In February 11, 2017, the people of Naples, Florida were in for a visual treat. Almost 400 exotic and classic cars were lined up in Fifth Avenue South in downtown, Naples for the annual Cars on Fifth. The event was organized by the Ferrari Club of Naples, Florida and was attended by a crowd from in and out of the city. The car show had a superb display of displays from the latest to the most vintage of rides and the people were stunned by all of them, pacing to and fro, taking pictures and everything.

Although the event was presented by the Ferrari Club, the event welcomed exhibits from other luxury brands as well, such as Lamborghini cars, Ford, Porsche, McLaren, Bentley, Maserati, Mercedes Benz and so much more. There were even restored models from the fifties and there were ones that were preserved from all the way back to the 20’s.

60 Corvettes, Bentleys, Mercedes cars, the vintage models  and other luxury brands of vibrant red, white, gray and orange all made a short parade in the streets of the downtown area, with a truly jam-packed crowd on the sides, admiring them and taking even more pictures.  And of course the highlight of the show was the around 100 Ferrari cars that were on display and this brought joy to the automobile enthusiasts that were in the event, not bad for an event that started 13 years ago that had only 40-50 cars in display.

Today, well polished luxury brands and the restored vintage ones sparkle brightly under the bright southwest Florida sun.  The owners sit proudly on their chairs as they watch the enthusiasts and the kids admire their mechanical babies. And the visitors were treated by a live open-air rock performance to seal the deal. This event was also done for the benefit of a local homeless shelter which is very touching.

It was a truly fun event and the great news is the event will be staged again next year, which would be on February 10, 2018. So, if you’d like to see more, go ahead and mark your calendars.

If you plan to go to the event next year, we suggest that you try the other places in Naples, Florida before and after this nice afternoon event. You can go for a brisk morning walk at the Naples Zoo, surrounded with nature and animals from different parts of the world.  After the event, by late afternoon, you can head straight down to the Naples Pier which is nearby. The Naples Pier is one of the more popular beaches in Florida where you and many others can catch the most beautiful sunset you will ever see in your life – and this happens daily.

So, pack your bags and enjoy a day of fun and robust activities. Naples, Florida is open to all visitors who wish to experience the warm climate, good food, the stunning beaches, the superb wildlife and all of nature’s bounties, and of course, awesome cars too.

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