Naples Beach

We can say that there is no paradise on this planet that is comparable to the splendor of the beaches in Naples, Florida. The charm that brings everyone to this wonderful summer getaway is the [...]

Fishing in Naples Florida

If you are the adventurous type, why not try fishing along the Paradise Coast? With its semi-tropical climate, there is no other place in the world more perfect for fishing a wide variety of [...]

Beach Safety Tips

Top 5 Beach Safety Tips Having fun on the beach is always up there in the list of things to during the summer by many people. It could be that you are one of these people. You may be the [...]

Surviving the Florida Sun

Getting out in the sun is oftentimes a pleasant experience. It feels rejuvenating, it revives the soul. Well, that is if it’s taken in moderation or at least at certain times of the day.  While [...]

Collecting Seashells in Naples, FL

Shells had always been and still are such wonderful things to behold. With their fancy shapes and colors, they always seem to captivate people young and old. And captivate they did ever since [...]

Birdwatching in Southwest Florida

Florida has a rich and diverse ecosystem. This wonderful paradise is teeming with life – land, sea and air. And one of the many things you can do to appreciate it is by bird watching.  Florida [...]

Visiting the Naples Pier

Are you looking for a nice and cozy beach where you could simply relax and unwind for the rest of the summer? Well, look no further than The Naples Pier.  Situated in 25 12th Ave S, Naples, this [...]

Exploring Naples Florida with Kids

Time and again we have expressed how Naples is such a great spot for both young and old. With that being said, there are many places in Naples and its nearby areas that are specifically [...]

Holidays in Naples, Florida

Southwest Florida has historically been a vacation destination for people who would like to escape the cold winter from the other parts of the country. This means many people, spend their [...]