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Old McDonnald had a farm with chickens, cows, berries and slurpees  Episode #384  July. 11th.  2023

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it And Divine is, it’s Monday, July 10th, 2023, episode 383! From this Mike Rich, and from this Mike Matt. There you go, Monday again. And we start this week again. You know the European calendar starts on Monday? It does? I didn’t know that. Well ours starts on Sunday, I don’t know. What do you mean ours? Who is ours? Gregorian, whatever. What do you mean Gregorian? Whatever the Gregorian calendar is. I don’t know. I don’t know. I find it weird because I mean like Sunday is a Sabbath. Why would you start a week with a Sabbath day? Yeah, there’s a lot of weird things here in America. Yeah, I mean it does make sense. I mean why wouldn’t you start Monday? First of all. You’d go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday for work. Yeah. And then Sunday for Sabbath, which you know traditionally in the United States, being a Judeo -Christian nation, I mean that’s what it was founded on, they would take Sundays off in Sabbath. And in fact down in the south, I don’t know maybe here I need to look at the history, they used to have blue laws like you couldn’t be open and do business on Sunday. Yeah, let me touch that because you know what, there’s a lot of weird things, a lot of confusing things. Like starting days on Sunday, that’s confusing for you, right? Right, I mean I guess. I’m conditioned. I mean I grew up just doing it. But you make sense, I mean it makes sense. You make sense saying that Monday should start the day of the week. Yeah, it always makes sense if you don’t know that. Somebody may get a hold of us and correct us and say we’re both wrong. Maybe it starts on Tuesday, I don’t know. No, no, no. There’s one thing that’s for sure and I’m always right. Okay. Yeah, so thank you. So let me just introduce you. I mean, you are a legend in your own mind. I don’t want to start any friction here. Let me just introduce you. I mean if you’ve convinced yourself, go with it. Yeah, I’m going. So if you can just shut up for a second, I will kind of introduce the simplicity in your life, right? There’s one meter. You don’t know how many centimeters is one meter? No, because I don’t use the metrics. A hundred. A hundred, okay. And you know how many kilometer has meters? I don’t even know what a kilometer is. A kilometer is a thousand meters. How many of those do you need to make a pile? How many centimeters has… I know centipedes. …one meter? You know, we can go on and on. It’s all hundreds. One and zero, one and zero, zero. The only thing a hundred I care about is the Franklin. A hundred dollar bill. You see, how many dollar bills is in the hundred dollar bill? A hundred. Well, this is simple, right? It is simple. Hold on just a second. How many eighths of inch is in one inch? The eighth of it. No, how many eighths? It’s missing two. How many eighths? Eight eighths. Oh, that was, yeah. How many sixteenths? Sixteenths, sixteenths. Yeah, but you cannot really visually tell me how big it is, right? No, not really. Yeah, it’s kind of confusing. How many, you know, it’s just like you can start confusing people with the inch measurements. You’ve confused me. And now tell me how many pounds is in, you know, how many ounces is in the pounds? That’s easy. That’s sixteen. Oh, you think so? Yeah. How do you know that? Because when I go to the grocery store, it says pound of ham when I pick up the bag. I guarantee you. And I see on the bag, it says, hey, it’s sixteen ounces. I guarantee you. And then it has parentheses, it says one pound. Okay, but I guarantee you, right, that 90 % of Americans probably are confused by that. Yeah, they are. Well, that’s because of our educational system. It’s not just that. Lately, it is. But it would be much more simpler if you just have hundreds, you know, one and zero. But why not just have one and zero? Yeah, exactly. That’s my question. Why? I don’t know. Because humans are complicated people. No, we are very simple. We are very simple. Speak about yourself. And let’s just think about, like, for example, like a man, you always think about one thing and one thing only. What’s that? Think about it. So that means you are not a man. You are not. I don’t know. Today, you never know. I mean, anyway. But I get it, you know. Of course, it’s women. That’s where the one -track mind, they say a man and that type of stuff.



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But, you know, I don’t know. We have, as a man, as a human being, as a man, we have one thing kind of clear. Yeah. You know, if you’re the right man. Right. If you don’t fall into the percentage that you are a little different. Right. Right? And we think about it. One thing and one thing only continuously. Right? Women. Yeah. Yeah. Well, how to make them happy? Yeah. Well, true. You know, you can keep trying. You can probably do that, make them happy with a bunch of Franklins. That’s exactly right. And then you know you need a hundred of them if they’re single. Probably more than a hundred. And maybe you’ll be able to confuse her because you tell her, hey, you have sixteen of eight of Franklins. Yeah. Or you just put a, you know how the bills come with the strap around it? Yeah, the paper strap. The paper strap, yeah. What you do is you put the Franklin there on top of all the rest. And the bottom and all the rest are ones. So you just go, hey, Eddie, here. Have a great day today. And she goes thinking I got all these. And you think she cannot recognize the one and zeros. No, no. She says two hundred dollars and whatever’s in between. Well, that would be what? How many, I don’t even pay attention to this. That would be two hundred ninety eight dollars. Those are two thousand. Is that two thousand? What happens? Usually it’s written on the wrapping, right? Yeah, because it’s complicated. Well, we’ve probably, you’ve complicated this whole thing for me. I’m confused. No, I just, when people arrive here from different countries, I guarantee you one thing. Because I experienced something similar. It was a long time ago. A long, long time. I came and I was impressed. I’m still kind of impressed. Everything is big. You don’t know how big because you cannot measure in the inches and ounces. You cannot really, you cannot get a visual of how big it is because you come from a metric system. But you know, it’s big. Big cars, big houses. Big mouths. Big plates. Big meals. Big buffets. And in the end, big people. Yeah. That’s pretty much what we get impressed with. Yeah, well not necessarily here now. Remember we’re the healthiest and happiest. Well, I think that changed a little bit here. Have you got a little exercise? It does have a lot to do with diet and what’s in our foods. I mean, how many, I’m amazed at how many fat Chinese and Japanese people I see these days. And if you look at their cultures, you know, back in Asia. Yeah. They live in the 30 square feet apartments. They come here, they get 30 ,000 square feet apartments because they work all the time and they finally make it into the big kind of. Well, also it’s just, you know, just the fast food and things that, you know, I don’t think. When did McDonald’s go to Japan? I don’t know. After the war or something or whatever. But I mean, it’s just like, you know, their diets. They’re usually in. Absolutely. So anyway. I mean, you are what you eat. You are. And you eat cookies. I do eat cookies. I look pretty good now. I just want to, and chocolate and all these things. You do things in moderation. I mean, you may not have the shut off valve then. You just keep going. I don’t have a shut off valve. I do. Sometimes then I have to take drastic things in my hands. Sometimes I do intermediate fasting and that type of stuff. Sometimes you just. But you have it under control. You know, again, it’s like, you know, just do things in moderation. Take care of yourself. And a lot of people do that because obviously we’re the healthiest and happiest. City. City. Yeah. What made you happy today? What made me happy? In the morning. You know what I do? Every single day. You know what I do? I take three fingers. You want to see them? These three fingers. Oh. Right. That’s a thumb and two fingers. Okay. These three fingers. Hold on. Hold on. I get the visual people. You know. Thumb is not a finger. Yeah. This is not a finger, right? I guess it’s a finger. Okay. Do you see how everything confusing in this country? How many fingers they have? Ten. No, you have two thumbs and four fingers on each hand. Oh, thank you for clarifying it. All of a sudden I don’t have ten fingers. All right, so three fingers. These three fingers. You’re holding up four now. Can you describe what I’m doing? Any morning before I even open eyes, I take these three fingers and put them right here. Oh, your pulse to say, hey, yeah. And then I scream, yes. I’m alive. I’m here. Yeah, that’s true. I just, first before I even open my eyes, I kind of check if I’m still alive. Yeah. And that’s what make me happy. Yeah, that’s awesome. I am too. I’m a pretty simple, happy guy with just, you know, just life. I just like people hanging out. I’m not into material things. And then when I see you, that makes me happy. And when I see you, I kind of get happy. I mean, you may get happy for different reasons because I feed you with coffee and all these things that, you know, nice people do to nice people.



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Right. Yeah. But, you know, just nice to have you back. Nice to have you back in the town. Yeah. I’m glad to be back. I really don’t want to leave anymore. I’ll go see my kids. And, you know, they, you gave me that nickname again. You know, I got a new one. It’s Huckleberry Finn. Yeah. What was the old one? I got a whole bunch and we’re just not going to. Yeah. But, um, it’s funny because like I said yesterday or Saturday, we’re talking is like, uh, one of my kids thinks I should just get one of those. We’ve always talked about this before. Remember when I used to talk about the vans? Yeah. And putting together and I should just go from town to town. But I really, you know, I really don’t want to go anywhere unless it’s to go visit my kids in California, my grandkids. So, um, I’m glad to be back in Florida. I love the weather. I just love the people and just the vibe. And so I’m excited. And people love you. So you’re here and we’re doing it again. We are doing again. And this is a, it’s a little bit better this time because with the investment you guys have made in the technology and kind of perfecting a little bit of the show, we are, you know, with so many things going on, we won’t go into that. But, um, you know, we’re able to post them every day and which is a, is a big deal. And so part of the plan is, is that we plan on to do the shows that you’re hearing right now, Monday through Friday, just raw right, right at the microphone. And then Rich, my partner here, who’s into obviously numbers today, uh, is decided and we’ve come together and said, Hey, why don’t we just do live Facebook and Instagram on Saturdays? So that’s what we’re going to be doing. So we can connect directly with you on the, on the screen. You can see the first trial and how beautiful we are on Facebook and also Instagram. Uh, there’s a first time that we tried it and you can interact with us and ask us questions directly on the screen. We can answer them. We can talk, kind of give you ideas if you, you know, whatever you want to know. And there’s no filters. Uh, we of course keep it R rated. So, you know, we don’t have to, what is not R rated? G. G. G rated. R and unrated. R rated means you need to be 17 and above. Thank you for correction. So we’re G rated. It’s family oriented. That’s correct. So unrated. Unrated. Okay. You make a new one. Just make sure people understand. Okay. And, um, you know, we would be on a Saturday, we know people are home, maybe on the beach, you know, we kind of announce what time we’re going to do this, uh, in advance. So you can prepare, you can watch us, you can ask whatever question you want. And Sunday we’re going to publish the longer interview of people that, uh, we think they have a story, interesting story that, you know, belongs to Naples. And, uh, yesterday there’s a podcast with Donald Devo. If anybody ever purchased car from Devo Cadillac, GMC, Subaru, Volvo, I mean, so many different, uh, you know, it used to be Isuzu. Yeah. You know, what else? GMC. GMC. Buick’s. If you had a Buick. Yeah. All these cars, they’ve been here since fifties. And I guarantee you the story is so interesting. I loved it. I used to know how Naples used to look like. And what he used to do. Yeah. And the three of them in paper routes and all kinds of stuff, you know? So you can, you can learn where, uh, what was his first girlfriend, where he took her off for a date, when he almost got arrested. Yeah. You know, it’s just like really interesting things. It was a different time, you know, growing up there and their parents just, you know, took, they came from Ohio, right? Uh, yes. And so just kind of in Indiana and settling down here when it was just really Everglades. I mean, you know, when you think about it, just when, when I came about the same time as you, I think I came in 95 or 96, um, there wasn’t really that much built past airport, to be honest with you. And it was still, that was still called these dates. I remember when I was driving to Bonita first time, somebody could send me to junkyard and I was driving and driving and I was like, I thought I got lost. I was driving for like 40 minutes. Yeah. Just like with nothing on either side. Nothing on either side. I was like, where am I? I pull up the map, you know, the one from Walmart is still looking. So I turn around, right? And hold on just a second. I turn around and I’m driving back to Naples. I started in the morning, so I’m in the weekend and no English. I couldn’t speak anything in English. So, um, I was going, looking for some kind of part, uh, for the car that I had. It was Ford Escort. That’s what it was. A very nice car.



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Quick set all repair daily type of thing. So I drove back another, you know, 20 minutes. I was like, you send me, I go back to the guy, you send me to his junkyard. I couldn’t find it. I was driving from showing him and he says, no, keep driving. So I go back. I passed that point where I turned around for another, like five miles and turn around again. Right. So I did this three times, back and forth, back and forth. Now it’s already three o ‘clock in the afternoon, right? Because I’m going, this is my fourth time going that direction. And I finally kind of asked somebody and he just pointed across the street. I would turn around again and go back because. Oh my gosh. Yeah. It was just at the point where I was always turning around. I couldn’t, I was, you know, it’s just how Naples was. You know, it said the problem is, is that Al Gore, I think just, it’s just created the internet. Do you think so? That’s what he said. Wow. And then you didn’t have GPS. You were still using old school maps. Yeah. But I mean, you, there was no GPS. Oh, you did? Yeah. I had the map and finger. Yeah. That’s what I’m saying. Old school. That was the version 1 .0. Manual. Yeah. Manual GPS. Hey, you know, can you imagine today if we didn’t have that? I mean, we’d be, I don’t even know where to go buy a map. I guess you can go get an Atlas in Walmart. You know what? I saved. I don’t see them in gas stations. I saved the map and I saved the yellow pages. Yeah. I think they’re going to be very lovely one day. Oh, you did? Yeah. Because I don’t think we’re going back to that. No. No. Yeah. And if we do, I’m prepared. Yeah. Well, and at least not, probably not with any, you know, relative numbers. I mean, we used to be able to. Those people in that book might be dead already. I used to be able to remember a number of phone numbers from whole family. I barely remember mine. Yeah. That’s the only one I had known. Mine. So if you get arrested, will you call? You remember your number? I mean, you can go in my phone and I got names for everybody. I don’t even think I’ve even put their last names on some of them. I just, how I beat them, like. Mark Blue Hair. John from Amazon. I was wondering what happens if I get a second John, I just write John too. Amazon too. And we want to remind you here that we are always looking for somebody to interview. If it’s the business owner, if it’s somebody that has some interesting story, please let us know or contact them to contact us. Just do something for, you know, for this community so we can bring the stories and interesting people out of the shadow because we want to know where they are and what their story is. I think there’s everybody has one interesting story. We need to share them around and we are here to create community. So help us out with that info at divine Naples dot com. You can send us email or you can send us direct message on any social media. So thank you very much in advance. Right. Yeah. And we just we want to know who the business owners are and to share their story and why they do what they do, their passion so that we can drive customers to their business. That’s correct. And let’s talk about National Day. We have some interesting ones. And you want to start with yours? Yeah, I do. It’s National Kitty Day. Do you have any cats? No. Really? No. Do you have any pets at home? No. Lots of people have awesome cats. Actually at one time, I really just to be honest with you, I didn’t like cats. And if in my household, if we had animals, I had to take care of them. So it was like kind of taking care of more kids. I pets had temporarily, but it died. Did it? Yeah. In three days. What, a goldfish? No. When I was coming home, it was cold outside. And you know, you turn on heater and all this in downyards. And you know, it’s like two days in a year in Florida. And I was unloading shopping from the Publix. Yeah. The pleasure. The shopping is a pleasure. Shopping is a pleasure. Yeah. And I left the door open. It was dark night. I left the door open. And you know, in the end, I kind of got this going. Go to sleep. And I hear scratches in the wall. I was, what the heck is this? And I had scratches and scratches. And we have metal studs, you know, in the house. So it’s just like scratches. And then I found out we had red. Oh, really? Yeah. The red followed the wall around the house. And the door was open. So we went inside my house. Did you even ask? So that was your pet? Yeah, it was my pet. Oh, my God. You should see me. I would have got out some glue. I had a golf club next to my door. Every time I opened the door violently, I could almost hear something. I ran inside, see if I can find it in the kitchen. And then in the end, I put some traps. Yeah. I found that cats are a lot easier. They used to bug me, but they’re a lot easier to take care of. I’ve had a couple of girlfriends that had cats. And also then out on a property off of Sable Palm, we had feral cats that stayed outside, and they actually did a great job.



00:20:06 – 00:25:03


They kept rodents and those types of things away. So it’s National Kitty Day. If you’ve got a cat, celebrate, you know. If you don’t, maybe you might want to go to the pet stores, local pet stores, and take a look at kitties at Brickwood Home. Maybe some people have different cats, and I’m going to talk to the individual that they call individual certain cats. Because today is also nude recreational week between July 10th and 16th. Yeah. So you can get nude and find a place where you can do that. Is that legal anyway? In your house, in your Jacuzzi. Where did you just keep it in your house? Backyard. People also should be more healthy to sleep naked. Is it really? I have no idea. Why is that? Well, I mean, you don’t have anything on you. So I guess the freedom, sleeping naked is quite common in England. 30 % of people in England sleeps naked compared to 12 % of people in the United States. Did you know that? No, I didn’t. Yeah, that’s what it is. And the Olympics used to be nudist too. Did you know that? I had no idea about that. Really? In ancient Greece, athletes would compete stark naked in Olympic games. Really? We should bring it back. Oh my gosh, no thanks. And you know, there’s those guys that always go up into like these little men clubs or whatever and they jump in the freezing water like in Alaska or go, I don’t know, Minnesota or somewhere and cut a hole in ice and jump in there. You can go in sauna. You can have that. But who would want to get naked and jump in a cold hole if it’s freezing? It’s in sauna. You’ve never been in sauna? That’s hot stuff. Yeah, but then you’re supposed to jump in the cold water. Oh, I had no idea. Yeah, it’s for the health benefits. Oh, I didn’t know. Because when you’re sitting in sauna, because you don’t, you’re sitting in a sauna here outside. When you’re sitting in a sauna, your pores on your skin open up and detox. And then you just go and close them quickly, but also when you stay in the water for a certain period of time, which is between two to four minutes, it increases or improves your immune system. Really? But being in cold water? Yeah, absolutely. The only problem is the man naturally has a problem with the cold because it can shrink. And I heard the stories that some of them shrink so much that they were looking at it for some time. Let’s go to another different day. And another different day we’re celebrating is Nikola Tesla. Oh, wow. Yeah, inventor Nikola Tesla. That’s his birthday today. It’s his birthday, dad? Yeah, he was born on July 10th, 1856. We’ve got an awful lot of Teslas around here. Well, I tell you what, this guy was some kind of… They also think he’s a time traveler. Wow. He was able to predict things and create things that were so far away from whatever the times he was living in. Wow. That he was… So you think he was doing back to the future stuff? No, I mean, he was very smart. Like a time machine? Yeah, maybe. Who knows how things work? You know what I’m saying? He changed the world. He basically invented 20th century. Wow. With a lot of inventions, he had over 300 patents. Wow, that’s awesome. Are they all in use today? I’m sorry? Are they all in use? A lot of them were stolen. Yeah. And he was living in New York, and in the end, he was very poor. Wow. At the time, he was also working in Edison company. Now you want musk as always, buddy. Yeah, I guess so, yeah. And he died. He was 86 years old. Do you know what’s interesting about him? He had photographic memory. He was polyglot. Do you know what that is? No, I don’t. He was speaking multiple languages, just like me. Yeah. So many different languages. So he was a what? It’s polyglot. Okay. Do you want to spell it? No, thanks. Okay. You don’t need to know. He was a picture thinker. So he was able to think and already have a picture. A picture of what it is. That’s cool. And you know what his estimated range of IQ was? Just like mine. 70? Yeah, it’s all going to come back to you. Between 160 to 310. Oh, my God. 310. Yeah. Come on. Is there even a number like that? Well, it is. They put it right here. It is. I was like, hey, you know, the ice cap’s going to melt in 2013. I mean, how? Just go and study his inventions. Okay, I will. And try to think about doing those things in 1956. I couldn’t because you need to be a mathematician, and we know that, remember, I’m a macro guy, not my friend.



00:25:03 – 00:30:02


Yeah, you can only say hundreds. Right. But you don’t know how many numbers he’s in. I don’t know how many. Oh, my God. How many ones does it take? Let’s just touch some events so we know what we’re doing here. There’s an event for you. It actually started Saturday, but I think you can catch up with them. It’s the seven -day silence retreat. I think if we go there … I think if I went there, it had to be silent for seven days. You die. You die. Either that or I was going to be committed to the hospital. No, I was in the psych ward. Oh, my God. So it started on Saturday, July 8th, at 1 p .m. Hold on. And it goes to 15 to 1 p .m. And it’s at the Greenlink’s Gulf Villas of Leyla Resort. And if you still feel like you want to catch up with them and just shut your pie hole for seven days, nobody’s answering. I don’t know how they do that. It’s interesting. And I think everybody should just shut down the telephones and emails and all this and just go to detox and just sit there. Now, another event, which I would like to point it out, which is really interesting, is Qigong, which is Qigong practicing and Qigong and Tai Chi class. And that is always held in the Campier Park. Yeah, it’s right over here. Tomorrow at July 11th, 2023, starts at 9 .15 a .m. and goes to another class is 10 .15 a .m. So please join them. It’s one of the most popular exercises, this breathing exercise, energy exercise that is going back 3000 years in China. And most people, when you see in movies or anywhere else, when they stand still and moving slowly and breathing in and out, that’s what they’re practicing. And a lot of Chinese people are healthy thanks to that. Yeah, they are. Something to think about. And there’s also going to be the GP student musical, Little Mermaid, and that’s at the Norris Center. Hold on just a second. How big is that Little Mermaid? There we go with you and your numbers, man. I just can’t take it anymore. And then I believe there’s also the Adventure Camp. And that is going to be at Fleshman’s Park. And that’s off of Goodlet, isn’t it? From Fleshman’s Park. Yeah, it’s next to the mall. Yeah. Yeah, next to the Pandapa video. Yep. And that’s Monday. That’s actually been going on. It started on the 10th, and it’s all the way till Friday the 14th. And it’s 9 a .m. to 5 p .m. They just built the most coolest kids park there. Yeah. With artificial grass, nice slides, everything is fenced. So, you know, just nice, secure. And if you have kids, that’s definitely, if you haven’t been there for a while, you would be really nicely surprised. So go check it out. I am so happy for people that invest into kids and donate money into good purpose and use. So thank you very much whoever donated, and thank you very much for building, and thank you for City of Naples organizing it and maintaining it. And just like a cool thing, really right now they had, you know, a place to go with kids. Yeah, wonderful. That’s wonderful. That’s pretty much it. And anything else you want to add? No, I’m good. Oh, I forgot to mention it is pina colada day too. So that’s a perfect drink for the beach. So if you want to, if you got time, it’s go out to one of the beach hotels or something and have one of those served and maybe take a stroll on the beach. Straw? Straw or straw? Oh yeah, so you should do that. You might need to be putting a stroller. Why are you saying that? So you act like a big baby sometimes. Well, I am. I’m really happy with that. So just want to let you know for confusing reasons, you know, it’s 31 Celsius outside. So just so you know. Okay. So that’s about 91. I don’t know. It’s 31 Celsius outside. Okay. Yeah, for European listeners and for Americans. That’s now you’re confused like Europeans are in America. You’re welcome. With that, I’m going to wrap it up. It’s Monday, July 10, 2023, episode 383, wrapping. I got one more thing to do because I’m the in -house pharmacist. Oh, I’ll take it back. Unwrapping. Unwrap it. Let me get back to this. And so I am the in -house pharmacist and what do I prescribe? I prescribe vitamin D. We want you to go out and tell somebody about divinenapels .com. Maybe not just one person, two people, maybe even three. And maybe your entire family and maybe your entire neighborhood. Tell them about divinenapels .com to subscribe to this podcast. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, I should say.



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And there you have it. Take your vitamin D. Bam. Bam. sponsor And unofficial of this podcast, there is beachesos .com. We forgot to mention. We all provide the delivery service of food, alcohol, drinks, ice cream, olive oil, baby wipes, sunscreen and whatever it takes to get you on the beach and make you more comfortable so you don’t have to lose parking space. Just go to www .beachesos .com. We will bring it to you probably in 45 minutes or less if you can with a cool fire truck with the lights on and we don’t charge for delivery. That’s free of charge. And that’s a lot to say because a lot of the delivery charges are just crazy. Try Uber Eats and some other companies. DoorDash, yeah. The burger can or bagel can cost you 30 bucks. Oh yeah. Einstein Bagel for 30 dollars. Support local companies and local restaurants, beachesos .com. And we thank you. If any other company would like to be sponsor of this program, please contact us. Send us email. Now wrapping? Yep, wrap it up. Wrapping up. We don’t have anything to wrap it, but let’s just imagine we’re wrapping it up. Oh yeah. Monday episode, July 10, 2023. 383 in the series is wrapped. Wrapped. Thank you from Mike, This Mike Rich. And from This Mike Matt. We love you. Ciao. Ciao.




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