Naples New Year Fireworks Display

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with a festive bang while having a great time in Naples, Florida. A colorful community fireworks display will be held as we say goodbye to the current year and welcome [...]

Happy Hour in Naples, Florida

In any restaurant, bar, bistro or pub or whatever you want to call it, Happy Hours are the ones you want to take advantage of. As we all know, Happy Hours usually start during the afternoon and [...]

How the Tamiami Trail Workers Did It

One of the key feats in engineering in the state of Florida is the Tamiami trail.The Tamiami trail is a long and massive stretch of 275 miles of concrete in what is the US Highway 41 and connects [...]

Do You Know What a Swamp Buggy is?

Finding yourself a vehicle that’s linked solely to one state in the US is something you don’t find everyday, which is why Naples, Florida’s Swamp Buggy is so unique not only in its design, but [...]

Swamp Buggies, How it all Started

The great thing about Naples, Florida is that it has the best of both worlds; on one part of the city you can be lying around on a recliner on a world class hotel, sipping martini after a game of [...]

The Depth of History in Naples Florida

Naples, Florida: a land of fascinating beauty. A place of peaceful beaches, gorgeous sunsets and the charm of a quiet city filled with fancy restaurants, lavish hotels and luxurious homes – a [...]