Saving the Florida Panthers

We all know that Naples, Florida has the world’s most stunning beaches on Earth, not to mention the numerous championship golf courses that is so popular among the fans of the sport. But at this [...]

Viewing Wildlife in Southwest Florida

Alligators are mysterious as they are fierce. These reptiles have the glaring eyes of a dragon in fantasy tales and the slowness of the way they walk give them that seemingly regal aura. You can [...]

Transportation Around Naples, FL

Transportation is a vital part in the operation of any city. This is all the more true in Southwest Florida, particularly around the Naples area, where tourists and business people are going to [...]

Waterfront Dining in Naples

The Beauty of the Paradise Coast is not limited to its beaches and teeming wildlife, this blessed region is also home to the most succulent seafood that’ll ever grace your lips. These delectable [...]

Ideas for Honeymoon in Naples

In Florida’s Paradise Coast you’ll be pleased to discover that almost all the areas here can fulfill the honeymoon vacation of your dreams. Running around the warm and gentle waters of the Gulf [...]

Naples History

Naples To find an amazingly detailed overview of the intriguing history of Florida’s Paradise Coast, then visit Naples for the Collier County Museum. The museum displays exhibits focused on the [...]

Speak Local, Buy Local, Be Local

We’ve stressed the importance of local businesses in many of our articles. The reason we constantly advocate to supporting the local business is that it incites growth and progress to any city or [...]

Looking for the Green Flash

A common scene in the midsummer of Naples, Florida: people have gathered around the shore as if expecting something to happen. And the skies are clear as the cool June breeze have blown away the [...]