One of these two always makes a statement just by walking into a room and after he speaks

people remember him forever. It has been said his voice has the potential to trigger

earthquakes when he starts laughing. The other guy has an answer for everything, even if you

don’t ask him. He knows why we have two ears and one mouth! So, we can listen more. Matt

needs help in the listening department. They are simply a special couple. Some say a match

made in heaven, but there are not getting married. Mr. Perfect and the Genius …. If you listen

you will know who is who!


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Matt finally came to his senses and finally realized Rich is a Smart Guy! Sort of! Episode #390  July. 18th.  2023


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Hello all divine people, Tuesday, July 18th, 2003, episode 390, Rich from This Mic and Matt from This Mic. I’m popping the coffee, it’s perfect on Tuesday and it’s just another beautiful day here in Naples Florida and here from our studio, we don’t have windows so we don’t know how nice it is, but we started today with a little light rain for change. Early in the morning. Yeah, I like that. I do too. It cools down everything. It does, it was kind of a little bit cooler today when I was driving around. I like to drive with my windows down even when it’s hot, but this morning was nice. I know, why? Why? Because the air conditioning don’t work. I got to get some Freon in there. We did that. Yeah, but actually I don’t. It’s weird. I kind of dig this, I kind of dig the humidity, it’s weird. You like it. Yeah, you sweat. Get my sweat on. There’s nothing wrong with that, you know? It’s just… Good for your pores. Yeah, it’s like sitting in the sauna every day. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to do it all day, because the minute I get into some air conditioning, I’m thankful. I’m sure. Everybody here is thankful for this big invention now. You know, at nighttime though, it’s so interesting being so close to the ocean that it cools itself down. There’s a natural cooling system, so… I don’t know where the cool weather’s coming from, because water is warmer than air now. I know it’s like boiling in. I never understood that. You know me, I’m not a big beach guy, but when I go there, the most I do is up to my knees, right? But it’s always so warm, it doesn’t seem very refreshing to me, but that’s just me. Is there a reason why you go as far as the knees? Uh, yeah, because I’m wearing shorts. You don’t know how to swim? I know how to swim very well. But probably when you take the shirt off, even the fish would escape. Well, yeah, you know, the brightness, it’s brighter than the sun. Last time you did that, nobody can catch a fish three miles around. Yeah. That’s what happens. They get scared. Yeah, they get scared of seeing the… Look at that. Look at this guy. I didn’t know whales were in these waters. I’m kidding. Run, run. Look, isn’t it nice when you can just laugh and joke about yourself? I think what we need in the community today is just a little more humor and happiness, just like you mentioned yesterday, just how we should be, you know, just nice to people in general. You know, I just, we are like that, we’re built that way, you know, it’s people from my office here, they always say, I cannot even believe how you play it together. We never like prepare for a podcast, you sit down and you just talk and you throw stuff on each other and you just take it so well, you know, it’s just like, that’s us, we are built for this. I think just… And not everybody’s built for it. But I mean, it may be if some of us that have those giftings or whatever, we just go out and spread the love, you know, and just, I just think everybody can be nice to people. I mean, I think it’s also the law of reciprocity, when you do that to others, it’s going to come back to you. So just go out and try to be nice to somebody today, that’s helping build community. I love what you’re saying, you know, it’s just, every time we can somehow with our voices, motivate or tell people that they may have secret weapons in their bodies, by smiling on somebody or sharing some information or just being nice, it’s, if we trigger that, I’m really grateful for that. Maybe sometimes it doesn’t even have to be words, I mean, you know that I’m not sure the words, but it could just be the way you look at somebody or just affirming with a nod of the head or something, you don’t even have to have words exchanged. You know, I tell you, one time I was walking from Twin City, I wanted to go to Naples Princess and you have to go over the bridge and that bridge is kind of, you know, cars in three lanes, they go really fast and the bridge is narrow for like two people when they walk side by side, they’re basically rubbing on each side on a concrete wall, which is protecting the pedestrians. And one time we were walking, you know, a group of people and a guy on a bicycle was just literally going fast and he started being upset, right, it’s just like why we are in his way. First of all, it’s called sidewalk. Right, not ride walk, bike walk. So in the English language, those are wonderful things that they name things the way how they expect people to behave on them or with them or take them or whatever, it’s a sidewalk. So he started being upset, he had to literally stop for us to uniform one line and he started mumbling something and a friend of mine just looked at him with a smile and says, stop it.



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I love it, oh stop it. That was so awesome. But let me share something with you. What just happened something here in the studio, people need to know how deep we go in the, it’s not even offensive, I take it like a compliment and I’m just going to say one of the words, which, you know, I don’t know if it’s rated or not, but they’re just going to say it. Matt was just practicing in the microphone, we always test before we record and he just looked at me and says, how such a smart guy can look so stupid? I always have to say he was looking at me and my response, I look at him and I go, yeah and I like it. Yeah because you’re smart, you can just be incognito and be behind the scenes, they just look at you and go, that guy can’t possibly know anything. You know how many people I avoid probably because they look like that, because they go, ah, Lady Maloney is stupid, and it’s not true, we’re just joking around and we’re going to do that. Something is on it, you know, like a lot of people judge by clothing, by accent, by things and they are the losers because they never know, me, they can have conversation and enrich themselves by something, somebody can share something with you just because they have it and you don’t know they have the information. There’s a guy in downtown, I don’t want to make fun of him but I just want to describe him if you ever see him, he walks a little funny, like a duck, you know, he’s just like from side to side in the evening and he likes to have his exercise or something because he walks all the times in circles. Like a duck! Yeah, I hope he doesn’t shank me, I hope he doesn’t shank me. But one time I had a conversation with him, he’s so smart and then later on, like maybe six months later, I met somebody who is like a really wealthy person and he goes like, oh, I have this invention, I have to have it patented and all this, we start talking about it and I go, what it is? And he says, it’s a software and it does this and that, you know, just give me some idea. I said, oh yeah, who’s coming with these ideas? Oh, that’s the guy, he’s in town and he walks like a duck. See you never know and I’m glad you said that because we put labels and things on people or whatever and I just wanted to say, you know, this is my own world view, I think everybody was wonderfully and beautifully made and created by God. And so we put all these labels on, hey, what’s good looking or this or that, you know what? And don’t get me wrong or whatever in society, but I’m more interested in exactly what you just said. I don’t want to read somebody and how they look or their exterior or whatever, I want to know what’s inside of them. Well, here you have this type of thing that when you walk somewhere, people cannot avoid you, one thing, right? Because the voice and your presence, and your presence, you make sure people know you’re walking in. That’s one thing. Take over environment. And even like, you know, I know you what, six, seven years? More than that. And I’ve been watching you around and you know, I’ve been telling you about podcasts for years before you ever started and you were kind of hesitant until one day, five years ago. And you know, you just have these things that if you come to the room, there’s no way people will forget you. You know, just the thing that you leave something there, like a piece of you, laugh, smile, information, whatever that is. And I wish everybody be like that because, you know, we are just like 8 billion people, they trying to get rid of us. I mean, why we don’t just like enrich ourselves, help ourselves, help each other, be more passionate and be more loving, be more like a community. I mean, this is the thing. There’s a reason why they dividing us. And I just hate it and I hate it from day one. If somebody asked me, where are you from? In many a fact, let me speak at that subject right now. Three days ago, right? That was the first person that I told him where I’m from because he asked me the right way. In a proper way. That’s exactly right. Because, you know, you just know he has mannered. He had already a genuine concern and wanting to know or, you know, curiosity. Take me in consideration as a human being and if I have an accent, he doesn’t make me feel like an outsider or make me feel like, hey, you know, 26 years here, yes, I have an accent because you know why, right? I told you. Yeah, I know why. Why? Well, because you just do. You’re from another place. No, no, no, no. That has something to do with that comment you gave me before, looking stupid. Because, yeah, he got hit over the head. You have the same problem because, you know, because when guy is aging, right, he gets older and the gut drops to your knees, the lazy, the ladies start less being less interested.



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Yeah, sure. And there’s only three. I studied that. Well, I took me months. Yes. Wow. Yeah, I studied it. It takes only three things to how we can create the interest back, right? So if he has a single guy, right, and this is what I suggest to you too, because we know you’re single, maybe this will increase the chance, if you have a baby and you stroll with a baby on Fifth Avenue here in downtown, immediately find a lot of ladies talking to you, right? Yeah, because they love the babies. If you cannot find a baby or you cannot fake one, then you have a dog, a little puppy. I wish they would be like, this is not a business I just introduced. Just get a bunch of puppies and rent them to a single guy. That or get fake babies, you can get a stroller. And ladies see you with a puppy, then immediately they’re interested. And if you don’t want to pick up a dog poop or change diapers, you just go to YouTube, you find Kentucky accent, just like I did, and you learn that. That’s how I have a dog. He’ll be the accent. So he asked me an answer. He asked me where I’m from and I answered, but he asked me proper way because he was very considerate. And that’s what I’m saying. A lot of times people think entitlement and maybe a little extra ring, which is more shinier on the finger, or maybe a little better car keys, makes them feel more important. And I just think that’s not the time right now. We need to just be together, exchange eggs, if you have extra chicken, bring them. I agree. We need to come together as a community and just do it for business wise, people that are hurting and all that type of stuff. Enough of political thing. Let’s go to our – It’s not political. Let’s go to our sandwich. Yeah, that is. It is. I mean, we’re not advocating any voting this, that, or whatever. It’s called humanity. That’s correct. Be nice to one another and we can create community by just looking out for each other. That doesn’t take any laws, any government or politician. It takes you and me. That’s correct. And also you have to feed people if you love them. And we love people and we like to feed them in our coffee and divine – We do. That’s why we have a divine Naples coffee and bar shop and a delivery system. And with our passion, we created sandwiches and our menu. And every single day I want to introduce one sandwich because each sandwich has a story. So today, Tuesday is 18th, and we’re going to introduce to you a very interesting sandwich which was named and also created in honor of our friend, Jonathan, that used to work for police station. Oh yeah, Jonathan. I love Jonathan. He was such a good guy. And when he worked for police station and we were shut down, I’ve always been here. We’ve always been open. I’ve always been here with policemen and they’ve just been fed with us. When somebody didn’t finish something, Jonathan came to the table and like a proper garbage disposal – Or a puppy that sits at the bottom of your feet at the dinner table. And every time he asked me for one sandwich, just this one. So let me just tell you, the sandwich name is Hamming It Up. In 1539, Spanish explorer, Hernando de Soto arrived in Florida with the 13 Iberico pigs. And shortly after, Ham was born. Let’s pay tribute to this brave man with our crispy ciabatta bread, garden mustard, uncured ham, tomato, European pickle, and organic mixed greens. We know Mr. Hernando would be proud of us after almost 500 years since we brought swine to Florida. Oh, I love it. I love my swine. Hey, listen, it’s interesting too. You see that he brought pigs, European pigs, right? To America and started doing it here in Florida. And you know how much I love my swine, ribs, ham sandwiches, everything. I love hot dogs, pork hot dogs. You’re not into hot dogs. You know what they say when you eat? You like sausage, though. I don’t eat much of that anymore. You know what they say when you eat a lot of bananas, right? You go ape something? You go bananas. Yeah, you go bananas. So when you eat too much pork, make sure, keep that in mind. I get porky. You know, I love it. I love my bacon. I love my ribs. I love pulled pork. And listen, I can get healthy with a do because I put that stuff up like salads. I got a few days for us to talk about today. Let’s do it. National days. The first one is National Tropical Fruit Day. Who doesn’t like tropical fruits? And why don’t you speak a little bit maybe about some fruit drinks we may have here in Divine Naples Coffee Shop. Don’t you have any fruit drinks? Yeah, we have a lot of fruit drinks. One of them is called, for example, Brain Suppressor. And what kind of fruits? Are there any tropical fruits in that thing? That one has, I think, pineapple juice. Any mangoes? When we do drinks, we are very short on those fruit things.



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We are more generous on the content of alcohol. Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you did some frosted drinks, the little… No, no, no. We do that. Oh, hold on. We have boba teas. They are fruity. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Yeah, but I don’t have the menu for me. Well, don’t worry about it. Just know that there’s some kind of… I’m just the genius with limits. There’s the ability to come to divinenaples .com next tropical fruit day and get some kind of fruit drink. Boba teas. We have iced teas, which are a mix of forest fruits. It has no caffeine in it. We brew it every day. We have also a lot of juices and nectars. Nectars are really interesting. We are very picky picking nectars. We have mango nectar, pear nectar, pineapple nectar, fruits, kind of tropical fruits. We’re talking about tropical fruit day today. There we have it. I have another day today. Go ahead. Give it to me. World listening day. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you know about it or did you… I discovered it today. You just found out about it. How do you think I’d fare in that? What do you think of my listening skills as I talk over you right now? I don’t think I have to say much. You pretty much discovered it says, did you hear that? It’s like, shh, did you hear that? No, because he’s talking. He always keep talking. Hey, I wanted to ask you, couldn’t you put that… The other day you had a day of silence. Do you think I might be driven crazy with that? Yeah, you will. I’d have to listen and be quiet at the same time. That would kill you. You would die. You know, but I was just going to say one more thing for this. Maybe today as you’re out and about, maybe you might just spend some time and give a listen to somebody else. Just let them talk and get something off their chest. Let me just say something smart about this, and that is, the older I get, the more I listen. I wish I had this capability and knowledge a little bit before, because two things I’m going to say. First of all, I was very successful in sales, and for a very big corporation, American company. And very early in my career, I learned one thing, 80 -20, 80 % listen, 20 % speak, right? And now what do you do with 20 % of what you speak is very important when he’s selling, right? So you have to kind of earn these capabilities. And I’m going to go back to young kids again. If you are planning to do and be successful, because one day they’re going to turn off the Instagram, so all of you Instagram stars and TikTok geniuses, you’re going to be again, you know, dealing with people, not electronic devices. So you’re going to have to learn the skills, and that’s not easy. It takes time. So you should start right now hanging around people that, you know, did something, built career and are more like happy these days and learn those skills, because if they turn off those buttons, then you’re going to be way, way behind. So just think about just learning, asking questions, people that you think they have this capability. Yeah, we talked about that with the Youth Skill Day and acquiring things. Maybe it’s time to learn how to write with a pen and paper again, or just listening and or observing, learning by observing somebody doing something and the crafts. We’re going to do a bunch of interviews with businesses of people that are in the trades, plumbers, painters, electricians. You know, there’s a great need for that today, and you’re not going to learn that pushing buttons. You’re going to have to get the field and you’re going to have to learn. Electricians are going to make more money one day than lawyers. There’s going to be more lawyers than electricians. I agree. Keep that in mind. So that’s the first thing. So learn those skills. There’s always more, listen more than say something, right? There’s a reason why I have two ears and one mouth. For you, you have two mouths. I can see it. Yeah, I’m biting at the chump just to start talking right now. And second thing I’m going to say, when I was about 30, you know, I was still like very, you know, like more aggressive in the business. And I met a few really interesting people that were much older. And one of them was maybe 70 and he looked at me and says, you’re very smart. And I give you advice you should keep in the rest of your life. When somebody is speaking to you, that means he meant like when somebody is giving you advice, you know, just shut your mouth and listen. Shut your trap. And that’s the silence there, right? Because if somebody decides to invest the time, energy and thoughts into you, they care. That’s awesome. Respect them for it. You don’t have to do what I tell you what you do. Just think about it. Give them respect and listen. And today I know I should have listened a lot more. Yeah. Maybe I’ll start trying to apply some of your wisdom to you. It’s too late. It’s too late. I think if you change it right now, there’s going to be a big earthquake.



00:20:01 – 00:25:00


There’s going to be something worldwide, just a disaster, some catastrophe, but I got one more day for you. Which one is it? I want to see if this is the same as I have. No, it’s a national sour candy day. And listen, listen, this is important, okay, because it was created by the American Licorice Company. Can you believe that? Can you imagine they haven’t created it in eight years, anything new, any fatter trend? But I love sour candies. But let me see if some of our listeners remember some of these gems. Anybody remember Fun Dip? That was back in 1973. And basically it was this little stick that you had and you licked it and you put it in some powder. Wow. Yeah. Then you had rock candies, those pop rocks that popped in your mouth. Oh, exploded in your mouth? Yeah, that was in 1956. Can you believe that? I think they still sell them, don’t they? Yeah. And then there was ring pops in 1979. What is this? It was a ring that you wore and you sucker. What? Yeah. But you know what the greatest fad was? They should have made a candy out of this and maybe they did, I’ll have to research it. But it was the pacifier trend that was in 1992 by the rappers. They have like a lollipop pacifiers. Yeah. Well, there you go. Then it happened. But anyway, there’s your day. If I knew that’s the day today, I would definitely get you one for today. You would definitely have one pacifier just shut your mouth. Yeah, that’ll do it. Couple of things I have to say. Today is also, let me tell you exactly, it’s a day where it’s very special. It’s called Perfect Family Day. Cool. I like that. And it’s on July 18, almost every year. And I want you to just take a couple of things that you should at least do today. If not, do it anytime you’re listening because it’s never late. Treat your kids with respect. Yeah. Give praise. Your wife. For good behavior. Make sure you help them. Let your kids be mad at you, you know, because they need to get that anger they’re through. Sure. Instead of storing it up and someday use that anger being lashed out at somebody else. Spend some quality time together, improve parenting skills. And one important thing I’m going to say, call your parents if you can. And that some people cannot do that. Let me just get some exciting news. Today, if you did not know, right, today is the record, actually yesterday, for most babies delivered in one day in four miles. Wow, that’s awesome. Give me number. How many do you think they popped out? Probably 17. 30. 30? Yeah. Wow. That’s almost double. I was low balling it. You just like… We talked about lottery yesterday. I shouldn’t pick numbers. 30 babies, believe it or not. Couple events before we go and wrap it up with our pharmacist. So first of all, we have, I hope I’m going to read it correctly. Go ahead. The hunchback of Notre Dame. Oh, hunchback of Notre Dame. I got you. At the Naipus Players. Oh, I would go see that. And they do this between 12th and 24th, and that’s the play. And if you can make it, just go ahead, because I think it could be really cool. Very famous hunchback of Notre Dame. Is it? What is it about? Yeah, it’s just awesome. It’s just an old play. I mean, would they play there? Do you know? No. But it’s awesome. I love it. Well, I mean, it’s a famous book. Fake it after you make it. Famous story. Is it? Yeah. And we have soon comedian Harlan Williams coming live in the comedy club. I mean, we love this club. I hope they’re going to invite us one day. They did. We just didn’t take them up the offer because we were busy. Are we doing something more important? Yeah, probably getting this ship rolling. Let’s go then. Yeah, well, now we can. Why we don’t bring the ship doctor? Let me do this. I am the captain of the ship. I’m going to ship in the pharmacist. So give me a second here and let me switch my hats. So off with the captain hat and on with the pharmacist hat. I don’t have a schmock though. We need to get a schmock for me. But anyway, you may ask, what is this in -house pharmacist prescribe? Well, let me tell you what I prescribe. I prescribe vitamin D and you’ll say, what is vitamin D? All this vitamin D talk. Well, I’ll tell you what it is. We want you to tell somebody about divinenapels .com to subscribe to this Matt and Rich podcast, to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, because we are going to be going live on both. But would you go out and tell somebody today about divinenapels .com, anybody, even if it’s a baby in a stroller, which we talked about today. Anyway, I’m your pharmacist. Bam! There’s going to be 30 extra babies very soon in strollers. That’s why I pulled that in there.



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That was nice. Yeah. I got some babies to pull around. I might be able to find a date. Oh my God. Maybe I should start that business. No, not renting babies, but I’m your stroller guy. Engineer. I just roll up to the house. You got the baby already in the stroller. I take it for a couple of blocks. I get a benefit from it. They get the baby walked and I might run into my future wife. You never know. Just want to remind you, Beach SOS is here for you. If you’re sitting on a beach, go to beachesos .com, pick out the items that you need to deliver because you don’t want to lose that valuable parking space and you don’t want to maybe surprise your date on the beach. So let us know what we can bring you with our little mini truck, which looks like fire truck. And with that, I would gladly say this is over. It was great show. Thank you very much for being here. I don’t know what you’re doing rest of the day, but I hope you keep that smiley and dull. And this episode 390, we getting really close to 400 and yesterday you heard your voice. You heard your voice on episode one. What do you think about that? Oh my gosh. Five years ago. You talk about… February 6th. Excuse me. I almost choked on my lap. You talk about transformation. February 1st in 2018, that’s when we started. And we can recognize ourselves. We actually sounded much younger. And more stupid. Oh, I’m sure today from this Mike Rich. And from this Mike Matt. Ciao. Bye.





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