The Beauty of the Paradise Coast is not limited to its beaches and teeming wildlife, this blessed region is also home to the most succulent seafood that’ll ever grace your lips. These delectable seafood delights are fished out of the Gulf of Mexico and the waters of the Everglades. So the next time you’re visiting this wonderful place which consists of Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades, don’t forget to try the grouper, snapper, and the famous stone crab. But if you have a more adventurous palette, may we interest you with some gator meat or fried frog legs?

The best way to enjoy these dishes, may we add is on the water, which is why the many waterfront restaurants around the region are a sure winner in our books. Pro tip: ask the locals where they usually go out to eat; they know the best places around. They have first-hand knowledge on the joints that serve the freshest seafood, as in the kind that’s out of the boat and into the frying pan fresh.

You can get to the restaurants using your wheels, of course, which allows you to select more spots to stop by and admire the scenery because why not. Or if you have a boat, then you can dock your boat just as easily along some of these restaurants and head straight in for a hot meal. This is actually a good way to end the day after a day on the water.

Just a caveat, stone crabs are wildly popular in the restaurants of Paradise Coast and you yourself may be out planning to get some. We’ll have you know that these delicious crustaceans are only available from October 15 to May 15. The limited availability was placed in effect so that the crabs may be allowed to spawn. The good news is the Florida blue crab is available all year round.

So we have scoured the area and we’ll give to you the best hotspots for seafood around the region. And we’ve found out that the historical Tin City is not only where visitors love to browse the boutiques and shops but it also has eateries with seafood specialties that you definitely must try. Tin City has the best barbecue and grill places in town, so check them out. The Naples Bay has some breezy outdoor restaurants that you must try; some of them have a nice foreign theme that visitors love very much. For more outdoor goodness, try the places near Vanderbilt beach they serve the freshest seafood and some nice sunset views.

These are just some of the many restaurants that serve all the freshest bounties the Gulf of Mexico has graced the region with. There are many more from many different places in the region. From the outdoor classiness of the places in Marco Island to the frog legs and other exotic treats in the city of Everglades, these restaurants are sure to make any visitor come back for more. The locals already are patrons themselves and we won’t be surprised if you will be one as well very soon.



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