In any restaurant, bar, bistro or pub or whatever you want to call it, Happy Hours are the ones you want to take advantage of. As we all know, Happy Hours usually start during the afternoon and lasts until dinner. This is the time when patrons get the best prices in drinks, snacks and deserts. Discounts on alcoholic beverages, like beer, wine and cocktails certainly get the crowd going and would entice many more to arrive. And we also know that Naples, Florida is alive with bars and bistros that offer the best food and the most refreshing drinks around and this makes the Happy Hours in this part of the country pretty special.

We’re all familiar with Happy Hour, but have you ever been curious as to how it all started?

The Happy Hour can almost be called an American tradition based on what we know of its origins. But before we explore on that, let’s go back to the 1920’s during the Prohibition Era, when the sale and consumption of alcohol was banned throughout the US. During this time, bars called commonly known as Blind Tigers or a Speakeasy where the only places where you can get alcohol, albeit illegally. In any case, it was a practice for these places to serve cocktail and alcohol before serving dinner and so, that’s how the tradition of serving alcohol first before dinner pretty much began. And thus, Happy Hours happen during the afternoon and bars serve their appetizers and drinks before dinner.
The term “Happy Hour” first appeared on print in 1959 at a Saturday Evening Post article about the life in the military. However, there are other sources that show of earlier uses of the word that date as early as 1951. This means that the term Happy Hour has been in common parlance much earlier than the prints themselves.

Today, we have Happy Hours in bars, clubs and restaurants all over the country and even abroad. The practice has been banned in many states and in some countries but you won’t see any of that sad stuff here in Naples, Florida. The numerous restaurants, bars, bistros and clubs here offer the most refreshing beer and wine plus something to eat at discounted prices during Happy Hours. We have tabulated all the restaurants and dining establishments in this side of Florida to give you the exact hours and days of their respective Happy Hours so you and your friends can map out your plans of attack.

If you are a certified pleasure-seeker, head on down to Naples, Florida and experience all the special drinks, appetizers and food, available for you and your friends when you hop on the Happy Hours. There are so many places for you to choose from and they all suit to any demographic, from the young and active Millenial crowd to the easy-going Boomers, the Happy Hours in the resto-bars in Naples, Florida will take care of you. The signature drinks, the mouth-watering appetizers and the great company of people you will get to mingle during this brief period can never disappoint.

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