Matt is that type of driver that makes the perfect face, with just one look, everyone is in his way knows what time it is. Get out of the way time. Rich has one simple rule! Only one car is allowed in front of him and he will explain why in this episode. Question of the day today is why is the “Dog  Hot” and cost $145.48. Matt will give you 5 min list what you get for this price. Rich will tell you what is the best pizza of all times and how lizards say hello. Another very educational show that will make your life longer, but your belly will hurting.

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Laugher is a medicine to the body and soul. Matt is the Medicine Man prolonging Richs life daily.maybe. Episode #387  July. 19th.  2023


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And Wednesday is here, hello all divine people from Studio of Divine Aprils podcast, we are here with another episode, this time it’s 3 .91 in July 19, 2023, my belly is absolutely hurting from just a pre -recording session, we were reading stuff and I have to kind of share that with you, and discussing with the one and only Matt on the other mic, I didn’t even say Rich from this mic, oh yeah I know, it’s alright we can change it up every once in a while, why don’t you go ahead and do it, Rich from this mic, Matt from this mic, ok now he’s official, Mr. Perfect, I’m Mr. Genius, there you go, yeah now he’s official, what a wonderful combination, yeah there’s a couple, oh my god, couple of stooges, we need a third one, I tell you what, the words made over here, the Mr. Perfect is getting better and better in his work, it’s just unbelievable what he’s coming with, and every single time he does, he makes me completely into stitches, laughing my belly off and just now I had belly cramps, did you ever have belly cramps from reading stuff? Oh man, sometimes even just, I have a friend that lives out in California, he has a vineyard of about 140 acres and I’ve sat out there, it’s just a beautiful property on the Stanislaus River, and a few times in our life we sat back there and just had gut wrenching laughs that just, man it’s so healing, it’s like medicine, I mean it was just so good, and you laughed so hard and released that your gut hurt, yeah and you know what, you’ve always been like that, and I’m so grateful for you being that person that always brings people to smile not to the tears, and I wish we both of us have that effect on people listening to this podcast, and if that’s the case, please send us an email, let us know, we would like to know if we brought a smile on your dial as I say, yeah I like that, and change your day from maybe something negative, which I’d like to touch a little bit on today, yeah please do, and something in the positive, because that’s why we do this, we want to share the happiness that you know we are here, we are alive, we are in this absolutely divine city, happiest city, and we want to just surround ourselves with divine people, that’s right, and that is a really strong meaning when you say divine people, if you look in the I appreciate all of them, I appreciate the quality that how he looks like when he’s leaving from here in the car, you know just he’s looking and as a driver that just gives you exactly the meaning, get away because I’m going through, one of those people, you know some people just in the car they look like they don’t even know where they’re at, and you are the one, just clearly with the look and the way how you drive, tell people by their behavior, just tell them I know where I’m at, but you’re in my way, you should not be here, you know what I almost think like you’re feeling, I mean not feeling, I mean like telling me to, maybe I should learn from that, yeah, I want to be a learner, no no there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not wrong, yeah, but maybe I should just slow down a little bit, no, no, I won’t, you’re right, I mean change perfect, did I ever tell you about this, we just need to tell the women that you’re Mr. Perfect, oh yeah right, so you don’t have to say I’m single, well all they have to do is read the book I wrote, the five most humble men and how I trained them, oh really, oh my gosh, but if you see me driving, I have pretty much the rule, and rule is very simple, fast, I have only one car that can be in front of me, you, that is a police car, I mean I gotta tell you, you’d give Mario Andretti some a challenge, I think his butt would be sweating, but if I was in his driving school, yeah, the only reason, the only thing is, is that he’d be in your rear view mirror and probably upset, one time in my previous business I had very nice customers, and one of them was very generous, and every time we did like a project for him, he always like, hey you need to relax, and he was like asking questions during the you know times we’ve been doing stuff for him, and so figured out what he can do as a gift, and one time in Sebring, there’s Andretti driving school, so you go there and they put you in this, I think it’s like Formula, probably like 2000 or something, crazy, and doesn’t have like, if you wanna switch the gears, you feel like there’s no clutch, you have to like, couple laps, you really need to learn how to drive, so driving, and I had somebody in the lead car, which was just a regular Mazda something, you know, four door car, and those drivers which race, they lead, and they show you how to get in the curves, and how to you know cut the corners and stuff, so you just go behind them, that’s why I call it lead car, you know, and then they flash the blinkers, so the drivers behind them, which are students like us, you know, they switch around positions, they are in a straight line, and my point was like getting behind the leader car, I was pushing them so hard they couldn’t go any further, so he started braking, and then I got an earful, like what do you do, because you know, what do you think, this little Mazda four door is same performance like yours, I mean I’ve been pushing the bumper, I can’t imagine being one of those, how exciting though, there’s a reason why I don’t drive some of the cars that we have here, yeah, like the BMW X4 M competition, oh my gosh, 504 horsepower, I’ve just driven around the block with you before, I have, it’s quite a treat, yeah, wow, if I was in one of those with you, I, yeah, I might just not get in it, I don’t, I don’t drive it anymore, yeah, one time you know, it’s because you’re driving like a rocket ship, in the middle of the night, you know, Naples is empty, there’s nobody around, right, and you just, except those police you want to be in front of, they are around, I tell you, I know, so they’re around, and I have to admit, one time there was probably one of the last times that I drove the car in the night, I had this genius idea, you know, cars, it’s because you’re a genius, yeah, car is parked in front of our office, and it’s been there for like two days, right, and I was like, maybe I should repark that, you know, put it in the shade or somewhere, and because I ride scooter, I love scooter, because I’m happy with that, yeah, and so I was like, okay, let me, let me take the car and just repark it, so once I start the car, and I was like, okay, but since I’m really sitting in it, you know, I’m not gonna just go 20 feet and just shut it down, so I hit up the engine, and go around the block, you know, and then I stepped on it, and the 500 horsepower, oh my god, not just you hear that, but it takes you in the seat, you know, I’m sure, so I go through a couple streets, a couple streets, and immediately I had a DJ behind me, oh the lights were going, it’s music, yeah, siren music, that’s why we say it in Europe, DJ, you know, the color for lights, yeah, and the music, yeah, um, yeah, I, I, I, how’d you get out of that one, I cannot tell the secrets, but I tell you what, I learned my lesson, and after that, I just, I just looked at it, it’s nice car, yeah, I like my scooter, yeah, you stay on that scooter, yeah, and especially because you seem to attract expensive tickets, yeah, like beach tickets, yeah, for some reason, I’m just popular, yeah, you are, so that’s like, yeah, let me just go back to the thing I wanted to share with people, because that just has to be shared, if you didn’t see the yesterday show, and you didn’t read the description, let me just read it for you, just make it more easy, and hopefully that will give you the kind of idea, who is talking to your ears right now, who is, you know, making your muscles move, and I think, in your face, yeah, on your face, and we’ll kind of describe who truly we are, okay, like Mr.



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Perfect and Genius, right, so yesterday show 390, right, title, Matt finally came to his senses, and finally realized Rich is a smart guy, sort of, and now a little bit of more details, one of these two always make a statement, just by walking into the room, and after he speaks, people remember him forever, it has been said, his voice has potential to trigger earthquakes, when he starts laughing, the other guy has an answer for everything, true, even if you don’t ask him, he knows why we have two ears and one mouth, so we can listen more, Matt needs help in the listening department, they are simply a special couple, some say a match made in heaven, but they are not getting married anytime soon, Mr. Perfect and the Genius, if you listen, you will know who he is, who, he will, you can find that out, this is just amazing, I wonder if I’ve, hopefully I’m not creating any earthquakes right now, you have that capabilities, oh my god, you can hear me from one end to the other on fifth, yeah, so there you go, this is the description of two of us, I’m gonna skip the sandwich today, the reading of the sandwiches, because I just had to share this, we got plenty of time, I like that, by the way, we share stories of the sandwiches that we created and writing, and if you’re interested to hear our menu, one by one item, every single episode we just put it up there, so just go ahead and read or listen, and we will tell you what we create here, as a most organic food that we can put together, delicious, a nice experience, best coffee, Divine Naples coffee and wine bar, that’s where we’re located, and then also a beach delivery, look for the red fire truck with the coffee cup on it, that’s correct, that would be Beach SOS, right, right, let me tell you what happened today, without, hey, yeah, why don’t you tell us what happened today, so I spent a lot of time in the studio working, and today I’ve been working here, and somebody, you know, they always come for coffee, and they like, where is he, and you know, just like, it’s a, in polite way, I always try to say hi to everybody, sure you do, you know, I just limited time, but today was like, just very special, I just felt like I have to, some, someone, I have to teach the lesson, there’s a guy that we know, both of us, and I tell you after the show, that came after, you know, what do you say, out of the blue, he showed up, yeah, out of the blue, out of the blue, you got a blue shirt on today, nice, yeah, thank you, you know, some people are just like Santa Claus, they just show up once a year, and they, you know, they think you get excited, right, so just the way how we walk in the room, just the way how he greet us, just the way how he ask questions, so much negativity, just 30 seconds right in, he pushed that wrong button, you know I have a lot of buttons on me, right, yeah, you don’t want to push that one, just push that wrong button, and he’s got such an earful, and he couldn’t even wait to, to finish the coffee so quickly, I just kind of told him what he needed to hear, and I think, I hope, I, you know, I woke him up by saying look, you come here, and you really don’t have nothing positive to say, and I, you know, I’m not positioned that, first of all, I don’t want to, because there’s so many things that you have to deal during the day, if you want to help somebody, just bring something positive, smile on them, right, say hey, I wish I can help you, can I do something for you, you know, just the things like that, so I went into, you know, I don’t use that word before, yeah, for the, in the end, end of your body, right, and that opening, yeah, the orifice, yeah, you want to describe it, that’s perfect, you’re the wordsmith, so, so everybody has one, so I don’t want to turn in that thing, we have a couple actually, but I turned into that thing, because he pushed that button, right, to me being that thing, but I had to just wake him up, you know, just so many people, and I was thinking about after he left, and I just want to say, I know it’s hard to stay positive in, you know, today’s environment, like today right now is raining outside, I’m happy for it, because it’s just kind of chill us down, and cool us down, clean his ear a little bit, gives a little bath, you know, try to find positive on everything, there’s a reason why things are happening, there’s a reason why you’re meeting certain people, there’s a reason why we have things that we have in our lives, and if you stay in that stage, nothing will change, just, you know, if you need help and smile or something, just find the people that are positive, if you bring the negativity between negative people, then you’re just going to stay in negative, and what I want to say is, if you see people in the stage that they are, you know, always negative, and always trying to, you know, complain and sing, bring in a bad vibe, just, just try to help them, you know, I think they are for the reason like that, maybe, you know, maybe crying out for something, that’s great, whatever, so just don’t get upset as upset, but sometimes you just have to give them like a shock treatment, you know, just have to, hey, slap in the face, not physically, but yeah, just kind of eat, well sometimes maybe physically, yeah, it’s better, yeah, that’s a joke, yeah, but violence doesn’t solve anything, yeah, but I just told him, look, dude, I know you for four years, and for some reason, I never seen you happy, yeah, and I just gave him my opinion, well, I think I know who it is, yeah, and I’m seriously making things, yeah, and, and I’m glad you did, but you know, I want to give you an example, I’m so glad you brought this up today, I was in a Jersey Mike’s, Mike, Jersey Mike’s sandwich shop today, and they were just opening, and it was a young Haitian guy, and he was just awesome, and he was just so cordial and nice, right, or whatever, and so it took me a little more time, they had just opened, so I was like sitting in there for seven to ten minutes, right, but at the end of the time, I could choose to have been negative or whatever, and I didn’t really have anywhere to go, right, but I just told them that I just saw as he was preparing everything and getting everything ready just for the day, I said, hey, I just want to encourage you, dude, you got a, you got a good work ethic, and if you keep at that, you’re really going to go places, and his whole face lit up, and he just, I walked out, and he goes, just thank you for that, so we just don’t know what kind of impact that we could have on somebody by just being kind, remember what you said, we weren’t such a charming city in some show the other day, you were talking about that or whatever, and I think we can just put a little bit of charm in, in somebody’s life, those that are in close proximity to us.



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Let’s just start with who our neighbors are, and our family, and go from there, and just see this thing mushroom, and watch our community transform, businesses grow, everybody going up on the social ladder, we’re all into this, we’re all in the boat together, and I’m so glad you brought that up today.



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Can I get a hug and kiss now? Well, I mean, you just got done reading the explanation that we don’t want to give our listeners the wrong impression that we’re actually secretly getting married. Yeah, that’s right, that’s right. Leave something secret. Yeah, I think that’s very important, you know, people, I understand, and we’re going through it as well, life is not easy, especially when you’re in a town where it’s very seasonal, you know, there’s less people, less traffic, less income, hurricanes, and even now I see that restaurants don’t have that many people because it’s summer, and European people didn’t yesterday here, you know, the servers go home early, like six, seven o ‘clock, so they get ready all day for their job, right, they prepare themselves, and the girls make makeup, and you know, make sure they look beautiful, presentable, they feel good about themselves, I get it, they show up at the work, and then two hours later, they’re just standing around two hours later to manage themselves, and hey, I don’t need you today, you know, I see them leaving around downtown and going home, and just feel bad for them, you know, and it’s just like if this happened two weeks, three weeks, and you see your numbers are down, it can definitely depress you, so what I want to say is if you see people around like that, just cheer them up, help them out, you know, we need to go through it, and we will, it’s never going to be worse than Fauci virus, I can guarantee that. We can make it if we all come together as a community is only as strong as its people, and let’s just see things turn around, and just have a positive outlook on things. It doesn’t mean that every, you know, everything’s going to be a bowl of cherries, and everything’s perfect, you’re going to have trials and tribulations, but hey, when you got a good community, friends, and family, they can help you get through anything, just like you experienced, you know, what happened in getting this coffee shop, the spa, and the other unit you have put together. Well, since you’re so nice to me, I’m going to treat you with freshly baked croissants, so please, why you don’t describe like what we’re doing in our coffee and wine bar? Well, let me tell you, actually what we are doing is we’re serving great food, but one of the the treats here is the European croissants that can be made with sandwiches or dessert, and this thing looks delicious. Yeah, I mean, freshly baked, smell it, smell it. Yeah, I smell it. Oh, and you know how I like to do these, though, really, actually? They’re already made with immense amount of butter, but I like to put more butter on it. No, just try it, try it out. It’s freshly baked, you know, and it just melts in your mouth, tell me. All right, it does. Doesn’t it? Yeah. That’s what we have, you know it, you just don’t have them enough, because you are in and out. We see you just, you know, you run so fast. In and out. We need to just treat you a little better. In and out. Here’s cookie, chocolate cookie. I’ll eat a cookie, but you have to admit I’ve done a good job of keeping myself in shape, so. Yes, so why I don’t give you this, what is this, lemon butter button way for cookie. Oh, I love those. That way I know you’re gonna keep your pie hole shut. Hey, I got a couple of days I want to share with you real quick. Hold on just a second. Okay. Tell us, what do you think? Should we invite people for this? Well, for these? Absolutely. Yeah. Come to the coffee shop. We’re gonna do some specials, and you know what we start doing, preparing, and we’re gonna need your help over the weekend, preparing for brunch. We’re gonna do unlimited brunch menu. Wow. So it’s gonna be menu of our favorite things, and you’ll pay a certain price, which will be very usable, and as many as you can eat. That’s really awesome. Yeah, but have you heard anything like that these days? No, I think I’ll be here. Yeah, and we also thinking dinner for two. I want to know what you think about it. I like that idea. Dinner for two in downtown Naples, right? It’s gonna be one salad, we do big salad. Yeah, yeah. You can share them in the dinner.



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One flatbread, two desserts. Yeah. Okay, follow me. I love cake. One organic salad of your choice for the menu. We have like 10 or 12 different ones. Right. Then flatbread. Yep. So that’s second meal. Then two desserts, appetizer, and bottle of wine for $49. That’s amazing. That’s really nice. Do you think we can, you know, make some of the local people happy? I think we should make people happy with that. That’s very nice. Don’t you think? Where can you go for 50 bucks like that? Bottle of wine. That’s it, right? You’re good. Now I took your breath away. You’re already thinking you’re hungry now. Tell us. I’m already in, I’m already dreaming about my salad. No, I think you’re dreaming about the, what did you say? What days do you have? Oh, well, I have a couple of days. One I want to say is it’s National Daiquiri Day, so I just want to encourage people. We have a lot of nice places around here that have happy hours and can serve you all kinds of daiquiris. Strawberry daiquiris, you know, all kinds. And daiquiris. peach Daiquiri is a very famous drink. I know, but you know what? When somebody told me the first time, I thought the daiquiri is blanket. It just sounded like it. Is that what it sounds like in Europe? Yeah. I’m going to cover me in a daiquiri. No, it just sounded like some type of blanket. I don’t know. That’s just how it sounded to me. But technically, if you get plenty of them, you’re going to need one. Maybe that’s it. Yeah, you might be in the doghouse, too. But I have the most awesome National Day today. Give it to me. National Hot Dog Day. Oh, really? Oh my gosh. Okay, stop right here. Especially in the month of July. Well, hold on just a second. Hot dogs, apple pie. I am, again, outsider, right? Right. I have a lot of questions regards to the English language. Right. I think one time we were debating why somebody’s invented the pea name nut and asked people to eat it. Like a pea nut. Not pea, right? And you eat it. That’s a question. That’s why I don’t eat them. I know where you’re going with this. I know why I don’t eat them. So why eat a hot dog? Yeah. So if you translate, you have to understand a lot of people come here from Europe like a translator. Like a little book, now it’s in a phone. But before, I had this little book, and I had to find out every word I mean. When I didn’t speak any English, today I’m making a podcast video. You know what I’m saying? So if I went to the dictionary and it says hot, then I know it’s going to be spicy, right? Or just hot. But duck. So I’m thinking why the dog is hot? I don’t know. You see that? Yeah. I don’t know. How do you explain? Who came with that name? I don’t know. We need to look that. I have some statistics today. I’m choking on my croissant. But I have statistics that I’m going to give you today, but not that particular one. Would you like to hear one? Yeah, please. Over 25 million hot dogs are sold at baseball stadiums every year. Really? Did you hear that number? 25 million. Okay. Yeah. And then I have one more that I’d like to share with you. It’s not really a statistic. It’s a little bit of history. But on May 31st, 2002, a world record was set for the most expensive hot dog. How much was it? Let me ask you, what state do you think it was in? What state do you think this hot dog was made in? New York? No, California. And it was the California Capital City Dog. It’s a place that’s famous in California, in Sacramento. Really? Yeah. It’s been on the food network. Do you know how much that thing cost? 30 bucks? $145 .49. Why somebody would pay that much for a hot dog? Listen to this. It’s grilled, 18 -inch, all -beef natural casing frank from Chicago. So another thing about hot dogs is everybody argues about where the best hot dog is. Chicago, New York. Yeah. I actually like one that’s in the San Francisco Bay Area called Casper’s. I’ll tell you what. And you can find those in, I believe, Costco. And I would recommend somebody try them. They’re delicious. Yeah. Well, a lot of times people fighting what’s better pizza, you know, New York, Chicago, this pizza, that pizza. I can tell you, I know where the best pizza is. Right here? Best pizza is in my belly when I’m hungry. You just finished it. Yeah. Right? It’s always the one you’re eating that’s the best. That’s correct. I mean, do you want to know what’s on this before we get on? Yeah, go ahead. Okay. It’s served with a fresh baked herb and oil focaccia roll spread with white truffle butter then grilled, topped with whole grain mustard from France, garlic and herb mustard, sauteed chopped shallots, organic mixed baby greens, maple syrup, marinated fruit, smoked uncured bacon from sweetened dried cranberries, chopped tomatoes, expensive moose cheese from Sweden, basil, olive oil, pear, cranberry, coconut, balsamic vinaigrette and ground peppercorn and proceeds from the sales of each three pound super dog are donated to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children.



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The only thing what is missing, two things. I’m going to Sacramento to get one of them. Two things are missing. Pineapple and Mercedes emblem. Oh yeah. I would go chili. I like, I like a good chili dog, but there you have it. That’s our two days today. That is long list. Yeah. You’re exhausted just by reading it. I am. Yeah. I’m going to sip my coffee. Can you describe what I’m going to do right now? I can’t. What are you going to do? You’re going to lick something. Stick your tongue out at something. Stick out your tongue day. Oh my gosh. I’m going to, you know, when you tell me how I drive off, I’m going to roll my window down. Did you know I just exercise 43 muscles doing that? Did you really? Yeah. That’s what you have to do that. Right. And that’s the historic day. Stick out your tongue. They celebrated annually every July 19 from now on. I’m just going to go outside and stick tongue on everybody every day. I’m going to go, but right now I’m going to do, you know, how you drive. I’m going to just drive down the street. The rest of the day, sticking my tongue out at people. You’re going to be like a dog out of the window. So my life is very, very colorful. Somehow more in the dramatic side. There’s a lot of things that I had to deal with, but I have such a good memories always working with good people and we never had like a, you know, like major fights or anything. We always like people who are good friends and creating these moments you never forget. So one of my, one of them in the corporation that I work in was, was a guy and he, every time he opened his mouth, you have to laugh. Everybody laugh. So one time I come to work and he was there in the office and you could see through because the office had like big window and I was in a meeting room. So he just, um, put his hands next to his cheeks. Almost looks like this. Can you describe it? Oh yeah. Yeah. Your hands up and cuffed up against your, your mouth and like some kind of bullhorn or something. And then he stuck his tongue out and did this from side to side. It almost looked like a snake, you know, so I’m looking at him like a commoded dragon. Yeah. I’m looking at him and, and just, just like shook my head. This is like a little bit, you know, too much, you know, so I keep working. I look back and he did that again. And, uh, and I said, I came back. I said, what’s wrong with you today? He says, I’m just saying hi, like a lizard. Oh my God. That was back in the nineties. Oh my God. If you do that today on somebody, I think you’ll get arrested or slapped in the face. So that’s how the world is changing. You know, it is changing rapidly every day. Let me just give you some statistics. Okay. So, um, stick out tongue your day activities should be stick out tongue, uh, just outside and exercise it or visit the doctor so they can help you. Uh, we can attempt a difficult pressure time. Yeah, exactly. But one of them, uh, the, you know, a couple of interesting things, not one of them. Um, the, like the tongue is a very flexible muscle, right? It is 2000 to 4 ,000 taste buds. Wow. It’s health indicator. So I can tell you why the colors and look, what’s wrong with you. Let me see your tank. No, don’t do that ever again. Unique print. tongue So it’s almost like a, like a dump print or a fingerprint. So if you’re leaking something and you leave it behind, not just DNA, just be careful. You get in jail. And, uh, we have a, I just want to say we have a drink, right? And the drink is, uh, it’s called Expressino and, uh, it is a Nutella coated, uh, cup, uh, with, uh, you know, espresso and milk and all this. And, um, when, uh, I have the chance and I talk to people and they ask me, what’s the best drink for ladies. I told them the Gene Simmons, you know, because, uh, Gene Simmons, it’s inspired by Gene Simmons. What do you mean? Foot long tongue. Yeah. When I, when I bring it to them and, uh, they, they, they look at it and I look at them and just go ahead, just do it. There is a Gene Simmons, you know, that’s the only way you as part of the group kiss. All right. Let me bring some events. Uh, one of them I do want to see, um, it’s kind of sad.



00:30:01 – 00:34:00


Um, I have to say that, but, um, uh, let me just put it this way. In July 10th, one of my longtime friend, uh, his name is Carl Osborn and, uh, the owner of the Black Eyed Pig. We’ve been there for lunch. If you remember, are they closing and also the owner of the Franklin social club, which is located at 59 26, uh, Pine Ridge road, or premier ways on Pine Ridge road. And, uh, Frank Goodlett, they have a event and that is a gypsy blues in the Franklin social club. And, um, unfortunately Carl is not going to be there anymore because, uh, he passed away on July 10th. Did he really, one of the people that been in that community very, very long time, one of the most passionate person about barbecue. I remember that interview and I was interviewed with him and, and, uh, I’m going to post it just in his honor. We’re going to miss him. It’s a sad news. Uh, it just went really subtle. That’s supposed to be some of the best barbecue in all of Naples and Southwest. If you guys care about our community and you want to pay tribute, please visit the, one of his businesses. It’s a black eye pig. I think it’s in Taylor road. And, um, it’s just absolutely amazing barbecue. And he treated every employee treated like a family member. And the people have been working for, for him so long and they all love him. And I tell you what, he started in the garage, in the storage and he built really nice two businesses with catering and he built from scratch this, uh, Franklin social club and just opened maybe like a year and a half ago. Wow. Unfortunately I was not even there for an opening. I couldn’t come, but, uh, it’s just nice in a nice community. So please remember him when you come and what do we do always want to miss somebody for a long time. We just take one drink on, on, on the way. So that’s one thing I want to say, and it’s, uh, uh, it’s hard to, to say it, but, um, just wanted to share with you and with dad, I just gonna, uh, wrap it up because, uh, you know, I think it’s, it’s nice that we remember people if they are not here. So they, they know if they can hear it, they can feel, they sit around, they don’t know maybe solely somewhere or energy, his energy is around. So just, uh, you know, don’t forget that. Remember somebody if you need to, uh, that you miss and, uh, you know, that’s stick tongue on them. Yeah. And they left early. That’s a good ending. If you miss somebody, they left early. Uh, just stick tongue on them. Today’s so I’m sticking tongue on Carl because he didn’t say goodbye. Yeah. You know, well, God rest his soul. And with that, we’re going to bring our pharmacists to, you know, get our spirit a little bit more. Yeah. Why not? Because I am in house pharmacist, uh, obviously. And what do I prescribe? I prescribe vitamin D. And what do I mean by vitamin D? We want to want you to tell somebody about divine Naples .com to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Hey, you know that you’re listening to this podcast today. And so if you’re listening to this podcast today, you’re probably listening the other day and we keep asking you tell somebody about divine Naples .com. We want to build this, uh, podcast and change the community. So what am I asking you to do? Let me say it again. Tell somebody about divine Naples .com and to subscribe and listen to this podcast. And that is episode three 91. Wrap it up from this mic, rich. And from this mic, man, thank you for listening. We love you.





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