Fireworks at Naples Pier

Fireworks have always been fascinating to both young and old, regardless of what part of the world people are from. The captivating lights and booming aerial explosions have awed people [...]

Stone Crab Festival

When in Naples, Florida we’d assume that you’d like to sink your teeth into some fresh seafood. And we’re sure you won’t be disappointed because the entire region of Southwestern Florida is not [...]

History of the Naples Beach Hotel

Families and friends across generations have returned again and again to see something that simply isn’t accessible anyplace else in Naples. While everyone says this, there is just [...]

Where to Find Shark Teeth on the Beach

Considered as one of the biggest and most intense predators in history, the ferocious megalodon was a massive sea monster that stalked the deep waters of the prehistoric times. The time before [...]

Cars On 5th

In February 11, 2017, the people of Naples, Florida were in for a visual treat. Almost 400 exotic and classic cars were lined up in Fifth Avenue South in downtown, Naples for the annual Cars on [...]

Enjoy Some Coconut Drinks

We can all agree that coconut water is just an overall fun and tasty drink to have, especially on a hot summer’s day. And the more exciting part is it not only tastes good, it also has a lot of [...]

What to do in Tin City?

Tin City boasts of rustic boutiques and on the other hand, downtown Naples has the most chic shops to date.  You are certain to quench your thirst for a great shopping experience, while here in [...]

Inside The Swamp Buggy

Loud, fun and dirty, that’s what these brute monsters called the Swamp Buggies are all about. These massive mechanical beasts are the king of the Florida swamp.  If you’re out for some high [...]