DISCRETION DISCLAIMER – Word A$$ is used in the podcast so sensitive individuals should be aware of it! We thought we should be fine using the word A$$ because everybody owns ONE. Since we all have A$$ in common and some are trying to shrink it in size with different activities, Matt as a certified pharmacist brings the solution to the table and Rich steps up as a test driver for this product.

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Matt discovers BURNA$$ For people that work their A$$ off Just like Rich Episode #388  July. 15th.  2023


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Hello Divine People, Divine Day here in Divine Naples, in the Divine Naples Daily Podcast 388, that’s the episode number, and July 15th, 2023, from this Mike Rich, and from this Mike Matt, hey man, I was getting my zen on, yeah, I love them, I was like, the song can touch you in that mood, it’s so smooth, yeah, it is, you know, that song was written specifically for us, by them, yeah, for the podcast, right, and you know what, so many times I plan to uh, interview them, we never got them in the studio, they always in and out, they travel, they concert, they, you know, they all over, and Julian Bruce, if you’re listening, please reach to us, let us know where you’re at, we just want to give you virtual hugs, because we want to thank you, the music is, the music behind our voices, it makes us more sexy, and it was, I wanted, you know, virtual hugs and kisses, oh yeah, yeah, you’re going to get that little extra nod, well, here we are, Saturday, it’s 93 outside, it’s very hot, because it could be just hot, but that’s in January, right, you know that, right, two days in January is hot, otherwise, all the rest of the year it’s hot, very hot, or extremely hot, exactly, or hotter, I think you said, but whatever, whatever category, yeah, just remember the two days, if you forgot, go outside and tell me, yeah, there you go, well, let’s just jump, it’s Saturday, we take it easy, we just want to remind you that we built this whole concept, Divine Apples, to build the community, right, so we’re going to start with our business, to let you know what we’re doing, because everything here we’re doing is to kind of introduce something new, and we are real passionate about really good quality food and gourmet ingredients, right, and everything you said is organic, almost organic, as much as we can get, yeah, and you know, it was awesome, the best thing about it was, is the development of this, I know you give me a bunch of credit about being the wordsmith and everything, but it was actually a collaboration, we worked on it together, and the way we worked on it together was walking up and down the streets, yeah, and I had a pen and paper, and we would brainstorm and come up, you came up with some wonderful names, we would collaborate together, and then I’d come and put a keyboard, we don’t use pen and paper that much anymore, and I’d get on and I’d just write it and just, you know, put a little history and story behind each thing that we created, so let me just say what Matt is talking about, if you’re listening first time, we actually have a menu, and our menu has a story for each item that you’re going to eat or drink, we created menu for sandwiches, for croissant sandwiches, for oatmeal balls, you know, whatever we have on the menu, it has little stories, and we decided to just read the stories, because we used to have them on the table with the menu, and takes 30 minutes for somebody to decide what they’re going to eat, a lot of laughings, a lot of discussions, but it takes too much time, people get confused, and before they get through the whole menu, they get hungry, and they gotta go, so we decided to just, you know, take it off and make it simple, and create book, a hardcover book with pictures, and just, you know, people can entertain themselves between waiting for the meals, and read the little stories and histories and different things that we put together for these, it’s European type food and sandwiches, and then we also have a few that are local to us, like, you know, the Hemingway sandwich, anyway. The idea was to just make you experience something that you never experienced before, and then later on you can travel, or anybody could travel, so it kind of worked in our favor, because we never shut down, we never shut down, we never took anybody’s money, we hardly listen to the people, and people appreciate the fact that we have Good Morning Copenhagen, for example, or, you know, Bonjour No Milan, you know, just things like that, so they felt like they could travel, and we had a lot of fun, nevertheless, today is the day, I think, what do you think? Go ahead, share. Should I, should I, should I hit the right meal, which is ciabatta sandwich? Yeah, why not? The lady’s favorite? Yeah. Should I do it? Do it, do it. Okay, I hope nobody hates me after this. Or get offended. Yeah, don’t get offended, nothing is, you know, we just, there are hidden messages, of course, because, right, we are Europeans, we do that things, but we are harmless, and we just want to introduce the lady’s favorite sandwich, and that is chipotle hardone. There you go. There it goes. Why don’t you give an explanation of it? Salami is quite versatile meat, and you can have it a million ways.



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You can have it in platter, with bread and cheese, tossed in salad, layered on top of the pizza, or crisper into salami chips, with so many varieties. It’s easy to get confused by salami sectioned in your local market. Relax, we got you covered here. Hot ciabatta, chipotle mustard, hard salami, pickled tomato, and organic mixed greens. Your hard -on dilemma is gone with this choice. I tell you what, when we have a couple, they come, and they ask for, you know, recommendations, they’re like, what’s good here? Usually, I tell them, nothing. Everything is rotten, expired, and whatever is left in Walmart in the discount section, so you feel like a home. Yeah, there you go. And after breaking the ice, they go, serious, just recommend. I say, for a man, I recommend very easy sandwich. Just repeat after me, honey, and they go, honey, honey, mother clucker. I always make them say it really loud, so everybody in the restaurant knows what they are offering, and then I go, for ladies, I mean, the one and only, the lady’s favorite, and what is that? Chipotle hard -on. It breaks ice every single time. Yeah, that’s good. We like to do that, and that’s the whole concept of coming here, is building community, have a good time, and enjoy good food. I brought some food today, though. Remember, I told you, I promised. That’s the Asperger’s? Yeah, there it is. You’re right. This is a new dip from Walmart. It’s called Smoked House Burnt Ends. Oh, Burnt Ends. Oh, my God. And so, it’s made of cream cheese, smoked beef brisket. I’m a little bummed out because they kind of grind the beef up. I was looking for big chunks of burnt ends, but it has brown sugar, green onions, and barbecue spices, and I brought along some of your favorite chips. What is this? I never had those. These are pork rinds, and the reason why I do it is because… Why do they call them pork rinds? I have no idea. I’m not like… Is this from… I’m an encyclopedia. Yeah, it’s a pork product, I believe, but absolutely there’s no carbohydrates in it. How many fats is in it? 102 %? There’s five grams of fat, but we don’t worry about fat content. Okay, let’s do it. Let’s do it. But let’s go ahead and try this and you tell me what you think. Yeah, okay. All right, let me get one… Let me smell this. Hold on just a second. Let me smell it. Let me smell it. That smells like a cream cheese. I’ve been wanting to try that all week. This burnt ass is like a cream cheese, let me smell this pork. I don’t need those pork, so I can’t keep that. I’ll try one, I can’t keep the pork. Let me try this burnt ass thing. Oh my God. Delicious. You know what? You keep the pork and I keep the burnt ass. Okay, I’ll go with that. This is very good. I keep my promises. How much is this? I don’t know, I think it was about four or five bucks, I’m not sure. That’s worth it. This is really good. For barbecue, perfect. Yeah, absolutely. A good snack. And the picture’s enticing. Look at this. Yeah, just like I said, I was a little disappointed. There wasn’t chunks of burnt brisket in there, but we’re good. If somebody thinks the picture I’m looking at is like, what do you call it? Plumber. Plumber bends over? Plumber’s ass. I guess this is the only show we’re going to say ass. My friend, he’s plumber, right? The one time I called him to help me out with something and he bent over and I see what I see, what normally you see when plumber bends over. So I took a quarter and I slide it into the crock and he hit his head over the sink and started yelling, what the hell are you doing? I was like, you showed me the money box, so I paid forward. I have another idea for people that have the plumbers come over to the house and you don’t have to look at something like that and just cover them up. It’s very simple. Did you know when a guy or man, a human being, I’m saying man, reach a certain age and they just need one size of belt? Did you know that? No. Do you know what that size is? No. 36. 36? Yeah. What is your size of the belt? I do 32, 33. Oh, now come on. Well, I meant, no, the size of the belt is bigger than my waist. Okay. So I mean, so we don’t, I don’t want like 38 dude. Okay. So you should have 36. Yeah. And then you just put it lower and lower and lower as the belly gets bigger. Well, there you have it. So I made good on my promise. Thank you. That is really good stuff. Let’s talk about, you know, we always have events or whatever and today’s Saturday, but I want to talk about, you know, just some ideas to spend a Sunday with your family. I know some people have to work on Sunday, but I came up with some things to do on Sundays. And would you like to hear a few of them? I’m ready.



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Well, you can go on picnics. Yes. Some people can go to church. Hold on. You can take the burn ice in a picnic, but not in the church. No, no. You could go boating, bike riding, fishing, nature walk. We have tons of trails that you can walk. Do a simple barbecue. Of course we got beaches. You can have a movie night. Why don’t you just do a movie day and spend time, you know, being a couch potato, watch a movie with your family and eating snacks. And the whole concept is just this. We want to create community, right? Just spend some time with friends and family and enjoy your Sunday. I tell you what, this is so great you did this because a lot of people, you know, everybody’s rushing, rushing. Sunday is the only time they can go shopping and get things done. And sometimes we just need to hear from other people to slow down and say, Hey, that guy actually had a good idea. Right. And you know what? We always say take 15. Yeah. You know, take 15 with coffee and yourself, make it inventory. Like make it like mandatory every single day. Sit down 15 minutes, turn off the phone. Don’t talk to nobody. Just, you know, kind of close your eyes and just replay what happened and what is supposed to happen. You know, maybe meditate with the prayer. Just relax. That’s one thing. Yesterday we were talking about putting 20 minutes on the grass. You should walk 20 minutes barefoot in the grass so you can get connected to this earth. And now Sundays, spend Sundays with the family. Yeah. You know, I think it’s a great thing. You know, mini golf, you can play mini golf. Yeah, why not? Just do, pick an activity and spend time. It’s not that expensive. You can, you don’t have to pay membership. It’s just $13. Yeah. There you go. There’s so many of them around. So many things you can do and the nature is absolutely fantastic. You mentioned that. So thank you very much. That’s that’s, that’s great. Yeah. And I had another one real quick. I just want to touch on it. There was a national, give something away day. So just remember to be generous. That’s what today is all about. You gave me this. Yeah. Burn -ass. And then I have one more. You gave me burn -ass. I gave, I made, I made, I, I fibbed. I have one more and it’s national youth skills day. And I just want to say real quickly that it’s really a day that was to promote encouraging youth to start acquiring skills that will help them achieve personal success and fulfillment. And I just want to say real quick that the young people, when we talk about building community, we want to build the community from, from, from, from youth, young people, all the way to adults, the whole community. So young kids today is interested to get in our office or work with us. You know, we would love to just, uh, whatever we would like to just, you know, pass some of the skills, opinions and, and experiences because, you know, we don’t got to keep them forever. If you, if you have a question, just come over, have a conversation, take 15 with us. We’d love that. Speaking of that, we would love to interview local people, business owners, business people, people that have a story, get them in our studio, just, you know, let them know we are here and promote them. Why, why you have, what was the vision for, why Naples? Why do you do what you do? What’s your passion behind it? I was just listening, some recording Matt did a couple of years ago and, uh, he said the people buy from people, they have a story. And I truly believe if somebody, you know, share their stories while they are so passionate about things like you just hearing our stories, you know, you just definitely get a little bit more excited to try it, to support them because you’re just going to start having some beliefs. And then that’s the whole community about helping each other spend money. And if you have to spend the money, spend them with the local people, spend it local 70 cents of every dollar stays local. Just remember that. And it helps promote our, our, our businesses locally and also helps tax revenues for other things that we need in our County. So I have two things to say. One of them is about the skills because you know, you’re learning skills every single day. So guess what? I was learning skills five to five o ‘clock in the morning. What’s that sleeping? I’m pretty good at that because I slept three hours a night. No, I actually, uh, sink in the coffee shop, start leaking very badly. So I started investigating and we have this under counter, uh, grease truck, which, uh, because we really don’t fry and I should have been here to put quarters down your rear. So we don’t have a requirement to have a grease drop outside of the restaurant, right? Because we don’t fry anything because we don’t, we do healthy stuff. And, um, we have this grease drop. It is underneath of the sink, which is like a, you know, like a box and the water goes through it and that started leaking. And, uh, ever six months or so the guy comes here and he goes, well, when was the last time you cleaned it? I said, well, we don’t really have anything grease. How do I know we have to clean it? And he goes, well, you will smell it.



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I smelled it at five o ‘clock in the morning. I was dealing with that. You smelled it, but you didn’t chill for hours. And, um, first of all, I have to say Sydney is doing a great thing if he requires even small restaurant having grease drop because it’s necessary. Yeah. Today I’m sold on that item. And secondly, um, there’s not something I want to do again. Well, because there must be service for it. So you’re going to find a service for that. There’s probably local businesses that do that. Good. Yeah. Good. So if there are some young kids looking to open the business, I have an idea for you. I suggest stayed away from that one, unless you like stinky things. It just doesn’t smell really good. And the second thing I want to remind you, if you are supporting local businesses, give us a shout out. If you’re supporting local businesses, give us a shout out. It’s a service that is only provided by us, nobody else. And we will gladly bring you whatever you wish for from our website. I’ll be our fire truck. So, you know, just remember we are here for you and we looking forward to see you with that pharmacist. Yup. I’m the in -house pharmacist. And what do I prescribe? I prescribe vitamin D. You might ask yourself, what is vitamin D? Well, let me tell you it’s tell somebody about divine Naples .com to subscribe to our podcasts, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, get out there and to just mumble it, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and tell somebody about divine Naples .com. We love you. Bam. Just bumble the, we also repeated yourself. It’s all right. You got lost in it. People get extra dose. Yeah. That, and I’m getting old and I’m losing my memory. Anyway, on that note. And then that now we’re going to wrap this episode, which is in this day, which is 15th of July, episode 388 from This Mike Rich. And from This Mike Matt. Ciao.


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