Matt as a certified pharmacist learned how real Vitamin D is absorbed in the body, but he does not understand why Rich paid $250 for it. French fries, ketchup, mayonnaise, Harley Davidson, belly dancing with kabob’s, This show is Rich with Matt and Rich .

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And hello all divine people, on small Saturday, that means Friday, July 14th, 2015, 2023, episode 387, outside currently is 91 F, sunny, more than we wish for, but that’s the Friday on 14. And my name is Rich, I’m from this mic. And I am Matt from this mic, and you know what, it’s not the problem, the sun’s not the problem, it’s the heat that it radiates, I like being out the sun, quite frankly. Do you? Yeah. Well, you don’t go to the beach very often. Well, I mean, I’m still out the sun. I mean, the sun does rise at what, you know, about six o ‘clock and it sets at, you know, 8 .30? Yeah, well, now, but basically I’m in the sun all day. Did you know? That I gotta be on a beach. You should be on the sun every day, 20 minutes, with bare skin, to at least get some amount that helps you every single day, that amount of the vitamin D. Oh, really? Yeah, 20 minutes. And the best time is in the morning. Yeah. Yeah, so if you want to go and catch some rays in the morning, I’ll suggest to you… Yeah, catch, like on the skin. You know what I’m saying? You get, you just don’t go to the dead beach where they’re giving $250 ticket, because that’s what it cost me. You might want, well, I got a suggestion for you next time, you might want to have a sticker and park it in one of the spots. That’s correct. But I just want to mention, that was the most expensive vitamin that I got. It was almost like a, what, 250 bucks, 20 minutes. It’s $12 a minute. Well, actually, it turned out, what’s 250 times three, because there’s 60 minutes. Well, you’re the number guy, I’m already lost. That costs you $750 that hour. Yeah, that’s correct. So be very careful how much you’re paying for vitamin D. Yep. And additional to that? Yeah, I got a vitamin D I’m going to prescribe later. Yeah, the later. That’s a different vitamin. And also… One of the things you should be doing, and every human being should be doing, is being barefoot in the grass. Yeah, really? Being connected to planet Earth. Oh, Mother Earth. Yeah, I don’t know if it’s mother, maybe it’s father Earth, but I don’t know what you’re These days you don’t know, maybe it’s binary. I actually got an email, I actually got an email from one of the companies, and there was a signature of the name, and behind the signature was, he, him. I was like, what the hell is this? Those are your pronouns, bro. He, him. Yeah. So he clearly identified that he’s just good, he’s just him, you know what I’m saying? But why do we have to do that? I don’t know, it’s just… It’s supposed to be just too generous, you know what I’m saying? Yeah, well, that’s according to your rules. Yeah, the parents is mother and father, so it’s either Mother Earth or Father Earth. I wonder where his father is, or I would like to go there. Yeah. Yeah, you want to eat your equal rights. It’s all about equality. No, but seriously, if you’re sitting with a computer… Yeah, I never got offended by calling it Mother Earth. No? Yeah, I mean, what, what, you know? No, you shouldn’t. I mean, no, but you know, I just… But somebody, you know. The fact is there’s more women in the world than men. Right, so men are… Well, then I should be able to find a date. He may be looking in the wrong place. Yeah, maybe. Why don’t go to like a, you know, what’s the name? Before they cancel them, before they are out of, you know, out of this planet. Bookstores. I love bookstores. I mean, that’s just… Barnes and Nobles. Yeah, I came down here to read, but I’m actually checking out Jix. Yeah, well, listen, I think… That was scholarly books and things. The way how, you know, you are read, you know, that means the information you’re carrying in this little hat that you have on the shoulders is equal to somebody who is looking for the information in the bookstore. So I would assume, you know, you can find somebody that you can have these conversations because you can seriously have a conversation forever until you burn them out with a voice. Or just talk their ear off. Yes. Yeah, but you know, if you want somebody intelligent, you find them there. Another place I would suggest to you, as your advisor… How about if I go back to college and hang out with the professors? Like the women? Yeah. No, that would be a problem. They will be still thinking they can teach you something.



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I don’t think they can learn anything anymore. You’re beyond that level. So you’re done. So as an advisor, a dating advisor of yours, another place I would suggest to you to find a woman, right? Just cancel your membership in the Match .com. That didn’t work. Yeah, that does. I don’t do those things. Just go to church. Yeah, I go to church. I like church anyway. But I don’t want to go to church. I’m going to church to get connected with God, not like check out women. Just make sure when it comes to church, just shut your pie hole. Because once you start speaking, the echo, I assume they will call cops or, you know, kick you out. Some of those larger churches got security. I might get an escort out to the parking lot. I was just talking to my friend today, Roman. Do you know him, Ron? Do you have a friend? Yeah, one that I grew up with. Roman’s awesome. I love that guy. That I grew up with in the place that, you know, we cannot, we cannot. They already know. We cannot know. So we were talking in our past and all this, and he reminded me something from my previous life. And he says, that woman could find problem for every solution. That’s brilliant. I’m going to steal it. And you know, you know what that woman was? Oh my God. I was laughing my ass off because the gist of the line, that woman, she could find a problem for every solution. That is a classic line. That should be, you could use that for just about anybody. No, you cannot. You have to use it for very special people that actually have the capabilities. You might have friends that act like that. If I knew then, I mean, that’s really long time, right? If I knew then, that she had those capabilities, I would somehow try to monetize them. You know what I’m saying? Like yesterday, we figured out how we can bottle me and you in the bottle. We call it what? Perfect genius potion. Perfect genius. I would kind of monetize my wife instead of just like disagreeing with her and stuff. You know, I would just figure it out how she can make money on her. Well, PGP, you just got that. That would be PGP. And then I would leave her. The acronym for our potion. Oh, that’s PGP. Yeah. So I just want to tell you, look what we created. Look at this. Can you describe this? Can you describe it? Well, it’s a styrofoam box that probably puts a sandwich in it. Oh, the sticker. I’m talking about sticker in a styrofoam box. The styrofoam box is just for testing. It’s where you put your sandwich in. But we created this wonderful sticker that will seal the meal. And the deal. Seal the deal. And there’s a message. I want to just mention that. Well, why don’t you do that? Because I like it. Because did you know that coupons are actually the only legal money that you can print home without the feds being involved? Yeah, you can print those. It’s the only money that you can print without the fed getting involved. Exactly. Catching a case and doing a 10 to 15 to 25 on that thing. You don’t have to worry about Secret Service coming under your door. No. Or going to have to spend some time at the Bureau of Prisons. Well, three hot meals. Exercise room. Yeah, but there’s a lot of other activities you don’t want to be involved in. So we created this sticker. It’s about four by six inches. Where we describe what is in the box. We deliver food to the beach. But also, there’s a QR code and a website which I’m going to read right now. Because everybody should know that. And that is divinenapels .com forward slash discount dash coupons. If you go to this website, divinenapels .com forward slash discount dash coupons. If you own a business, you can send us email at info at divinenapels .com. And tell us if you want to join us in this venture. And we will add your coupons to the list of them. Because right now there’s over $500 discounts. If you go again, divinenapels .com forward slash discount dash coupons. You will receive email with over $500 in coupons. There’s a little thing to it. That is, the coupons are only good for seven days from receiving that email. But you know what? It’s right now, coupons to the spa, day spa, beach delivery.



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A lot of them had four beers. Yeah, right. Three, four beers. So there’s a lot of really interesting things. And we created this sticker that we decided to seal every single box that we deliver food with. So people are, you know, they can be sure nobody ate their food, whoever’s delivering. Somebody opened up the box, tried a couple of fries. Yeah, that happens, right? I know it does. That’s why everybody’s stickering up their bags now. So just want to let you know, this is a new thing that we started. And if you want to order anything on the beach, your weekend is coming. So, you know, you’re going to be probably parking early in the day. And then you forgot, if you man, you forgot. They definitely forgot. We are here for you. That is peachesos .com. So that’s where you order one of those 250 or two of those 250 items. So now let’s go quickly. We have the menu of our sandwiches that the creator, the Mr. Perfect. Well, it was a collaboration. You always give me credit, but I like to put you on a pedestal. I just like it because you look much better than I. Thank you. That’s the truth. I didn’t mess with you. That’s okay. See how quick that stopped you from talking? Yes, because I had to think about it. And these days not much makes me think about. No, you’re probably going. I already thought about a lot of things. Somebody hit him with an ugly stick. So we have this menu and every menu item has a story. We’ve been spending a lot of time writing it and it’s really interesting. We want to share so you know how interesting stories and menu items we have. We serve in our Divine April’s coffee and wine bar, which is located in Fort Ebony South. So we would like to entice you with this, but also educate you some of the meals. You know that they have a history. For example, I’m going to, I’m going to hold on just a second. I’m going to pick one. Okay. Why don’t you take your time? Pick a nice one. Nice one, right? It’s not like there’s a bunch of them there. Yeah. So, um, let me see which one is the one here or one there. Right there. Here. The one there, here or there. But, uh, I’m on the clucker one. Right. Okay. So let me do this one. Uh, the name of the sandwich is honey mother clucker, right? Honey mother clucker. Yeah. When you come, when you come and you, uh, this is the first time in my life when mad said mother clucker and we were walking the street and we were laughing so hard. Then I think, uh, we probably woke up even the retired people from their nap in afternoon. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Especially if they were sleeping on, you know, on the fifth. Now I’m using the mother clucker all the time. Mother clucker. And I can get away with that because I also have Kentucky accent. So it’s really not like, uh, you know, it’s what the meaning behind it is really though, because you’re really meaning the other thing. Yeah, exactly. And we’re not promoting that. Yeah. It’s like I say, son of a bleach, chlorine, son of a biscuit. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like promoting the bleach. Promoting chlorine lifestyle. Oh my God. So let’s go. Honey mother clucker. Here is presume logic dilemma. What was first egg or the mother clucker? Many world renewed philosophers are still trying to answer this question. This is here. We have the answer and you will chew order this intelligent combination often crispy ciabatta with honey mustard, sliced chicken, meat, tomato, pickles, and organic mixed greens on your last bite. It will become crystal clear that chicken had to come out of the egg that came out of the chicken. Just saying. Oh my God. We just, you know, what are we going to do? We’re going to take all these stories and we’re going to put them in the heart cover book and leave one book on the table. Yeah. And I think we’re going to hear people first thing. Yeah, that would be smart just to, you have, cause you have the menu that you can just order quickly. You don’t have to read that and then just leave that there for some, I think that’s a very good idea. Sometimes you come up with some good ideas. I want to give a shout out to some of the events that we have. And first of all, I want to shout out to our friends that operating, Vergina, Vergina restaurant, what do you call it? Restaurant? Vergina. Yeah. Okay. Well, it’s cause I heard you pronounce it and I can’t make the mistake. Well, you can use your own familiar with another word that we just won’t say over there. So Vergina restaurant on Sunday, and very often they do, they have this music dinners and this one is very popular because they invite a musicians from Miami and they come, you know, and in Miami, a lot of Hispanics and they have this really absolutely wonderful culture.



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And the, the music is called flamenco show. It starts in 7 30 PM on Sunday, 16th of July, 2023. And you definitely want to get hold of somebody and we’re going to make a reservation and maybe close to the podium because the music will keep you in stitches. It’s a really nice acoustic guitar and belly dancers. Oh, nice belly dancers. So if you have a male friends in the town and maybe, you know, a bunch of guys who want to see some belly dancing with, uh, you know, um, nice, uh, Spanish also, maybe I could find a date there, but don’t bring your belly with you. That’s not recommended disappeared. So again, Vergina and the Sunday 16th. Now let’s go to another event that we have. And that is, uh, I want to just remind you there’s couple of them. There’s a couple, uh, quickly on 15, which is, uh, tomorrow between one and three and a Campier park Naples. Just masters. We talked about him yesterday, but I just want to give him extra shout out because this is, you know, this are the older guys, uh, which are experiencing music, playing jazz, and they just have a lot of followers. Bring your job, the beach chair, something to drink sunscreen. You can have been shade, but you’re going to enjoy a free concert in Campier park between one and three additional to that. Next we have, um, um, off the hook committee, two comedians. One of them is DJ Miller life, uh, that’s on, uh, on August, actually. I don’t know why they put it over here. So we’re going to skip that one. But the one that we mentioned yesterday, that is the comedian David Cutler. Yeah. He is from the office. Yeah. You got to go see that. And from here, we’re just going to skip right to our national days. What do you have? Well, I have a couple I want to share with you. Number one would be it’s national French fried bay. You like French rice? Uh, yes. They’re not that French. Did you know that? They’re not. We’re actually, they’re not, they’re from Belgium. Correct? That’s correct. Wow. Yeah. Well, the French people steals everything, man. They do. They, they, they just entice you and they steal everything. They stole croissant too. Do they? Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, baguettes. Yeah. Cause it was that Austrian. Yeah. That was Austrian. Yeah. I’m learning to, you know, hanging out with you cause we’re not telling your identity or where you’re from. Yeah. But I’m learning a lot about Europe and some of the culture just from a food perspective. So the old French fries were served in 1800s to Thomas Jefferson. Oh really? Yeah. You know. Over in France. Cause he was the, uh, he was our ambassador. No, it was in the White House. He was serving as a French mayor at the White House dinner. Yeah. But I, oh really? I thought, was he president or was he the ambassador? Yeah, he was. In White House. I don’t think he was still janitor. He was in the White House in a different capacity before that. Do you think he was janitor in 1802? No, but he is the, uh, one of the two main authors of the constitution, him and Madison. In fact, he had the most influence on it. He gave Madison a whole bunch of books to read to, to, to, uh, help put that thing together. That’s why French wanted to entice him. You know what I’m saying? With French fries. You know what he said when he finished eating French fries? What did he say? Yum, yum. No. Yeah. I like, I like French fries, man, but I don’t dip them in ketchup and people, you know, don’t take this wrong or whatever, but I just think mayonnaise is nasty in general. And why would you want to dip anything fried in mayonnaise? I don’t know, but I can tell you one thing for sure that after 1802 that he ate it, 1856, the French fries finally hit America. 1940. Why is that when we first got a fryer? No, just, I guess, uh, you know, they were figuring it out how they can monetize that and make money out of it. But they really, they really didn’t become very popular till McDonald’s. Yeah. It was in, uh, for maids, uh, cookery for maids, uh, of all work by, uh, E. Warren. I don’t know what that was. There was a, like a cookbook. Well. Yeah. As well. And, um, if you say French fries, what company you would associate with it? Well, I always think of Burger King, McDonald’s. McDonald’s. 1940. That’s what I was saying. They started. A few seconds ago. And in 1990, um, the McDonald’s starts cooking their French fries in the vegetable oil. Right. I wonder what they used before. More healthy, maybe peanut oil. I don’t know. So the people, Crisco, I think maybe there’s the ranking system. The San Francisco company, uh, use, uh, over a thousand Americans to rate their French fries. Number one, McDonald’s. Yeah. Number two, Chick -fil -A. Chick -fil -A. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, number three, Five Guys. Number four, Wendy’s and, uh, number 10 is Carl’s Jr.



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Oh, really? I don’t even know if I ever had French fries. I like Carl’s Jr. actually though. So a 55 % people like it with ketchup and, um, that’s pretty much, uh, you know. How many with the mayonnaise does it say? No. Oh, hold on just a second. Let me see. Mayonnaise is not even, oh yeah, five, uh, four percent. Only four percent. There’s your four percent. Well, did you know how many pounds? That’s not your case. Yeah. But, uh, right. How many pounds? Uh, I thought you rather do it in kilos or whatever. Your case is higher number, but there’s 30 pounds per regular person eat French fries a year. Yeah. I don’t even eat French fries. That’s like 14 kilos. I can’t even remember the last time I bought French fries with any fast food. But then again, I eat Taco Bell. I got a couple other national drinks for you. So I got national mac and cheese day and that is the ultimate, dude, no, but that is the ultimate comfort food and there’s so many things you can put in it. What? I mean, you can do lobster and crab macaroni and cheese. You can do, I’d rather have macaroni, cheese and Franks, not beanie weenies, but mac and weenies. You know, you could put all kinds of different sausages in there. Yesterday I talked about that dip from Walmart, the burnt, burnt ends. Where is it by the way? It’s just burnt, really charred. I forgot it today because I got this, but let me see if I can’t get it next week, but you could put like, you can make so many different mac and cheeses. It’s not like the yellow cheese. I’m going to stop you right here. One thing I never had in my life is macaroni and cheese. Okay, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make a homemade one because I know you like cheese and if I keep it, at least there’s no yellow cheese in it. If I use smoked career or, you know, Gouda and some white cheddars, spaghetti and some macaroni. No. Why? Because then it’s not macaroni. Macaroni is a specific noodle. Noodle. It’s not even noodle. It is a noodle. It’s a pasta. It’s an elbow, pasta, whatever. Anyway, don’t mince words with me. I may, if there’s a different cheese than the yellow one, which is, you can burn. Yeah. Fire. Yeah. No, I don’t use that. But that’s a color. I may try it. Actually Boar’s Head makes their own coloring for their yellow cheese. It’s all natural. Can I put ketchup on it? You can do whatever you want. I just, I wouldn’t, I won’t eat it. I’ll just watch you. I have one more day for you. Give it to me. It’s World Kebab Day. Now that would go perfect with those belly dancers. Did you know that that originated over in Turkey? Now I was thinking, I was musing to myself a few minutes ago thinking, hey, aren’t those the same guys, the Turks that created the hookah pipe and the ones that smoke hashish? And I’m thinking, what kind of guy came out? Because it’s actually called food on a stick. And did he get the munchies or something? And then they start putting pieces of meat and barbecue back there. So basically everybody knows what a kebab is. It’s some type of meat, usually lamb, chicken, or beef with vegetables. I always say that vegetables are overrated. So I’d probably just stick a bunch of meat online and marinate it in something. But there is, I’m kidding. I love kebabs and it goes good with just about anything. Me too. And those kebabs would go good with mac and cheese. That is not so far from a gyro. But it’s Greek. You know, they use the same meat, which is lamb. Sure. Yeah. So, you know, when is the gyro day? I don’t know. We’ll find out. I will smear that on my face. Don’t worry about it. It’ll come up in, it’ll come up. No time. Well, I have one which is kind of special to me and that is national mystical day. And I think I should celebrate that today. It’s every second Friday in July, every year. And does it count when you ride scooter? I guess. Yeah. Two wheels, right? Yeah, two wheels. And mine goes 80 miles an hour. Wow, that’s crazy. So I think we should include me in it. And it’s kind of just special when the wind hits your face in high speeds. And it’s just an experience that you cannot experience in a car, unless your face is hit by a license plate in front of you, which is not a good thing, you know what I’m saying? So I just want to bring some kind of stats here. And that is motorcycles are not in few numbers. There’s over 80 millions of them in the United States. And the first motorcycle had the name, right wagon. Did you know that? Really? Yeah. And Howard Davidson really started interesting. You know what they used as a carburetor in the beginning of their assembly line? No. Tomato soup can.



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Wow. That’s nice, right? I mean, they make all the money, all the money. So just wanted to give you a little things right there. And let me see what else we have here. And I just want to mention yesterday we said that people if you want to hit the movie theater, Silver Spot before they close it in July 23rd, hurry up. For some reason, we don’t know the details yet. Silver Spot is closing, which is set a new year after 15 years. And with that, we’re going to slowly wrap it up. We’re going to bring our pharmacist. Yeah, we are. We were talking about vitamin D today and that was vitamin D coming from the sun. But today, I’m your in -house pharmacist and I prescribe a different vitamin D. That vitamin D is to tell somebody about divinenapels .com and to subscribe to this podcast, Matt and Rich Podcast, and to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Would you go out and tell somebody today about divinenapels .com and have them start listening to The Matt and Rich Show? And on that note, BAM! That is right. And what you’re listening is also music that came from Terra, Kitara, Julian, Bruce. I want to thank them again because they just put the tunes behind our voices, which makes this whole podcast a different experience. And they will hopefully be coming this winter back to Naples, play around. So look for Terra, Kitara and Julian, Bruce. We love you. We miss you here. And thank you again for the intro song, which is very special to us. It’s called Divine Naples. With this, we’re going to wrap it up. 387 is in the can. That’s going to be soup can, just the same as the Harlow Davidson News. And we’ll be wrapping it up from this mic, Rich. From this mic, Matt. Ciao!

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