Message for all the youngsters wanting to break into the world of chest tournaments. Matt was praying for 35 years to Garry Kasparov picture next to his bed and dreaming of one day winning the World Chest Championship. The highest prize he ever won was a fortunate cookie that gave him his lottery numbers for the week and a pair of goggles so he wouldn’t lose an eye when he nod’s off playing on a chest piece. Just remember SAFETY FIRST! Matt proposes a UFC fight between the Lollipop Kids and The Oompa Loompa’s. Rich bets the house on one team. Find out who his money in on in this podcast.

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Matt can play Chest with a Tootsie Pop in his mouth while winning his two greatest prizes. One fortune cookie and a piece of Sees Candy. Rich was a referee of the match. Episode #392  July. 20th.  2023


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Hello all demon people! Thursday, July 20, 20, 23, too much 20s there, and episode 392 This mic rich! This mic mad, I like that. Sometimes there is so much European eating and sometimes it’s really difficult on tongue. And when you speak more than one language, it’s just not your case because you barely speak English. You will never understand how hard it is to say all these things. Say, July 20, 20, 23, say it. Yeah, I don’t want to. How about 420? Everybody knows 420. You would probably say July 20 times 2020. I don’t know math. Well, you know, macro numbers. So we have another episode and it’s Thursday already. That means tomorrow is Small Friday and there’s a weekend. A lot of people get excited. We slide into those here. It doesn’t matter for me. I’m going seven days a week. I work 28 hours a day. Yeah, that’s your choice though. You should Sabbath. I like working faster. That’s why I put 28 hours a day. I can overwork you easily. And I can even put overtime on it. You transcend time. Yes, that’s what I do. We’re on Richie time. Somebody asked me, when you sleep, go ahead and describe it. Describe it in the mic. I always answer to them. I sleep whenever I want. I take naps during the day, like Einstein used to do. Cat naps? Do you want me to show you? Is that what they call it over in Europe, when you take a little nap? In Mexico, they call it siesta, a little lunch after lunch. I was not allowed to take a nap because I grew up on a farm, so my father would… Oh, there’s no nap time on that. That’s a lot of work. That was slavery there. So let me show you how I am allowed to take a nap. So just describe what I do. I take a nap right now. You want me to do it? I’ll take it on the right side. Okay, so it’s going to be on your left side, so watch. One eye closed. It looked like you were winking at me. No, I just took a nap. You’re going to pass at me? Three second nap, I’m fresh, I’ll be going. That’s crazy. Yeah, if my left side needs a little refreshment, I do this. Yeah, left side closes, three seconds, I’m refreshed again. That’s what I do all day. So you think I’m winking on you? No, I’m taking a nap. Well, you need to be rested up, my friend. I’ll tell you what. We had two people, I’ve been working in the studio, and then two people came in, and they were really interesting, so I just started talking to them. So, bar manager from Alberto’s, that’s on Fifth Avenue. One of the really good Italian restaurants. Yes, that’s what I hear. So much passion in the kitchen, I tell you. You should try them. And her husband came over. So she used to be coming here all the time for breakfast, and so I just love to talk to people, so I talk to them, talk to them, and we have this concept sitting in our head on the paper, and now we’re putting more like a final and finished touches, right? So I never told you this, so why don’t I introduce that concept, because I introduced it to them, and they fell in love with that, right? So, go ahead. Right. We are on the 4th Avenue South, and this is all connected to yesterday’s podcast, which we were telling people how we should help each other, how to keep people happy, make them happy, make moments for them, and just kind of lift them up, right? Speak life into them. So, we are on the 4th Avenue South, one block from Fifth, which I rightfully call Circus Avenue, because all these carnival barkers. Yeah, but it’s also busy, right? It’s a zoo. Yeah, it is. There’s traffic all the time, so, you know, people seeking a little bit more quiet and more pleasant experiences in dining, so they’re coming more and more to us. Now, in the evening, we’re figuring out what to do with the evening, like we wine bar, right? Right. I’ve been watching people for years coming from restaurants, and all of them have the same thing in common. When you work in a restaurant, a lot of them, there’s so much stress. You know, the food is a line in the kitchen. They say, if you don’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. There’s a reason for it, right? Yeah, and it’s hard work, man. They work like nobody’s business, man. That’s why I feel, yeah. This industry is, like, brutal. And this restaurant right here, everybody expecting this a little higher quality. Attention. Yeah. And that comes with stress again. You have to keep smiling and doing your best. So I see them walking home always, you know, around 10, 11, sometime even later, and a lot of times they like to just bury themselves and have a drink before they go to sleep, so all the stress is left somewhere, and they can go home and just fall asleep with help of maybe one or two beers, right? So today, I mean, I’ve actually been talking about it internally here, but today I kind of wanted to see what they say, right? They both work in restaurant, her and her husband in restaurant, Alberto’s, and I said to him, look, what if, they asked me if we are open in evening, I said, what if we turn our place into industry club, right? And let me just introduce to you.



00:05:38 – 00:10:03


In evenings. Right, after 10 p .m. Yeah. We have music, we have, you know, lights, we have nice seating area outside, so we’re going to create special menu, and the menu is going to be in certain price range, very affordable. For them. Very friendly for them, and we’re going to discount very heavily, you know, drinks. So she asked me, you know, how is this going to work? I said, look, you become to be member, you pay, you know, I’d say $5 a month, the discounted prices and everything, because it’s going to be membership. You come in, you work in restaurant, you work in hospitality industry, you will only meet people from hospitality industry. There will not be tourists, there will not be any other person that doesn’t work in hospitality industry. That means, you know, that you will have something in common. Right. You can talk about, you know, finding another job somewhere, you can see your old friends, you know, showing up, you never knew they are in town. Sure. And the brainstorming went deeper and deeper and says, look, if you get a little bit too much drinks, I’m sure there’s going to be somebody who knows somebody that lives in your neighborhood, they will take you home. But mainly, you know, we will keep it clean, we will keep it like social, and we will make people, at least one industry, happy because they will have a place where they go after work and they will be happy that they kind of, they call it, this is my club. Yeah, absolutely. And they were so excited. And her husband said, look, if you start tomorrow, I myself just bring eight people from our restaurant. Wow, isn’t that great? Yeah. So we, I’m already, you know, working on the plan. We’re going to open this as an industry club, no friends, no girlfriends, no family members, no nobody, only person that registered is going to be here like a country club in the Gulf. Yeah, that’s awesome, I love that idea. You know, we charge five dollars a month, so you feel like a membership is there. Discount beers, glasses of wine. Exactly right. You know how much is beer on Fifth Avenue? Eight dollars. It’s like eight, nine bucks. I mean. Cost must have written 18 dollars. Yeah. You know, why? These people are in the industry, they know how much it costs because they’re dealing with that. Yeah, they know what the overhead is and what’s involved in it. And she asked me, why would you do that? Why would you not invite other people? I said, well, because I want you to have a safe environment. Right. Where you come after work, tired, you just want to be cheered up and go home. And, you know, I want you to have a place where you can just kind of relax, let it go. Right. If there’s a stress, you have something in common. Yeah, get it off the chest, how do you deal with this? Yeah, exactly. And that’s a good thing. Help each other, maybe this is going to improve the service. Right. Because people will exchange information, but mainly, you know, it’s not going to be like, especially the girls, when I see them walking home, they will feel safe here because they will meet only people they know from the restaurant. Right, that’s awesome. Yeah. So that’s the thing I wanted to share with you. What’s your thought about it? I think it’s an awesome idea. It’d be great to just have the, you know, I think you mentioned something about that a while back, you know, some type of thing for people that work in an industry that wasn’t so definitive, not like that type of club thing, but I think it’d be great to give them a break. You know, think about it. If they have a place where they don’t have to drive or whatever, just walk, keep their car parked, come here, you know, they don’t have to drive through McDonald’s or, you know, Taco Bell or something and stop at 7 -Eleven and get, you know, or whatever, they can just come, eat a quick snack, have a quick beer or two, and then just bounce, go home and drop into bed. Because, I mean, think about it. They’re not getting off till 10. Yeah, and they’re supporting a local business. You don’t get any food after 10. You’re done. They close in the kitchen. That’s why they’re coming here. You know what I’m saying? It’s just like a treat for them, you know? So that was the idea. I think it’s a great idea. Well, speaking of that, we also wanted to introduce another menu item. I’m going to go quick because this has to be done. We, I mean, me and Mr. Perfect created this menu, and every menu item has a story, and every story is interesting because you can learn something from it, or you can just sleep. Get a laugh, a chuckle. But it’s not just ordinary menu. Every menu, there’s a reason for the name, there’s a reason, you know, why this happened, and there’s a story. So let me give you, for change, I was doing everyday ciabatta sandwiches, let me give you croissant sandwich. Croissant. Croissant. So let me just go with, let me just go with this one.



00:10:04 – 00:15:02


The Rosemary Shinkent Mozzarella Cassie Croissant. Whoa. Yeah, I know. Can you say it again? No. Oh, you want to hear it again? I can’t even say it once. Yeah, once again. I’ll do it again. The Rosemary Shinkent Mozzarella Cassie Croissant. I got, I think, rosemary ham. Yeah, that’s okay. It’s Austrian. You know where croissant was invented? In Austria. That’s correct. Right, not France. That’s correct. I already educated you. They always steal things. Yeah, the French people just steal everything, man. Even French fries. They marketed it right, though. You bat can’t them on that. No, they’re like, I can imagine a French guy came and just slashed the throat of somebody who invented French fries and says, that’s mine now. All right, let’s do it. You would be lucky to wake up in the max elevation of 23 feet in the area of 71 quarter square miles of population of 312 K. The area code 095. And coordinates 37 degrees, 37, 0, and N. I cannot even read it. That’s the coordinates. 15 degrees, 5, 25, E. That would be S, E, straight. Here you find Catania, Italy, and its most popular breakfast croissant, Italian rosemary ham, tomato mozzarella cheese, and topped with organic mixed cream. Oh, that sounds good, dude. Drizzle it with olive oil? Did I forget to put that in there? No, but if you want, we can. Doesn’t that sound good if you put a little olive oil on it? Yeah, we can. If you want that, we get it. We are in business to make people happy. I’ll tell you what, everything is organic as much as we can. Croissant is so crispy and fluffy, everybody’s bragging about it on the internet. We have almost 500, over 478, I think it’s right now. Comments on the croissant? Five star reviews. Oh, that’s great. And everybody’s talking about croissants. So there you go, that’s your invitation to our coffee and wine bar, Divine Naples on 851 4th Avenue South. If you cannot come and you’re sitting on the beach while you’re listening this, you may as well go to www .beachesos .com. 75 sandwiches, 20 different organic salads, cold drinks, beer, wine, everything, and we deliver it in no time for free of charge, of delivery charge, to your beach entrance in downtown Naples with our fire truck, mini truck. What do you think? I think that’s awesome with the big red coffee cup on it. Hey, I was going to say, you know, what you were trying to do, you were babbling all those coordinates numbers. What about them? You were babbling. You could have just simply said, hey, it’s this city in Italy. No, that’s how we wrote it. I know. No, I think it’s funny though, because you get, what are these numbers? And then finally after you’re reading all this nonsense, you find out the history of that type of sandwich, a breakfast sandwich from Italy. So just so you know, the most popular breakfast sandwich in Italy is this one. Everybody eats that and one single espresso. And the second one is a dessert, is Nutella. Really? Yeah, because Nutella is from Italy. I did not know that. So do they smear that stuff on another croissant? Of course. On another croissant? Yeah, another croissant. You don’t put it in ham. Yeah. That wouldn’t be my type of mayonnaise. Yeah, actually I would eat that instead of mayonnaise, because I just don’t like mayonnaise. Yeah, well, you can try it. Hey, maybe we should, maybe we’ll try, why don’t we have me try one of those sandwiches one day. We’ll have Kathy make that ham sandwich with the, or the ham croissant. Which one? The one. This one is rosemary, shink, and mozzarella croissant. Right, and we’ll put Nutella on it and see how I like it. I mean, you don’t surprise me. There’s a lot of weird things I’ve seen, so she’s not going to be surprised. We can try anything you want. We’ll do anything for you. Yeah, why not? Let’s do it. National days. Hey, we will. I got one here. It’s National Chess Day. Alright. Do you know where that was, actually where chess was developed? No. What country? No. It was actually developed in India during the 5th century. Really? Yeah, and it was a strategic game. That’s correct. That spread across the continents. Yes. And also shifted between classes, which if you understand anything about India, it’s in a caste system. So usually there are different classes that are separated. They don’t really interact. But this game did. So penetrated it every single class of people. Isn’t that awesome? Yeah, that’s awesome. And there’s also some other fun facts about the game chess. What is it? Would you like to know? Please. It’s a mental game. You’re mental. Well, that’s why I play it all the time.



00:15:03 – 00:20:08


It’s awesome, isn’t it? It’s a game that can end up quickly in just two moves. Did you know that? No, I did not know that. Yeah, in two moves. The opponent has to be sleeping then. Well, I guess. I’ve been beaten by two moves before. Really? I used to consider myself a semi -decent chess player, but my youngest son would just start creaming me and I’d just stop playing for a while. Did you know that the longest possible chess game in terms of the number of moves, can you guess how many moves you think? No. How many moves? Just take a guess. You always make me guess. Wow. You’re way short. What? 5 ,949 moves are possible. Are you kidding me? How long you play that? I’m not kidding you. I don’t know. Remember in the 70s during the Cold War, the Russian chess players? Oh, yeah. What was their name? I forget the American team. One of them moved to United States and it’s against Russia. It was so incredible. But I think, didn’t they introduce time limits? Wait, they have a clock, yes. So anyway, that’s one of the days I got, National Chess Day. And actually, I think that’d be a good game for you to possibly maybe, you know, if you got kids or whatever, to just spend some time. And it’s a very strategic game. You got to use your mind. I think they should teach kids in the school one of those things and that’s chess game. Everybody should know how to play that. Because it opens up your mind. You know, you plan forward. I think it’s one of those things where you’re thinking plan B because you can kind of see if you make move, you’re thinking he’s going to do that. You’re preparing. I think it’s just really good for logic. And it is a game that requires strategy and planning at least sometimes four or five moves ahead. Yeah. And calculating and all that. I think it’s awesome. It’s a good way to exercise your mind. And it’s actually a good thing to just spend time with somebody. Yeah, but you just cannot. Do you want to spend any more time with me? No. I have plenty of time with you. Well, look it. You have this to look at. Either I could fall into the trap of losing in two moves and you don’t have to spend more than about five minutes. We should play the game and see who’s better. But that doesn’t mean we need to spend time. Just because I’m perfect doesn’t mean I could beat a genius. But can perfect beat the genius? The genius always wins. And I got one other day I’ll share with you. I know you got one, but it’s lollipop day. It’s national. Do you ever have lollipop? I don’t. I mean, when I was a kid, I liked them, right? Haven’t you ever had a dummy? You ever seen those? What’s dummy? It’s a little lollipop. No. It’s a dummy. It’s got dummy written on it. They’re little flavored lollipops. Have you ever had a Tootsie Pop? Yeah. You know what? Speaking of that, I have something interesting for you. Yeah? Do you know how many of them they make a day? No. 16 million. 16 million? Yeah. Do you know how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie roll middle of a Tootsie Pop? I know something about Tootsie, but I don’t know if it has something to do with lollipop. You don’t remember these commercials? That has something with lollipop? They used to have commercials with this owl on there and they’d say, how many licks does it take to get to the middle? I’ve never watched that. And he’d go, one, two, and three, and then crunch it. Oh, that’s it? Yeah. Anyway. Well, let me tell you this. The largest lollipop created by Sea Candies was 7 ,000 pounds. Have you ever had Sea’s Candy? Have you ever been into a Sea’s Candy? Oh my God. I don’t eat candies. I believe it’s from California. It’s just wonderful chocolate. Actually, my ex -wife’s father used to work for Guittard Chocolate in Burlingame, California, which used to make the dark chocolate for Sea’s Candy. I am sure there are many ladies that are out there listening to this podcast that know about Sea’s Candy. You know everything about candies and everything related. Here’s the most, this is what I want to know though, about just with lollipops. And it deals, one of it deals with the Wizard of Oz. Have you ever seen the Wizard of Oz? No. Well, in there. I’m uneducated. There’s a picture of the three lollipop kids. They sing this song and they’re all happy. There’s the lollipop. Yes. Right? Yeah. And then there’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. And you got Oompa Loompas. Oh my God. So I asked one time, I asked one time, I asked somebody I was driving around at work inside on a forklift type thing and I just stopped and you know how goofy I could be. So I just looked at somebody and I said, hey. And they looked at me like, what? And I said, who would win in a street fight, a gang fight, the lollipop kids or the Oompa Loompas? And she just looked at me.



00:20:08 – 00:25:09


Oompa Loompas. Yeah. Why? Why do you think? Because. She picked the Oompa Loompas. Because they’re from Mexico. No, they’re not. And so I said, she looked at me like I was just retarded and like, she just looked at me like, dude, you are so weird. And she looked at me and she goes, that’s simple. This is the Oompa Loompas. They got poisonous darts. And I just was laughing, but. Oh my God. There you go. You got, you got a movie lesson, the Wizard of Oz, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, lollipop kids and Oompa Loompas. You are the dictionary of YouTube. I tell you what. It’s not YouTube. Oh yeah. TV. Okay. You know what? The first lollipop was created? No, I don’t. Do you really think about it? Maybe it’s in Germany. It was in ancient times. Oh really? Yeah. It was like a honey sticks. Oh, that makes sense. Yeah. And then first official lollipop that is like in a circle with the red and white, you know, the typical lollipop. Yeah, Tibby had a big thing with, they have a rainbow one now. So it was, yeah, well let me start another one. It was, it was called English Suckers and started in 1600s. 1600s. Was it in Britain? Yeah, in Britain. So that’s the history about lollipop. Let me throw something about fortune cookies. It’s National Day of Fortune Cookies. I love fortune cookies. It’s just, you know, it came. It’s where I get all my lottery numbers. That’s why you’re still poor. Do know you what invented fortune cookie? Probably the Chinese. What country? I probably was in China. I mean, maybe Britain. Japan. Oh really? The first portrayal of fortune cookie is documented in Japanese literature and history in 1878. In 1900 exactly arrived in the United States. And today if you’re dining in a Chinese restaurant and you don’t get fortune cookie, which I know some Chinese restaurants. That don’t have fortune cookies? No. And that just feels like you’re not in a Chinese restaurant. It’s just like one of those things that you’re looking forward to and it’s part of that dining experience. Yeah, and the great thing about that is that you can always joke around. If you have company or you’re family or you’re out on a date, you know, and they used to, you know how they used to bring the tray with the two fortune cookies on there and you put your credit card in and then you could open those things and then just share with one another. That’s great. You know what I mean? And everybody is reading, you know, they’re exchanging. What do you got? It’s just only four ingredients in those. So if somebody thinks, you know, it’s some kind of whatever that is, it’s flour, sugar, vanilla extract and some oils to hold it together. And it’s almost 4 million fortune cookies are created every single day. Every single day. I used to, I love them. I wish I could buy them in bags at the grocery store. Do you know how many different messages, you know, like how many varieties of messages? No. 15 ,000. 15 ,000 a day or there are 15? No, 15 ,000 different versions. So if you eat 15 ,000 Chinese foods, you probably, and every time you get different fortune cookie, then after that you’re just going to get, you’re going to go over again. Can you possibly even go to Chinese food 15 ,000 times in your lifetime? I don’t know. You need to count it. Do the math. I mean, every day is 365, you know, 10 years, that’s 3 ,000. You got 20, 20 years. I mean, you’re looking 12 ,000. You got 20, 30 years, you can probably every day you have Chinese food. You’d have to eat Chinese food every single day. For 30 years. And what’s the mathematical probability of getting a different one? I mean, you’d have to get, do you follow me? They’d have to be separated. I mean, how would you do that? If you’re doing 30 ,000 meals, you make sure you have every day different one. Yeah. Well, I would just say you said 15 ,000 different ones, right? Just put those 15 ,000 in a bag and then just keep eating Chinese food every day and you’ll go through it. 30 years. But the likelihood of you ever getting it. Can you imagine how would you look after 30 years eating Chinese food? I haven’t, you know, come to think of it, you got me going. But now I’m thinking like how many times I’ve eaten Chinese food and eaten cookies. I mean, look at you. I’ve never got the same cookie, fortune cookie. You would never know. But looking at you, you probably in 10 ,000 meals already. You know, life to fame. Yeah. Well. Prove me wrong. I probably had, I don’t think I’ve had Chinese food 10 ,000 times. You don’t think so? Nah. Well, I tell you what, there’s a very interesting day, national day, and that is national moon day. Oh. And, you know, I just want to mention what is most interesting thing about the moon landing is then when they landed and they were taking off, somebody was taking pictures from the moon.



00:25:11 – 00:30:01


Yeah. That makes you think. Yeah. So that means they left somebody behind. Oh, maybe. Or maybe he was just outside on his own. Do you think so? Yeah. Well, let’s just. And then they put a rope around his boot. Yeah, and just pulled it. Pulled him back in. Yeah, come on. Now we can go. Oh my God. There’s a lot of things going on in Apos and what’s going on, divine people, it should be the introductory and of the Hook Comedy Club. We love that place and it’s on 2500 Wonderably Beach Road and usually tickets are around $30. There’s a comedian actor that you should be seeing, Matt. Who? Yeah. That’s your favorite actor. His name is Harlan Williams. He’s from Canada. Oh, really? Yeah. And he played in your favorite movie, Dumb and Dumber. Oh, that guy is pretty funny. Yeah, I’m sure he would teach you a line or two. Oh yeah. So that show starts on Friday 21st and 6 .30 to 8 .30 and also on Saturday 22nd. So just hit them up. It’s definitely going to be worth it. I’m sure you’re going to feel the pain in your stomach. I want to remind people that travel here and like to have five star service with white gloves. Ritz -Carlton and Apos reopened after a multi -million dollar transformation after the one on the beach and I tell you what, every year they shut down for some reason and they find the money to fix or improve something. I have to go and check it out myself, but finally they opened. So that’s going on. And additional to that, there’s a couple of new restaurants I want to mention because we’ve been talking about it the other day. There’s a new soul food star at the Bonita Springs Asian fusion spot. That’s one thing. There’s a Hawaiian restaurant opened in Pine Ridge and Livingston that people should definitely visit. There’s a cheesecake factory in Astora opening next month. There’s a lot of new restaurants which I’m really happy. There’s a new bakery restaurant in Marco and we will look into it because we need to keep people informed. There’s a lot of new cuisines coming in. It’s always changing so we want to keep you abreast of it and let you know. Just make sure you can. That’s what divinenapoles .com is all about, letting you know what’s going on. That’s exactly right. Just let you know what you can visit, experience and get in this town. New businesses, we want to interview business owners and that’s the whole purpose of this and to create community. If you know somebody or you are somebody that’s a business owner that would love to come in and tell your story and have a nice cup of coffee and tell us about your vision, why you got into what you do and your passion for it and let’s share it with the community so that we can drive customers to your business. We promise if you come to our studio we will take shower day before. Maybe same day. Speak for yourself. And pharmacist is back in house. Oh he is and I am the in -house pharmacist and what do I prescribe? Well I prescribe vitamin D. And what is vitamin D? Well we want you to tell somebody to listen to this podcast, to go sign up and listen to Divine Naples podcast. We want you to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Would you go out and tell somebody today about divinenapels .com and subscribe and listen? Hey listen, you are listening right now to this podcast so hey take a little note and go tell somebody. Make it your mission today. Just tell somebody about divinenapels .com and listen to Rich and Matt and on that note BAM! Yeah and I’ll tell you, it’s very easy, if you are on Facebook and you are listening a little snap of a podcast, just go ahead and send the link, tag people, get them involved, let us know what you think. If you are on Instagram, do the same thing, just tag them or invite them. If you are on podcast, any of the 28 platforms that you can find us on, just send them the link and text message, I’m sure they will appreciate the information and maybe just feel better about knowing what’s going on in Naples and if not hopefully our voices are sexy enough for them to make them excited. Some day you’ll be able to share it on Instabook. Instabook, we have to wait for the invention. I’m creating it. It’s in my mind. Is it? A lot of things are in my mind but it won’t let them all out.



00:30:01 – 00:30:51


Oh yeah, we have to do it little by little. With that we’re wrapping up, it’s Thursday July 20th, outside is beautiful, yesterday we have a little rain so enjoy the day, don’t forget sunscreen and water and if you’re in the town and you are up for a great breakfast, coffee or anything else, pop in, you may find us here and we will give you hugs and kisses on the forehead and say thank you for listening. We are here for you and episode 392 wrapped up from this Mike Ridge and from this Mike Mat. Ciao!



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