – 00:35:07


Go ahead and hit me again, mom. I was doing things to her. I don’t even know how she put up with me. When I was DJing, I started – Parents love their children. I started DJing when I was 14. By 16, I was pretty famous already and I had so much equipment that it filled up our whole, when you’re entering in the house, and let’s say when you are living in the four seasons and you have a winter. So the beginning or front of the house, you usually have the room where you take your shoes off and everything. And it’s not heated. It’s just normal, you know, temperature. So I always kept all my equipment there. And it just filled up the whole room. You can barely walk by, took your shoes off. One day, I upset her with something, so she told me to take all of my stuff in my room. Which I had to do, because otherwise she would have somebody to take it away. Yeah, bye. So I took everything in my room, which was upstairs. I dragged it up there. It took me hours to drag all the big speakers. The speakers the size of you. Oh my God. I dragged it up there and I was so upset that I hooked up everything and I started playing. On those speakers. Oh no. Yeah. And I mean, it was very strong setup. So my neighbors thought, you know. Complaining. It’s just like, and so I didn’t have to put it up in my room anymore after that. Because it was there. Yeah, I was playing with my mom all the time. It’s just like, I don’t even know how she survived. I’m sure one day I’m going to get payback for it. But yeah. What I want to say is, if you’re 16, you can drive and you can have a great car. You can have this and you cannot drink. Maybe you get confused. Yeah. You don’t know what’s right, what’s wrong. How old am I? Yeah. What can I do? What can I do? So I think. Why could I kill somebody at 18 but I can’t have a beer? That might be a little confusing. This is confusing, isn’t it? I think there’s just things need to be considered, you know. One of them is the drinking age. Yeah. I would just allow them to drink from 18. Yeah. I mean, I’d be, you know, I’m not being like, you know, it’s different in different cultures. Like my ex -wife was Chilean and they were drinking wine when the dinner table was kind of a cultural thing. So they’re drinking, you know, way before, you know, 18. But here, you know, I would think just high school years. You want them to do their schooling and not get addicted to something or whatever. But once you’re finished with your responsibilities, you have some functional literacy which means you can actually do some math and balance your checkbook and know how to budget. Those are things I think that are missing in the school system today. And you know that. And you leave at 18 and on your own, I think you should be able to drink. But you also are going to pay the consequences if you don’t do it legally and properly. That’s right. It’s that simple. And if that’s what you’re thinking, you need to be educated. So let me give you a little bit of education here, okay? So I’m still the horrible doing in my area. If you’re hearing chewing, that’s when math came. I’ve gone through about 20 of them. And I saw the bag. I said, where are you going with this? And he says, I’m going to show everybody in our show. I’m going to show everybody in our radio show what I got. Well, I guess we did. So education about alcohol. First of all, how many adults do you think never had alcohol in their body? Percentage? I don’t know. 48 % of adults worldwide claim that never had alcohol inside of them. Strange, right? Well, they probably didn’t take Nyquil either then. There’s 49 million bubbles in bottle of champagne. Imagine that, yeah. Moonshine is widely consumed. And that’s 30 % of world’s alcohol consumption. Moonshine. My favorite is Slivovitz. Wow. That is just a golden thing. And if you have a little bit every day, you live longer. They perfect that moonshine in Missouri, them hill bullies. Yeah, that’s not a moonshine. Oh, it is moonshine. Corn, that’s not a moonshine. Moonshine has to be from the real fruit. I’ll give you a lesson about it. They know how to make strawberry wine. I don’t know if I mentioned to you, they can buy equipment on Amazon. Did you know that? Yeah, we’ll try it. And there’s a lot of oranges. Maybe we should start… Yeah, maybe we can start bottling them. Oh, red wines are made for many grapes. Over 600 grapes to make a bottle of red wine. Imagine that, huh? Wow, that’s crazy. And let me just tell you one other thing. You should have a… I mean, you should celebrate since this is the day. So maybe you should toast to yourself. Tease your children to drink responsibly. I think this is the day when we need to point it out. They will be always somehow around people that may not know what responsibility means.



00:35:07 – 00:40:03


Yeah, or just indulging too much and not knowing limits and overdoing it. Yeah, I know a lot of guys that first time they got drunk with their kids and teaching them how it feels. And I said, that’s not right. You know what, I’d rather watch my kid getting drunk with me because I can explain a lot of things. Maybe that’s a good point. When they get to the age and they need to have one, do it under control. Yeah, say, hey, let’s stay home here and have a bunch of beers. Try Hemingway Daiquiri today if you want because it’s Hemingway’s birthday. And since we’re speaking about Hemingway, we also bring our sandwiches and we brought these stories for our menu. Every menu item has a story. And this sandwich I’m going to introduce to you is on our menu. It’s called Vintage Hemingway. And it’s dedicated to Jonathan Garcia. Jonathan Garcia used to work in the police department and he was sitting here with us during the Fauci virus. And he was always asking for it. So we brought this and hopefully he will listen because he’s somehow in it. So here goes. Vintage Hemingway. There are still a lot of buried secrets, but we know the writer, sailor, soldier, spy, researcher, traveler, survivor and journalist Ernest Hemingway. One thing is known for sure, he likes to eat and drink. After an exhaustive research in archives buried underground, we discover his favorite European sandwich. Chabata, hot to touch, with layer of garlic aioli mustard, curd, rosemary ham, pickles, tomato and gorgoni greens on top. Please keep this recipe from the Cubans. They will end up calling it Cuban sandwich. Did you hear that Garcia? Garcia was awesome. He was Cuban. He liked sandwiches too. He was calling everything Cuban sandwich. Whatever had meat in it. That’s pretty much what we have. Let me see if we have any events because there may be some things going on which I want to bring it up. I didn’t see much, but… Yeah, I found one interesting which I think should be pointed out and that’s… We’ll do it. Barnes & Noble’s weekly story. Oh, I love it. Story time. Waterside shops tomorrow at 10 a .m. Bring your kids. I think it’s going to be nice when they get together with kids somewhere in air conditioning because it’s pretty hot. And it’s a great place to just hang out. I just love that shopping mall. That’s correct. There are two new restaurants I want to kind of shout out. One of them is in East Naples, a new Vietnamese restaurant. It’s called Pho’s & Baan. Another one is Hawaiian in Livingston and Pine Ridge. That is called Pho Burritos & Balls. If you are looking for something new, check them out. Maybe Instagram on or Google and find out what they have. Google it. Let us know because it’s something really interesting. Tomorrow I would like to touch subject of something that Naples Police Department posted on their Facebook. And that is enforcing city ordinance in regards to dogs in food service establishment. That’s really interesting debate. We should definitely touch… Listen, we always say the truth with passion behind it. People have to understand there are certain regulations and laws. Humans like to live somewhere somehow. We need to follow what society decided that is right. I’ll just let everybody know in advance with a disclaimer. I’m an equal opportunity offender. I’ll offend everybody I meet at least once. That’s awesome. Why are you always offending me? I don’t know. Because I just like to push your buttons. Make sure you don’t push the same buttons. Why don’t you go eat some of that special fruit? Give me one of those gummies again. You’re addicted now. I found it. Because it’s just going to keep me busy. I could probably lead you out of the room here like some kind of bird. Just drop one on the floor every few feet. It’s going to keep me busy while I’m listening to our pharmacists. Yeah, I am the in -house pharmacist. And what do I prescribe? I prescribe vitamin D. And what do you say vitamin D is, Mr. Pharmacist? Well, this is what it is. I want you to go out and tell somebody about divinenapels .com today. To subscribe to this podcast, the Matt and Rich podcast. And to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Because we going live. We have been looking and doing live. So what we need you to do then is to tell your neighbor, friend, family member, or even a stranger about divinenapels .com.



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Bam. Okay, open your mouth. I’m going to show you what’s coming. Almost. Now I got a fat lip. That wasn’t like tossing it. It’s like he threw a baseball right into my face. Your lips are very beneficial if you would be drowning. They will get you up. I flap them enough, there’s enough air coming out of them. I’ll stay afloat. And front and hands are wrapping up. We’ll pump you up on this July 21st, 2023. Episode 393 from this Mike Rich. And from this Mike Matt. Ciao.






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